2009 QC/BHS pre-Labor Day Event - Queen's College of Guyana


2009 QC/BHS pre-Labor Day Event - Queen's College of Guyana



INTERNET: http://www.qcguyanaalumny.org

PRESIDENT: Louis Kilkenny VICE-PRESIDENT: Jeffrey Layne

SECRETARY: John Campbell TREASURER: Leon Kingston

Assistant Secretary-Treasurer: Maxine Cole-Grant


The following are the minutes of the last regular meeting of the Queen’s College of Guyana

Alumni Association (New York), Inc. held on Sunday May 3rd at the XGDF Association Club,

132-16 Rockaway Blvd, South Ozone Park, Queens.

Chairman: President Louis Kilkenny chaired the meeting.

In Attendance: Kemaul Ally, John Campbell, Lance Chase, Sholto Fox, Alfred Granger, Jan

Khan, Wayne King, Louis Kilkenny, Godfrey Moore, Gordon Williams, Gordon Wilson

Apologies for Absence: Terrence Blackman, Leon Kingston, Maxine Cole-Grant, Morty

London, Jeffrey Layne

The meeting was called to order at 2:15 pm.

The Chairman opened by welcoming all to the meeting.

Adoption of Minutes: The Minutes were adopted by Godfrey Moore and seconded by

Sholto Fox.


2009 QC/BHS pre-Labor Day Event

Alfred Granger reported that planning for the pre-labor day event is continuing and the next

meeting of the planning committee was scheduled May 13 th . Visits to the venue confirmed that

scheduled improvements such as the refurbishing of the bathrooms were completed. The VIP

area has also been completed and has a capacity of at least 100 guests. Alfred reported that

admission for guests who wish to use the VIP area will cost $40.00 and will include comfortable

seating, wait service and guaranteed parking. Significant progress has also been made with

discussions with our main sponsor DDL. They will be sponsoring the cost of the raffle tickets

and will provide raffle prizes. We have introduced DDL to CPAC and are mediating discussions

between them that should result in a beneficial supply agreement for them and which will also

result in a financial benefit to our association.

The committee is also continuing to reach out to other potential sponsors for this and other future


2009 Summer Fundraising Event

The planning committee of Larry Boxhill and Alfred Granger reported that they have reached out

via email to members and other alumni soliciting donations of food and beverages for this event

and the responses have been encouraging. Based on initial receipts and several commitments we

should be able to defray many of our expenses through this effort. Plans for advertising the event

were also well under way with the committee planning a multi-pronged effort to reach as many

possible patrons as possible. So far flyers advertising the event were printed and were ready for

distribution. E-advertising efforts such as emails to our mailing lists and postings on social

networking site such as Facebook are also in the works. Plans to use our reciprocal advertising

arrangements with our sister alumni organizations are also under way.

Website/Internet Matters

Our website administrator was not in attendance but several members noted seeing the

improvements on the website. Alfred


The chair reported that he was able to successfully reach the QC Headmistress to continue their

earlier discussion of how we can help to provide specific needs of the school and students and

she promised that a list would be forwarded shortly.

It was noted that we did not formally notify the Vernley Ward family about the cancellation of

this year’s dinner dance. The chair promised to communicate with them by letter.

There was also interest in a discussing the frequency of future Vernley Ward balls and the chair

shelved the discussion for the June meeting.

The June meeting will be held on Sunday June 14 th at the Corinthian Lodge, 101 Newport Street,

Brooklyn, New York

There being no other business, the meeting concluded at 3:20 pm with the singing of the school


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