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Download issue 06 (High resolution) April 2011 (PDF, 3,9 MB)

Download issue 06 (High resolution) April 2011 (PDF, 3,9 MB)

News A weaving

News A weaving demonstration at the National Silk Museum, Hang Zhou necessary or sustainable. Now that ICOM transacts its business at annual General Assemblies in Paris, why not hold a Conference once every five years, say, even though it would mean either altering the format of elections or the length of service of the President, Treasurer and Executive Council. That would surely allow more of us to attend more regularly and would help all International Committees in planning their own programmes of meetings. If that could be agreed perhaps, also less time could be allocated to our individual conferences and more to working sessions across The Army Museum, Stockholm New Curators Mathieu Wilhemsen, Serge Bernier and Ken Smith Christmas at work during the General Assembly the normal boundaries within ICOM. Since I have been attending every conference seems to start with a speech saying what a wonderful opportunity this is for a real interchange if ideas between people from around the world but then the format and timetable shuts us up for most of the time with people we know which, nice as it may be, could be done elsewhere and at another time and actually prevents us from discussing issues of mutual concern with those we do not know. I suspect that some such change is inevitable, but in my lifetime We have also started a trainee program for new staff members and we send them to other museums to learn and get references. Andreas will be at the Royal Army Museum in Brussels for a fortnight in April this year and we are hoping that we can continue this with other museums in other countries. Aron Erstorp: Firearms and other weapons before 1900. Andreas Ohlsson: Firearms after 1900 and 20th century material 12 MAGAZINE ISSUE 06

News Camouflage takes centre stage F rom 13–15 October 2010, the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History (RMM) in Brussels, in cooperation with the International Council of Museums (ICOM), organised and hosted a very successful symposium about camouflage. Some twenty specialists, from both Europe and the US, gave presentations about the latest developments in both military and other forms of camouflage including fashion specialists from New York and Paris ISSUE 06 MAGAZINE 13

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