SAVOX ® G-series

Hands-free ear-set


your two-way connection


Ultra ergonomic handsfree ear-set


your two-way connection

The SAVOX ® G-C is an ultra ergonomic ear set for professional

hands-free communication. It is a true “human interface”

accessory providing high quality audio, style and comfort never

felt before.

Ergonomic and

flexible ear hook

The SAVOX ® G-C is equipped with a voice sensitive high quality

microphone and with a unique earphone solution that stays

outside the ear, still providing clear reception even in noisy

environments. The adjustable ear hook provides a comfortable

fit - even underneath a hardhat or a hearing protector and

keeps the SAVOX ® G-C firmly in place. The push-to-talk/hook

switch grants instant access to safe and clear “hands-free”


Earphone cavity

Voice sensitive high

quality microphone

The SAVOX ® G-C adapts directly or through a SAVOX ® comcontrol/PTT

unit to your two-way radio, DECT or mobile phone

prepared for an external audio accessory.

Patented “adjust and

lock” mechanism


Push-To-Talk/hook switch unit

(on SAVOX G-C Direct)







10g (excl. push-to-talk/hook switch unit)

12 x 42 x 100 mm

electret, impedance 2,2 kohm @1 kHz

impedance 32 ohm @1kHz

Ø 4mm/270mm, coiled, PUR, flame retardant

SAVOX G-C: 4-pole quick release plug

SAVOX G-C Direct: according to radio/phone

The SAVOX ® 400 comcontrol/PTT

unit has an extra

large Push-To-Talk button

that secures instant

transmission in all situations.

Operation temperature -25...+63 °C,(continuous)

Supply voltage



95%RH,+63 °C for 500 hours

Intrinsic safety

EEx ib IIC T5/T6

ESD,EMI immunity confirms with the EN 301 489-1

The SAVOX ® C-C500 MPM

Multi Purpose Remote

Speaker Mic is a new type of

com-unit that can be used

with or without a headset.

The SAVOX ® 300 system is

flexible and can be

customized according to

different types of applications.

The SAVOX ® 300 offers two alternative

remote Push-To-Talk solutions, the

“riot-ptt” and the “riffle-ptt”.

SAVOX Communications Ltd

Vitikka 4, FIN-02630 ESPOO, FINLAND

Phone: +358 (0)9 417 411 00 • Fax: +358 (0)9 417 411 40

SAVOX Communications USA.

ProComm Americas, Ltd.

P.O.Box 392 (925 Golden Beech Drive) Brookville; OH 45309, USA

Phone. 1-937-833-9124 • Fax. 1-937-833-0916

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