The Ekaterinburg seminar “Algebraic Systems”: 40 years of activities

The Ekaterinburg seminar “Algebraic Systems”: 40 years of activities

in 2006. I may note also that besides international conferences almost every year there are

conferences of All-Russian or regional status attended by some members of the seminar.

7. Scientific-organizing activities

The subject of this section is divided into two parts: organization of conferences, membership in

different editorial boards. In each of these areas there are quite a number examples of our activity.

Organization of conferences

The seminar was involved (in full or in part) in organization of several algebraic conferences. For

instance, a principal role was played by it in the organization of all three All-Union Symposia on

Semigroup Theory held in Sverdlovsk by the Ural State University (1969, 1978, 1988); in

particular, the leader of the seminar was the Chairman of the Organizing Committees of these

symposia. We also held the Regional Conference of Young Scientists “Algorithms, Automata, and

Semigroups” in Sverdlovsk (1982). Further, the enlarged 500th meeting of our seminar (1985) may

be regarded as a conference, see details in Section 8.

Some members of the seminar took part in the organization of the XII All-Union Algebraic

Conference held in Sverdlovsk (1973) as well as two International Conferences on Semigroups held

in St Petersburg (1995, 1999), the Ural State University was a co-organizer of these conferences.

The first of the conferences in St Petersburg was dedicated to the 80th birthday of E. S. Ljapin

(1914–2005), the latter one was also held in honour of Ljapin.

The most considerable algebraic meeting held in Ekaterinburg was the International

Algebraic Conference dedicated to the centenary of the birthday of P. G. Kontorovich and to the

70th birthday of the present writer. This conference was organized by the Ural State University and

the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

and took place from August 29 to September 3, 2005. The Organizing Committee headed by the

Rector of the University, V. E. Tretjakov, and the Director of the Institute, V. I. Berdyshev,

included among the others several members of the seminar: V. A. Baranskii (Vice-Chairman), V.

Yu. Popov, V. B. Repnitskii, E. V. Sukhanov, M. V. Volkov (Secretary). The whole seminar (with

the exception of its leader who because of a natural reason was free of any organizing duties that

time) was attached to the Organizing Committee for effecting a lot of tasks usually arising in such

arrangements. The Program Committee consisted of 20 major algebraists from Russia (9 members),

USA (3 members), Germany (2 members), Austria, Belorussia, Canada, Great Britain, Hungary,

and Israel (by 1 member each). The seminar was represented in the Program Committee by V. A.

Baranskii as one of the Co-Chairmen as well as by two former members of it: O. G. Kharlampovich

and M. V. Sapir.

The conference gathered about two hundred participants from 23 countries. There were the

following five sections: Groups, Semigroups, Rings, Universal Algebras and Lattices, Applications.

21 plenary lectures, 15 section lectures and 93 contributed talks at the sections were given. It is

interesting to note that the seminar “Algebraic Systems” celebrated a certain jubilee at the

conference: one of the plenary sessions was joint just with the 1000th meeting of our seminar; see

the program of this meeting in Section 8.

It should be also noted that some members of the seminar were included in the organizing or

program committees of many other conferences, both in Soviet Union (or Russia) and abroad. This

concerns first of all the present writer who took part in such committees from the middle of the

1960s. For the last decade this kind of activities is rather typical for M. V. Volkov as well. I

mention also V. A. Baranskii who for last years participated in the organization of several

conferences, both All-Russian and regional, devoted to topics of information security.