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Code Club

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Saron Yitbarek -

The #LibTechWomen Code Club(s):

Shawn Averkamp

Boyhun Kim

Kathryn Lybarger

Dorothea Salo

Sarah Simpkin

Whitni Watkins

Laura Wrubel

Andromeda Yelton

Code Club:




How to get from good to great

Brian Scott, Flickr

The best way to get better at coding

is to read code

Reading code alone is boring

E dog95, Wikipedia

And we’re all so busy

Tony Hisgett, Wikimedia

It’s like going to the gym:



Our differences help us learn

How it’s gone for us

We’re better at stuff

Including regular expressions

Sarah wrote a Twitter bot

Kathryn put a bot in our IRC channel

We all plan to write and modify its plugins, too!

We’re branching out - practiced Git, may do Heroku…


The Code Club model:

~ 1 hour per week

~ 100 lines of code

There’s a Tour Guide

They run (or view) the code & screen share

They keep the conversation going

Our Goals

Safe / Welcoming learning environment

Self-sustaining - no single “owner”

Actually happens every week

Learning environment

Tour Guide!

4-7 people

Same group every week, build trust

Hacker School Rules -

Initial setup

Dave Young, Flickr

To make a Code Club

Get a group (or groups) of interested people

Find a meeting time

Set up (and guide) the first session

Make sure there’s a second session scheduled

Rhanyeia, Wikipedia

Four helpful technologies

• Doodle

• Google Groups

• Google Drive

• Google Hangouts

Doodle PROTIP: Enable timezone support.

Google Drive

Tips for Google Hangouts

Make sure you share the session with people

outside your organization

“Present to All” makes the code stay on

everyone’s screen (instead of whoever’s talking)

Embiggen the font, so people can all see.

Tips for tour guides

Go ahead and choose the week’s code

Tony Hisgett, Wikimedia

Tips for tour guides

Go ahead and choose the week’s code

Run the code, if possible - it’s more fun

Don’t worry about reading the code

ahead of time!

“The learning happens in the

digressions” - Saron Yitbarek

Tips for all participants

Be brave! Speak up if you don’t understand


Be kind. Share what you know (gently, of


Get in touch! :)

@parody_bit on Twitter

coral on IRC

Time for a bribe!

A cute bird photo in exchange for a question.

(I have four.)

makemusicguitar5150, Reddit

Soulcold, Imgur

SnappyIrides, DeviantArt

GalliasM, Wikipedia

Bonus slides

Summary of “Why”

Reading code makes you better at coding

Reading code with others:

More fun / interesting

There’s more accountability (to actually do it)

There’s more variety in what you read

You can learn from others

Check out this talk!

Saron Yitbarek -

Inquisitive starling:

Sleeping cockatiel:


Running owl:

Parakeets in wheels:


Four brown birds and a blue one:

Duck mom and babies:

Four lovebirds:

Owl finishing race:


Inquisitive cockatiel:

Snuggling cockatoo & conure:

Cockatoo & piggy bank:

Happy/sleepy owl:

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