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Stay Ahead of the Curve

We at Deutsche Bank know

We at Deutsche Bank know that unlocking value in Asia requires a broad understanding of macro conditions, informed analysis on trading behaviours and trends and detailed knowledge on the latest investment ideas and execution methods. That is why our in-house experts in Equities produce a number of insightful and thought-provoking materials to help you interact with the market and create more efficient trading strategies. To subscribe to these materials, please tick the below boxes and complete your contact details. The Deutsche Bank representatives below will be speaking at the DB Franchise track on Wednesday, May 21 at 15:00 - 15:45, and 16:00 - 16:45. Please refer to the Large-Group Presentation Schedule and the Profile section for more information and to find out more about this session. APAC Market Structure Factual summaries of changes in regulation and exchange technology combined with market level micro structure statistics and quantitative analytics. DB SYNDEX. In-depth analysis of regional index developments, thematic idea generation and equity derivative implementation strategies. Autobahn Equity. Product updates and roll-outs as well as information about our DMA and Algorithmic trading platform. Regular TCA reports available for benchmark performance assessment. For further information, please contact: APAC Market Structure Jessica Morrison: +852 2203 5710 DB SYNDEX Shan Lan: +852 2203 6716 William Stephens: +852 2203 6719 Please use BLOCK letters when completing this form. First Name Surname Company Name Title Email address Mobile number DB representative Autobahn Equity Ben Radclyffe:+852 2203 6580

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