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POTENT Issue #2 - The Women's Issue

HappilyEverAfter: A

HappilyEverAfter: A Bahamian Wedding By Lisa Collins-Haynes Photography by Gabretta Guerin They say every dream has to start somewhere; but not even in her wildest dreams did she really believe that all her dreams would come true. There’s a Cinderella tale in all of us, as life has its ups and downs, but the one that gets the glass slipper at the end—now she’s winning. Funnily enough Deana Whitlow and Henry Coleman’s love story starts with a missing item, much like Cinderella and her Prince Charming, I mean—Henry—located them. In a magical place, we’ll call Houston, Deana misplaced her car keys at church one Sunday. Prince Charming, I mean— Henry located them. Which led to a whimsical, whirlwind romance. Okay, maybe not so much whimsy and probably a little less whirlwind, but a budding romance was definitely blossoming between the two. Not only is Deana beautiful, talented and intelligent, but Henry also felt that she possessed five distinctive characteristics that solidified her being the woman of his dreams. He said, “First, she is a woman who is spiritually focused, loves God and I am inspired with her love and relationship with Him. Second she is a woman who is emotionally strong, even through failed relationships, she still has a positive outlook on love. Third, she is a woman who is capable of fitting into any setting. She has the ability POTENT Magazine | SIXTY-THREE

to carry on conversations with doctors, lawyers, parents, coaches, athletes, dancers or bankers. Fourth, she is a woman who is economically sharp. I am impressed with how Deana handles her finances and she has a financial plan for her present and her future. Fifth, she is a me; we just spoke of our hopes and dreams, our hurts and disappointments which created a bond quickly.” She wasn’t looking for a life partner that was a divorcé with two children. But Henry was different and life teaches us not to judge a book by its cover. Deana realized how share my love of God with.” Their relationship strengthened and soon Henry was making that call—the one to her parents. With best wishes and Godspeed from Deana’s parents and brother, Henry picked the place, time and cued the music. As K-Ci The newlywed couple, Henry and Deana Coleman, cut their wedding cake woman who has unquestionable character. Whether at work, church, home or [in] public no one had anything bad to say about her. She is everyone’s favorite friend, niece, sibling and co-worker.” It speaks volumes when a man can break down and pinpoint exactly why he’s in love with a woman. Deana shares the same sentiment and says, “When Henry and I would talk, it was like he spoke directly to my heart. He never tried to impress true this was, as he had read all the same marriage books she had. He had listened to all the different teachings on marriage that she had listened to as well. “I was impressed, he had read ‘Five Love Languages,’ ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,’ and so on. He was passionate about being a teacher, father and a football coach. He also was a man that would pray about everything and this alone was something I had longed for my whole adult dating life; someone I could and JoJo belted out “This Very Moment,” Henry dropped to one knee and presented Deana with a very important question, and a little box. Cue trumpets and horns here. The royal scroll reads: She said YES! Without a moment to spare the pair began planning for the destination wedding of their dreams. Deana recently discovered her family roots in The Bahamas and decided it’s where she wanted to get married. Her great-grandfather POTENT Magazine | SIXTY-FOUR

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