POTENT Issue #2 - The Women's Issue


and to promote the website.

DJ Spice’s site features fellow Soca

DJs from around the world.

DJs can play a 3-hour set on the site

uninterrupted and anyone can go

there to listen. Soca DJs from all

around the world can share their

styles as well as listen to what

the latest soca trends are in other

parts of the globe.

When it came to the retail store,

DJ Spice, who is also a computer

technician and graphics designer,

was very hands-on, from building

the website to designing t-shirts. He

wanted a way to spread the word

about TeamSoca.com while giving

people a way to represent the genre,

so he started printing T-shirts with

the Team Soca Logo and started

giving them out all over the globe

when he traveled for work.

The retail store is already seeing

success, and DJ Spice says the

range of customers he’s getting

pleasantly surprises him.

“People are contacting me and ordering

from the U.K., Germany and Finland…

like some places I haven’t even been

and they’re going on the website, that

tells me there are people out there that

love soca music. Love Caribbean music.”

He’s looking to expand into winter

gear, accessories, gym wear and

pieces for carnival goers.

He hopes to continue promoting the

brand by having fellow celebrity

DJs like Angie Martinez or DJ Clue

wear the items, but right now he

is working toward linking up with

large Trinidad clothing stores to

distribute Team Soca gear.

When describing his goals for

teamsoca.com and his career at

large, DJ Spice says he will not be

done with soca music until every

person on the planet understands

and appreciates it.

“I come from a happy culture

with happy music. When people

understand it, they will love it as well.”


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