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cosmopolite metropolis alive and

dynamic… This big city envelopes

everything you may ask of

regarding to arts and culture, fashion,

entertainment. Among the number of New

Year celebrations along the city, the hot

spot is the Times Square. Since 1906, a

giant crystal falls from the top of one of the

buildings in Times Square at midnight each

year and thus the neon lights of the

previous year goes of as the new year’s neon

lights start to give light. This had been a

very short show witnessed only by people

who waited for the scene. For almost 10

years, the event has become a popular show

with celebrities on stage accompanied by

fireworks. Now people can watch it live at

home. During the show, the streets are

closed to traffic and it is even not allowed

to change place in the square. If you have

a reservation to one of the restaurants on

the square, then you are exclusive to get in

and out of the square anytime of the night.

Note that the city is very cold at this time

of the year. Fun is not limited to squares

for sure in this city. There are lots of

alternatives of restaurants, night clubs, bars

and discotheques. Since you have made all

the way, spare no expense and make a

reservation to Cipriani for excellent food,

atmosphere, panorama and entertainment.

Moreover, your eyes can meet a celebrity’s’

at the side table any time. Enjoy your

champagne to the city overview on the top

of the skyscraper. Webster Hall has been

hosting the wildest parties in New York for

years. Music lasts until morning with the

most famous DJs. Make the most of New

York while you are there.




arselona’da 24 Aral›k Noel gecesini gençyafll›

herkes ailecek kutluyor. Birçok bar ve

restoran Noel gecesi kapal›. Kiliseler gece

yar›s› çanlar›n› çal›yor. ‹nançl›lar gece ayinine do¤ru

yol al›yor. Noel gününde kap›lar›n› yeniden açan

restoranlara aileler ak›n ediyor. Akflam oldu¤unda da

tüm barlar aç›lm›fl oluyor ve Noel gecesini aileleriyle

geçirmifl olan Barselonal› gençler e¤lenceye barlarda

devam ediyor. Barselona’da da y›lbafl› gecesi

kutlamalar› di¤er y›lbafl› kentlerinde oldu¤u gibi havai

fiflek gösterileri, müzik ve e¤lenceden ibaret.

Barselona partilerinin tek fark› sabah›n erken saatlerine

kadar sürmesi. Barselonal›lar›n ilginç bir de adetleri

var: Saat 12’de 12 tane üzüm yemek, eski dönemlerden

kalma bir gelenek ... Yeni y›l›n ilk günlerinde

Barselona’da olman›n tad›n› ç›kar›n, Eixample’de

turlay›n. Genifl bulvarlar, gösteriflli evler, fl›k

restoranlar ve flehrin al›flverifl üçgeni Avinguda

Diagonal, Passeig de Gràcia ve Rambla Catalunya

burada yer al›yor. Gaudi’nin muhteflem eseri Sagrada

Familia’y› görmeden dönmek olmaz, lay›k›yla

incelemek için mutlaka bir gününüzü ay›rmal›s›n›z.


he Christmas night on December 24 th is

celebrated enfamille by everyone in Spain.

Many bars and restaurants close that

evening. The believers are summoned by the bells

of churches to attend the masses. And at night, all the

bars are open again and after the family dinner, the

youth continue the night at clubs. Like the other

New Year cities, the celebrations consist of fireworks,

music and dance. But the odd here is that they last

until morning. And there is an interesting tradition in

Barcelona: To eat 12 grapes at 12 pm… Enjoy being

here on the first days of the New Year and visit

Eixample. Avinguda Diagonal, Passeig de Gràcia

and Rambla Catalunya, the shopping triangle of the

city and the large avenues, artsy buildings, chick

restaurants are all here. You also must dedicate one

whole day to Gaudi’s masterpiece Sagrada Familia

to study it thoroughly.


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