Outdoors WA A Climate for Change


Outdoors WA A Climate for Change

Outdoors WA

2010 Industry Conference

A Climate for Change

Monday December 13 th , 2010 Perth Zoo

20 Labouchere Rd, SOUTH PERTH

8:30 Outdoors WA Annual General Meeting (financial members only)

9:00 Registration Opens

9.30 Welcome to Conference

9.45 Session 1 - Shifting the Leave No Trace Principles Into Urban Ethics

Presented by Cameron Crowe

10.15 Session 2 - NOLRS Where To From Here

Presented by David Petherick, Chairman Outdoor Council of Australia

10.45 Morning Tea

11.15 Linda Beilharz

As Linda Beilharz trekked wearily towards the North Pole in a blinding snowstorm, she wondered

if achieving her goal was going to be an anti-climax. She was about to become the first Australian

woman to reach both the South and North poles on foot.

12.15 Session 3 - Syllabus Mapping Project

Presented by Dean Burton, Project Officer Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) Recreation

Camps Network.

12.45 Lunch

1.30 Session 4 - Geo-caching

Presented by Claire Scullin

2.00 Session 5 - Get out and Stay Out!

Presented by Ian Dewey, Executive Officer - Recreation South Australia

2.30 Session 6 - Adventure Activity Standards And Community Based Social Marketing -

Where Impact And Probability Of Change Are Used To Drive Strategy

Presented by Steve Pretzel – President, Recreation Trailbike Riders Association

3.00 Break

3.15 Session 7 - Using Adventure Therapy As A Tool For Personal Change, Leadership

Development And Community Empowerment In Indigenous Communities

Presented by Heather MacGowan Scholarship Winner Darren Smith

3.30 Session 8 - Nature Play WA

Presented by Griffin Longley

3.55 Close and Acknowledgements


- 5.00

The Session

Conference Delegates are invited to partake in the end of conference and festive season sundowner.

Outdoors WA is proud to acknowledge the support and assistance received from the Department of Sport and Recreation and Lotterywest

Champion of the Poles - the first woman to reach the North and

South Poles on foot!

In 2004 Linda Beilharz became the first Australian woman to ski from the edge of Antarctica

to the South Pole.

Linda then set herself a goal – to traverse the world’s four icecaps – Greenland, South and

North Poles and Patagonia.

So far she had achieved the Greenland Icecap crossing (2007) and has attempted an

expedition on the South Patagonia Icecap (2009). She then set her sights on the North Pole

and completed her Goal!

Linda has established a not for profit company called 'Journeys for Learning' which uses the stories of expeditions to draw out the themes

of resilience, team work and environmental sustainability in schools and community settings. Journeys for Learning supports teachers

with learning resources and lesson guides and links schools to the expeditions as they take place.

Linda is the Executive Officer of Women's Health Loddon Mallee after being a Director of Community Capacity Building with St Luke's

Anglicare for 10 years. Linda has provided support to communities, training to workers, advice to governments and undertaken consultancy

services based on her extensive experience in building stronger communities. Linda has published a book based on her work entitled

“Building Communities; the Shared Action experience”.

Linda has a number of academic qualifications including a Graduate Diploma in Community Development and a Masters in Health

Sciences. She is a private pilot and a committee member of the Bendigo Sustainability Group and Alpine SAR (search and rescue).

Syllabus Mapping Project

Dean is currently a Project Officer for the Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) Recreation Camps Network.

Dean holds a degree in Sports Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education. His work prior to DSR

was as a Physical Education and Outdoor Education teacher at various schools around the Perth metropolitan area.

He has a passion for sport and recreation in which he is currently involved with Baseball at a high performance

level and within the local community. In all the aspects of his working life, he is committed to the objective of

impacting the lives of Western Australians to live a healthier and well-balanced lifestyle through participation in

sport and recreation.

This is a workshop informing industry of DSR’s strategy to inform and educate the education sector on the learning opportunities the

outdoor recreation industry can provide.

Over the past 15 months the Department of Sport and Recreation have developed and implemented the Syllabus Mapping Project.

This project has focused on developing resources and content for educators to understand how adventure recreation programs can

supplement the learning of outcomes in the Western Australian Curriculum Framework in “teacher speak”. The workshop details why

and how the project was developed, some of the challenges, training opportunities that were implemented and the possibilities for the

outdoor industry to pick up these simple resources to better cater for school groups

Shifting the Leave No Trace Principles into Urban Ethics.

Cameron is currently the Executive Director of Leave No Trace Australia.

Leave No Trace Australia Ltd is a not for profit initiative that promotes essential minimal environmental

impact skills and ethics to those working and pursuing recreational and travelling experiences in natural

and cultural heritage areas, in both remote and regional locations.

Leave No Trace Australia’s mission is to promote and inspire responsible outdoor recreation and travel through education, research and

partnerships. Leave No Trace achieves its vision through partnerships with land managers, educators, user groups, youth organisations,

guides, outdoor equipment retailers and manufacturers, the travel industry, and individuals interested in maintaining and preserving

natural and cultural heritage areas for future generations.

Perth city as the capital of Western Australia is the most urbanised community in the world and being located in Australia’s south - west is

in the only Australian nominated bio-region in the top 30 global biodiversity hotspots. Likewise the Pilbara town of Karratha is the centre

of Australia’s globalised economy and the Burrup Peninsula is the only listed Australian site on the World Monument Funds threatened list.

While Leave No Trace has been greatly impacting the wilderness, there are no principles in place to help the urban areas. The general

population will be able to follow easy principles in any location in order to help reduce the impact of humans on the environment. Cameron

will talk about the opportunities in which the modern urban individual can travel through life leaving as little trace as possible.

Nature Play WA

Griffin Longley was appointed by the Department of Sport and Recreation to put into place the West Australian Nature Play initiative.

Nature Play WA is devoted to helping West Australian children and their families connect with nature and help build stronger, healthier

communities by encouraging families outdoors to reconnect with the long lost pastime of ‘nature play’.

It is the result of a growing awareness of the importance of nature on the lives of children and parents.

The Children & Nature Network (C&NN) started in the United States as a result of the work of journalist and author Richard Louv. Louv

recently visited Western Australia and shared his vision in raising awareness of the beneficial effects of children spending more time

outdoors. As a result of this visit, Nature Play WA has arisen from the efforts of the academic community, the outdoor community, and the

Department of Sport and Recreation.

Headed up by Griffin, this is an exciting major lifestyle improvement development project that is designed to grow our young people

mentally and physically.

National Outdoor Leaders Registration Scheme – Where to from here

David was appointed as the CEO of the Australian Camps Association in 2006. He has had the benefit of meeting

and listening to a wide range of stakeholders who have a great deal of passion, experience and expertise in the

sector, particularly in relation to the wide range of issues facing the industry.

He firmly believes that with the commitment to collaboration that currently exists between organisations in the

sector that we can achieve exciting things in the coming years.

David previously worked for the Office of the Public Advocate in Victoria and in the disability advocacy sector for

11 years.

David was also a Professional Educator who majored in physical education and was a youth worker for 10 years. He would like to be able to

spend more time on the golf course and is looking forward to watching Australia winning the Ashes back this summer.

David is a highly sought after speaker in the industry having recently presented at the ORIC Conference in Sydney.

Adventure Activity Standards And Community Based Social Marketing - Where

Impact And Probability Of Change Are Used To Drive Strategy

Adventure Activity Standards may have been developed for commercial operators, but how do we embed the

common sense principles into all levels of an activity In this session, RTRA President, Steve Pretzel discusses the

broadening of the market for Adventure Activity Standards in the context of the principles of Community Based

Social Marketing, where impact and probability of change are used to drive strategy.

The Adventure Activity Standards for Trail Bike Touring contain some safety and risk minimisation concepts that

are highly specific and others that are broadly applicable.

Like all Adventure Activity Standards they were developed with the primary market being commercial operators who are responsible for

the welfare of the participants in their charge.

But if we leave it at that are we missing an opportunity to communicate and promote common sense practices that could, over time,

become an accepted standard for all levels of the activity And if we want to broaden the reach of ‘Standards’, how do we select which

ones to promote beyond the commercial operators, what do we call them to make them more palatable and how do we gain the broad

acceptance necessary


Currently the Executive Officer of Recreation SA, Ian has previously been the Executive Officer of NSW Canoeing,

Acting CEO, Sport Development Manager and Education Coordinator of Australian Canoeing.

Ian has been in and out of Outdoor Recreation all of his life specialising in incident investigation and risk

management. Ian started as a field based exercise analyst for WSR. He now just wants to be outdoors; favourite

seat is his sea kayak, favourite bed, a thermarest.

Get Out and Stay Out is the long term participation program for Adventure Activities in South Australia. The

program brings together all the players in the adventure activities community streamlining the path form “come

and try” to lifelong participation.

Every year thousands of people participate in an adventure activity and despite the fact that they had a great time, rave about it to their

friends and fill pages of facebook and myspace with it, they never try it again.

Get Out and Stay Out brings together all of the components that retailers, clubs, associations and activity providers use to attract and

retain customers into a coordinated program supporting and enhancing every level of participation and supply.

Using The Adventure Therapy As A Tool For Personal Change, Leadership

Development And Community Empowerment In Indigenous Communities

Darren currently teaches outdoor recreation to 16 and 17 year old students from remote

indigenous communities. He has a heart for using the adventure therapy as a tool for personal change, leadership

development and community empowerment in Indigenous communities.

Darren has always had a spirit of adventure. As a youngster he enjoyed family camping trips to Dwellingup,

traversed Karijini’s Weano Gorge and learnt to white-water kayak at age 12.

In 2000, he began an internship program with Scripture Union’s Warriuka School Adventure Camping program that

quickly led to fieldworker and then co-ordinator roles. He ran camps in locations such as Avon Valley National Park, Wellington Dam and

Boranup Forest, becoming a skilled abseiling, bushwalking and white-water kayaking instructor.

He always enjoyed an adventure. At the end of 2003 Darren and his wife Bronwyn began a teaching career in remote Indigenous

communities. As an untrained teacher, he was once again on a steep learning curving, teaching Indigenous students, full time, and in a

remote setting whilst studying to become a qualified teacher. They spent five years in three different communities; Wiluna, Strelley (near

Port Hedland) and Warralong (near Marble Bar).

In 2009, they relocated to Esperance, where Darren now teaches Outdoor Recreation at a boarding school for remote Indigenous students.

He is this year’s recipient of the Department of Sport and Recreation’s Heather MacGowan Scholarship.


If you enjoyed playing hide and seek and going on scavenger hunts when you were growing up, you will love the new high-tech form of

this well-liked game.

Claire is a Project Officer currently working the sport and recreation field. A world class exponent of the martial arts, Claire is focussed on

participatory activities that have health and wellness components. When she first tried geo-caching, she had this to say:

‘That’s the beauty of it I think - you can do it the ‘old fashioned’ way or you can utilise technology as a positive in that it encourages people of all

ages to be more excited about getting out on trails and in parks and doing this type of activity.’

Geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing) is a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure. A geocacher can place a geocache in the

world, pinpoint its location using GPS technology and then share the geocache’s existence and location online. Anyone with a GPS device

can then try to locate the geocache.

If you enjoyed playing hide and seek and going on scavenger hunts when you were growing up, you will love the new high-tech form of

this well-liked game.

Geocaching has spread all over the world and is being played in over 100 different countries. There are many different variations of the

game but all are essentially the same.

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