2008 Annual Report - Jewish Foundation of Memphis


2008 Annual Report - Jewish Foundation of Memphis

Your Link To Jewish Giving

J e w i s h F o u∂n d a t i o n o f M e m p h i s

2 0 0 8 A N N U A L R E P O R T

Ronna Newburger

Board President

Your link to Jewish giving begins with the Jewish Foundation

of Memphis.

We are pleased to present the 2007/2008 annual report. Since

1995, we have proudly served as the premier fund raising resource for our

community, linking hundreds of families with the needs of the Jewish


As we complete our “Bar Mitzvah” year, we are grateful for the

confidence of our 11 partner agencies, our hundreds of fund

holders, the professional advisor community and those donors

who, in the coming year, will turn to the Foundation.

Throughout the pages of this annual report we have

highlighted ways that the Jewish Foundation can link you to the

pathways for fulfilling your charitable goals. You will also find

Laura Linder

Executive Director

personal stories of donors and organizations that have partnered

with the Foundation to fulfill their charitable goals. We hope you

will take a few minutes to read through the report and consider your own

charitable plans.

We are especially proud of the Foundation’s Create Your Jewish Legacy

initiative which encourages donors to include the Jewish community in

their estate plans through deferred gifts (gifts that take place after your

lifetime). Through a deferred gift, you can make a significant impact on

organizations you care about without costing anything today. On page 11

we have listed families who have created a Jewish legacy. Through their

current gifts to an agency endowment fund or through future gifts that will

come after their lifetimes, these donors have helped ensure the future of

our community.

Whether you’re 13 and getting started in our B’nai Tzedek program or

83 and considering ways you can Create Your Jewish Legacy, the Jewish

Foundation of Memphis is your link to meeting your charitable goals.

Thank you for your confidence and support.

Ronna Newburger

Laura Linder

The Mission

of the Jewish Foundation of Memphis is to serve as the central endowment fundraising resource

in support of Memphis area Jewish institutions, agencies and communal needs.

The Foundation, in partnership with communal agencies, will assist individuals and families

to achieve their philanthropic goals.

The Foundation will develop protocols for grant requests and allocations,

and will assist agencies in obtaining grants.

Tae Of Contents


Linking You with The Needs

of the Jewish Community

◗ Partner Agencies

Agency Funds


Linking You to the Pathways for

Meeting Your Philanthropic Goals

◗ Designated Endowment Funds

Donor Advised Funds


2007 Grantee Organizations


Linking Past, Present and Future

◗ Deferred Giving


Create Your Jewish Legacy

◗ Legacy Society


Linking Our Youth to

a Life of Philanthropy

◗ B’nai Tzedek


Linking Professionals

to the Needs of

the Jewish Community

◗ Professional Advisory Group


2007 Financial Report


Linking You With The Needs

The Jewish Foundation of Memphis works in partnership with eleven local Jewish

organizations to build their permanent endowment funds. We are grateful for all they

do to enhance the lives of Jews throughout our community and thankful for their

involvement and financial support of the Foundation.

Partner Agencies

Anshei Sphard-Beth El Emeth Congregation

Baron Hirsch Congregation

Beth Sholom Synagogue

Bornblum Solomon Schechter School

Jewish Family Service

Margolin Hebrew Academy/Feinstone

Yeshiva of the South

Memphis Jewish Community Center

Memphis Jewish Federation

Memphis Jewish High School

Memphis Jewish Home

Temple Israel

Services Provided To Our Partner Agencies

◗ Planning and implementation of endowment

fund raising strategies

◗ Charitable estate planning expertise

◗ Marketing support

◗ Grant research and writing

◗ Investment of endowment assets

◗ Promotion of projects and programs through

quarterly “grant opportunity” list

A desire to support the Jewish

community led Allen and

Kay Iskiwitz to make a gift in

support of the Memphis Jewish

Community Center’s Capital

and Endowment Campaign.

The Foundation was

involved in helping them

connect with the MJCC

and the campaign.

They donated funds to build

a Free Motion Exercise Room in

the new fitness center

at the MJCC which will be

named in their honor.

“Kay and I are pleased to support the

Community Center with this gift. After

several meetings with Barrie Weiser of

the MJCC and Laura Linder from the

Foundation we decided that a gift in

support of this effort is a good way

to show our support to the

community and provide for

future generations.”

Photo generously donated by Steve

Conroy of Conroy Studio

State-of the-art

Free Movement

Fitness Room

in the new

MJCC Fitness Center


Of The Jewish Community

Endowment Funds are permanent assets of the Jewish community in that the principal of

the fund is never touched. Several of the Foundation’s partner agencies have chosen to

invest their endowment assets or a portion of them with the Foundation’s funds while

others service their own. All are governed by stringent investment, spending and gift acceptance

policies. As a service to these funds, the Foundation ensures that policies are appropriately in

place and enforced.

Agency Funds Held At

The Jewish Foundation

of Memphis

Baron Hirsch Congregation

Endowment Fund

The Memphis Jewish High School,

a partner agency of the Jewish

Foundation of Memphis since 2007,

established the Marilyn and Jack

Belz Education Fund of Kadima

Memphis Jewish High School to

provide opportunities for its

students, develop programs

and curricula, and help

each student develop a

passion for academic

excellence. Each

quarter, agencies that

have placed their funds

with the Foundation,

receive a report detailing

fund activity including:

contributions, distributions

and earnings. Agencies that

place their funds with the Jewish

Foundation maintain ownership

of the funds, share proportionately

in the investment fees and appoint

one representative to the Foundation’s

investment committee.

Photo by Lisa Buser

Nate & Minnie Bernstein Scholarship Fund

for Jewish Family Service

Beth Sholom Endowment Fund

Beth Sholom Kaplan Challenge Fund

Beth Sholom Memorial Gardens Fund

Bornblum Solomon Schechter Educational

Specialist Endowment

Bornblum Solomon Schechter School Fund

Harry K. Danziger L’Dor Vador Fund

Jewish Family Service Endowment Fund

Jewish Family Service

Shalom Taxi Program

Jewish Foundation of Memphis

Legacy Society

Endowment Fund

Jewish Foundation of

Memphis Operating

Endowment Fund

Jewish Foundation of

Memphis Unrestricted

Endowment Fund

Jewish Teen Philanthropy

Endowment Fund

Marilyn & Jack Belz Education

Fund of Kadima Memphis

Jewish High School

Margolin Hebrew Academy/

Feinstone Yeshiva of the

South General

Endowment Fund

Margolin Hebrew Academy/Feinstone

Yeshiva of the South Irby Cooper

Learning Endowment Fund

Mildred H. and Edgar C. Haas, Sr. Family

Endowment for Education

at Temple Israel

Plough Towers Endowment Fund

Temple Israel Museum Fund


Linking You To The Pathways For

More than 200 local, Jewish families have turned to the

Jewish Foundation of Memphis as their partner in

charitable giving. Our wide-range of services can be

tailored to meet the individual philanthropic needs and aspirations

of each of our fund holders. Many donors simply want to show their

appreciation and give back to the organizations that are especially

meaningful to them, others hope to bring their family together

through tzedakah, while others aim to support a Jewish

organization that has touched their lives in a meaningful way.

The “donor centered approach” taken by the Jewish Foundation

professionals puts the Foundation in a unique position to help link

every donor with his or her personal interests and goals.

Whatever your motivation for giving, the Jewish Foundation

of Memphis aims to put you on the pathway to meeting your

charitable goals.

Meeting Your Philanthropic Goals

Individual donors and groups of donors are encouraged to create funds through the Jewish

Foundation that reflect their unique charitable interests, honor loved ones or express their

desire to give something back to the community. These funds may be restricted for a

particular organization or for a specific cause such as education or the elderly.

The Greenblatt Education Fund

was created by numerous

Memphis families to

celebrate the impact that

Rabbi Efraim and Miriam

(of blessed memory)

Greenblatt had on

Jewish Education

in our community.

The Margolin



Feinstein Yeshiva

of the South (MHA/

FYOS) is the biggest

beneficiary of annual

earnings from this fund.

In addition to the MHA/FYOS,

each year the earnings on the

fund support: Anshei Sphard-

Beth El Emeth Synagogue,

Beth Sholom Synagogue,

Bornblum Solomon

Schechter School,

Jewish Family Service,

and Memphis Jewish


Designated Endowment Funds

Elaine Ames Senior Outreach Services Fund

Suellen Brenner Blen Temple Israel Pre-School Book Fund

Bornblum Scholarship Endowment Fund for Bornblum Solomon

Schecter School

Boy Scouts of America Troop 25 Endowment Fund

Central High School Designated Fund

Captain Mark Elster Israel Youth Fund

Milton Q. & Jeanne G. Ford Scholarship Fund to

Benefit Temple Israel

The Goldsmith Family Fund

Gorden Family Scholarship Fund

The Miriam & Rabbi Efraim Greenblatt Jewish Education

Scholarship Fund

Iuliu Herscovici Designated Fund

Hilary and Mitch Hodus Fund for Family Enrichment at Beth

Sholom Synagogue

Housing Assistance Fund

Kadima Memphis Jewish High School Endowment Fund

Makowsky Greenberg Scholarship Fund for Bornblum

Solomon Schecter School

Iris and Ronald Harkavy Fund for the Margolin Hebrew Academy/

Feinstone Yeshiva of the South

The Larry Morrison Jewish Medical Ethics Fund

Marty Olswanger Memorial Endowment Fund

Dr. Maurice E. Petrovsky Memorial Fund for the Benefit of

MJCC Camp Scholarships

Ringel Educational Computer Fund to Benefit Temple Israel

Evelyn and William Robbins Holocaust Education Fund

Axel and Rita Robins Music Fund to Benefit Temple Israel

Jane Ross College Scholarship Fund

Deanna & Irvin Serenco Fund for Children with Hearing Disorders

Mary S. Shainberg Fund for Bornblum Solomon Schecter School

Abe and Goldie Walter Memorial Fund for Jewish Education

Curt and Hedi Ward Designated Fund for Temple Israel

Eric and Marc Wolf Young People’s Fund

Mickey and Warren Wurzburg Family Fund for Temple Israel

Linking You To The Pathways For

The Foundation links donors to charitable giving through its Donor Advised Philanthropic

Fund program. These “charitable bank accounts” are among the most popular fund types

because they are a cost-effective and flexible way for donors and their families to become

actively engaged in the rewarding art of grant making.

Once a fund is established with a

minimum gift of $5,000, donors

recommend and the board of

directors approves grants to

support local and national

qualified charities. The

Foundation maintains grant

records and monitors

distributions to ensure that

recipient charities are utilizing

grant dollars appropriately.

Donor Advised Philanthropic Funds

Herta and Dr. Justin H. Adler

Philanthropic Fund

Michael and Karen Alabaster Family

Philanthropic Fund

Samantha and Lon Alperin Tzedekah Fund


Anonymous Fund

Arney Family Fund

Valerie Kaplan Arnold Fund

Carol and Philip Aronoff

Philanthropic Fund

Isadore and Miriam Baer Family

Philanthropic Fund

Joan and Phillip Baum Philanthropic Fund

Scott and Suzanne Baum

Philanthropic Fund

Stephen and Golden Bearman

Philanthropic Fund

Sandra and Ben Beatus Fund

Harriet and Lawrence Beck

Philanthropic Fund

Belz PSJM Charitable Fund

Anise and Ronald Belz Family

Philanthropic Fund

Kara and Paul Bierman Family

Tzedekah Fund

Dot and Stanley Bilsky Fund

Bloch Family Fund

Mary and Maury Bronstein Family Fund

Rose Merry Brown and Aron Livnah

Philanthropic Fund

Janet H. Brueck Philanthropic Fund

Carvel Family Philanthropic Fund

Sam and Patricia Chafetz

Philanthropic Fund

Barry and Susan Chase Fund

Hallie and Jay Cohen Fund

Rachel Cohen Endowment Fund

Ted I. Cohen Endowment Fund

Robert and Joanne Cohen

Philanthropic Fund

Aileen and Pace Cooper Torah Fund

Debra L. Cooper Philanthropic Fund

Irby and Bernice Cooper

Philanthropic Fund

Tova and David Cooper Philanthropic Fund

Helga R. and Eric H. Cornell Fund

Barbie and Ray Dan Philanthropic Fund

Terry and Sharon Dan Philanthropic Fund

Myrna and Arnold Drake

Philanthropic Fund

Emerson Family Philanthropic Fund

Epstein Segal Philanthropic Fund

Jonathan and Leslie Epstein

Charitable Fund

Leonard and Rhonda Feiler

Philanthropic Fund

Avron and Wendy Fogelman Charitable


The Martha and Robert Fogelman Fund

David J. Forgosh Philanthropic Fund

Sara and Leonard Frey Philanthropic Fund

Shirley and Bernard Frisch Family

Philanthropic Fund

Elroy and Dorothy Gellerman

Philanthropic Fund

Rhonda and Lenny Feiler have a

heart-felt desire to promote reading

and Judaism to our community’s

children. Thanks to their

generosity, every child from

birth to age six will be able

to receive a book of Jewish

content each month

through Memphis

Jewish Federation’s

PJ Library.

“We were so pleased to play

a role in linking the Feilers

with a program that meets their

personal philanthropic interest,”

—Laura Linder, Jewish Foundation

executive director.

Bob and Brenda Gold Philanthropic Fund

Goldsmith Family Philanthropic Fund

Dora T. Goldstein Memorial

Endowment Fund

Edward J. Goldstein Philanthropic Fund

Jeff and Bunny Goldstein Fund

Jerome and Sondra Goldstein Family Fund

Michael and Sharon Goldstein Family Fund

David Goodman Fund

Donna and Bob Goodman Fund

Jack and Roseanne Goodman

Philanthropic Fund

Graber Family Fund

Evelyn and Marlin Graber

Philanthropic Fund

Glenn and Pamela Graber

Philanthropic Fund

Jerrold J. and Martha S. Graber

Philanthropic Fund

Roy and Tova Graber Family Fund

Steve and Esther Graber

Philanthropic Fund

Teri and Larry Graber Fund

Edward Grauman Philanthropic Fund

Ron and Mimi Grossman

Philanthropic Fund

Leslie and Faylese Gruber Family Fund

Margo and Todd Gruen Philanthropic Fund

Diane and Mark Halperin

Philanthropic Fund

Jan and Marc Hanover Family

Philanthropic Fund

Meeting Your Philanthropic Goals

Iris and Ronald Harkavy

Philanthropic Fund

Laura and Lee Harkavy Philanthropic Fund

Allan and Marcia Hayden

Philanthropic Fund

Sigmund F. Hiller Fund

Ellen and Steven Hirsch

Philanthropic Fund

Allen & Kay Iskiwitz Family Fund

Ethan K. Jacobs Tzedekah Fund

Monique and Charles Jalenak

Charitable Fund

Natalie and James B. Jalenak

Charitable Fund

Peggy E. and L.R. Jalenak, Jr. Family

Philanthropic Fund

Jewish Heritage Fund

John and Hilda Kapell Philanthropic Fund

The Bene and Saul Kaplan Fund

Cheryl and Gary Kaplan Fund

Judy E. Katz Fund

Joel and Karin Katz Philanthropic Fund

Lisa and Seth Kaufman Tzedakah Fund

Ida and Louis Kessler Family Fund

Robert H. Kessler Memorial Fund

Barbara and Scott Klazmer

Philanthropic Fund

Minette and Jay Kochman

Philanthropic Fund

Toba and Leslie Kornberg

Philanthropic Fund

Judy and Morris Kriger Philanthropic Fund

Krueger Family Charitable Fund

Heidi Kulbersh Memorial

Endowment Fund

Geri and Hal J. Lansky Philanthropic Fund

Joyce and Bernard Lansky

Philanthropic Fund

Roselyn and Harold Lapides

Philanthropic Fund

Debbie and Stuart Lazarov Family

Philanthropic Fund

Joyce and Buddy Lazarov Family Fund

Sidney and Roselle Lazarov

Philanthropic Fund

Suzanne and Paul Lazarov

Philanthropic Fund

Nancy and Michael Levinson Fund

Levit Family Fund

Donny and Shelley Levy

Philanthropic Fund

Sandy and Kirke Lewis Philanthropic Fund

Joan and Michael Lightman Family

Philanthropic Fund

Laura and Jimmy Linder Family Fund

Bernard and Sue Ann Lipsey

Philanthropic Fund

Lewis Loskovitz Fund

Magdovitz Children’s Fund

Barbara and Earl Magdovitz Tzedekah Fund

Gary and Dinah Makowsky

Philanthropic Fund

Jerome and Evelyn Makowsky

Charitable Fund

May Lynn and Charles Mansbach

Philanthropic Fund

Sally and Herman Markell

Philanthropic Fund

Markowitz Family Fund

Jonathan and Stephanie Marks Family

Philanthropic Fund

Alyne and George Matz Philanthropic Fund

Terri and Larry Mendelson

Philanthropic Fund

Jeffrey and Laurie Meskin Family

Philanthropic Fund

Rachel and Anthony Morrison

Charitable Fund

Rose L. Morrison Fund

Newburger Family Fund

Alvin and Marcia Notowich

Philanthropic Fund

Marilyn and Herb Notowich

Philanthropic Fund

Deborah Smith Ognibene

Philanthropic Fund

Erin Ostrow Philanthropic Fund

Parker Family Foundation

Lyda G. Parker Philanthropic Fund

Barry and Billie Pelts Family Fund

Linda and Don Pelts Philanthropic Fund

Arnold and Mary Lynn Perl Family

Philanthropic Fund

Marvin and Eileen Posner

Philanthropic Fund

Maury and Elaine Radin

Philanthropic Fund

Rosie M. and Mannie Riesenberg Fund

Judy and Neil Ringel Fund

Joe and Jennifer Roberts

Philanthropic Fund

Rita and Axel Robins Charitable Fund

Nancy and Richard Robinson

Philanthropic Fund

Meryl Shahun Rosen Philanthropic Fund

Jacob and Miriam Rosensweig

Philanthropic Fund

Jessica H. Rosenthal Memorial Fund

Wendy and Cary Rotter Family Fund

Judith E. Royal Philanthropic Fund

Debra and Alex Saharovich

Philanthropic Fund

David Alan Samuels Charitable Fund

Andy and Betsy Saslawsky Family


Kay Usdan Saslawsky Philanthropic Fund

Rhonda and Mark Saslawsky Family

Philanthropic Fund

Marty and Jackie Scheinberg

Philanthropic Fund

Schneider Family Fund

Allan and Julie Schoenberger

Philanthropic Fund

Freya and Anthony Segal

Philanthropic Fund

Irvin L. and Deanna S. Serenco

Philanthropic Fund

Shainberg Lawson Philanthropic Fund

Barbara and Terry Shainberg Family Fund

Raymond and Toby Shainberg

Philanthropic Fund

Connie and Mike Sherman Family Fund

Stacy and Jerry Siegler Family Fund

Silver Family Philanthropic Fund

Ron and Linda Ellen Sklar Family

Philanthropic Fund

Elaine Wagner Skopp Philanthropic Fund

Sheldon and Laurie Smith Family Fund

Robert and Jackie Solmson Fund

Shayna and Brad Somer

Philanthropic Fund

Jill and Ken Steinberg Philanthropic Fund

Morris and Bea Steinberg Family

Philanthropic Fund

Harriet W. Stern Philanthropic Fund

The Sunshine Fund

Myrna and Myron Thomas Fund

Alyse Michelle Wagner Philanthropic Fund

Warren Family Charitable Fund

Wein Family Philanthropic Fund

Ira and Deborah S. Weinstein

Philanthropic Fund

Danny and Saralyn Weiss Fund

Jeanne and Irving Weiss

Philanthropic Fund

Patti and William Weiss Family

Philanthropic Fund

Elliot and Penina Wender

Philanthropic Fund

Jill Wender Philanthropic Fund

Mark and Sally Wender Family

Philanthropic Fund

Razelle and Stanley L. Wender

Philanthropic Fund

Molly and Jason Wexler Family Fund

Michael Wilons Philanthropic Fund

Andy and Tricia Woodman

Philanthropic Fund

Harold and Judy Wormser

Philanthropic Fund

Dena and Gary Wruble Philanthropic Fund

Lawrence and Diane Wruble

Philanthropic Fund

Jocelyn Dan Wurzburg Philanthropic Fund

Stuart and Carol Zalowitz

Philanthropic Fund

2007 Grantee Organizations

826 SEATTLE (Seattle, WA)

Abraham Joshua Heschel School (NY)

Adoptions by Lorie (Brunswick, TN)

Al Chymia Temple

Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation (Indianapolis, IN)

Alpha-One Foundation, Inc. (Miami, FL)

ALS Association, Tennessee Chapter

Alzheimers Association (St. Paul, MN)

America-Israel Cultural Foundation (NY)

American Association Ben Gurian University of the

Negev (NY)

American Cancer Society

American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, Inc (NY)

American Committee for Shaare Zedek (NY)

American Diabetes Association Serving Tennesse

American Farmland Trust (Washington, DC)

American Forest Foundation (Washington, DC)

American Friends of Beth Hatefutsoth (NY)

American Friends of the Hebrew University (NY)

American Friends of Bar-Ilan University (NY)

American Friends of Wingate (Potomac, MD)

American Friends of

Sanhedrin-Jerusalem, Inc. (Teaneck, NJ)

American Friends of Beit Morasha (NY)

American Friends of Sha’arei Mevaseret (New

Hempstead, NY)

American Heart Association

American Jewish Committees (NY)

American Jewish Committees (Milwaukee, WI)

American Jewish Congress, Inc. (NY)

American Jewish Historical Society (NY)

American Jewish World Service (NY)

American Red Cross

American Red Magen David for Israel (NY)

American Society for Yad Vashem (NY)

American Society for Technion (NY)

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty

to Animals (NY)

Americans for Peace Now (Washington, DC)

Americans for UNFPA (NY)

Amnesty International (NY)

Animal Protection Association

Animal Welfare Institute (Washington, DC)

Anshei Sphard–BethEl Emeth Synagogue

Anti-Defamation League (NY)

Appalachian Trail Conference (Harpers Ferry, WV)

Arkansas Bar Foundation (Little Rock, AR)


Audubon Society of Greater Denver (Littleton, CO)

AVODAH The Jewish Service Corps Inc (NY)

B’nai B’rith Foundation of the U.S. (Washington, DC)

B’nai B’rith International (Washington, DC)

B’nai B’rith Youth Organization

B’nai B’rith Youth Organization, Inc. (Washington, DC)

B’nai Zion Congregation (Chattanooga, TN)

Ballet Memphis

Bardavon Opera House/Hudson Valley

Philharmonic (Poughkeepsie, NY)

Barnard College (NY)

Baron Hirsch Congregation

Barrington Stage Company (Pittsfield, MA)

Beis Medrash of Harborview (Lawrence, NY)

Berkshire Theatre Festival (Stockbridge, MA)

Beth Aaron V’Israel (Brooklyn, NY)

Beth Shalom (Raleigh, NC)

Beth Sholom Religious School

Beth Sholom Sisterhood

Beth Sholom Synagogue

Beth Sholom Youth Commission

Beyond Pesticides (Washington, DC)

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Memphis, INC

Bikur Cholim Machzikay Synagogue (Seattle, WA)

Bornblum Solomon Schechter School

Boston Ballet (Boston, MA)

Boston Symphony Orchestra (Boston, MA)

Boy Scouts of America

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis

Brady Center To Prevent Gun Violence (Washington, DC)


Buckingham Friends School (Lahaska, PA)

Burma Border Projects (Worcester, MA)

Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities (NY)

Camp Dream Street (Utica,MS)

Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund (East Troy, WI)

Camp Sternberg (NY)

Campbell Foundation

Camperships for Nebagamon (East Troy, WI)

Canine Companions for Independence (Santa Rosa, CA)

Carnegie Hall Society (NY)

Carol Kestenbaum Foundation (Bellmore, NY)

Center for Maine Contemporary Art (Rochport, ME)

Center for Southern Folklore

Central High School

Central Institute for the Deaf (St. Louis, MO)

Common Hope Corporation (Mendham, NJ)

The Chabad House at Emory University (Atlanta, GA)

Chabad Lubavitch of Tennessee

Chabad Lubavitch of Boca Raton (FL)

Chabad on Campus (Brooklyn, NY)

Chai Lifeline (NY)

Children’s Defense Fund (Washington, DC)

Children’s Museum of Memphis

Childrens Bridge of Zichron Menachem, Inc. (NY)

Christian Brothers High School

Church Health Center

Circuit Playhouse, Inc.

Citizens Scholarship Foundation of Wakefield

INC (Wakefield, MA)

City of Germantown

Civil War Preservation Trust (Baltimore, MD)

CLAL-National Jewish Center for Learning &

Leadership (NY)

Coloarado Coalition for the Homeless (Denver, CO)

Colonial Middle School

Colorado Public Radio (Centennial, CO)

Committee for Accuracy in Middle East

Reporting (Boston, MA)

Community Foundation of Greater Memphis

Concerts International

Congregation Ahavath Torah (Englewood, NJ)

Congregation Ahavath Rayim (Greenwood, MS)

Congregation Aish Kodesh (Woodmere, NY)

Congregation Ansche Chesed (NY)

Congregation B’nai Israel (Baton Rouge, LA)

Congregation Beth Jacob (Atlanta, GA)

Congregation Knesset Israel (Pittsfield, MA)

Congregation Simchat Tzion–Libi Bmizrah (Monsey, NY)

Cotton States BBYO

Covenant Network of Presbyterians (San Francisco, CA)

Creative Aging Mid-south

Cross County Foundation Inc. (Wynne, AR)

Cross County Library (Wynne, AR)

Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation

Dance Works, Inc.

Delta Axis, Inc.

Delta State University (Cleveland, MS)

Derech Chaim, Inc. (Baltimore, MD)

Diversity Memphis

Dixon Gallery and Gardens

Doctors Without Borders (NY)

Duke University (Durham, NC)

Earth Island Institute (San Francisco, CA)

Eldridge Street Project (NY)

Elting Memorial Library (New Paltz, NY)

Emory Hillel (Atlanta, GA)

Emory University (Atlanta, GA)

Emunah of America (NY)

Enchanted Circle, Inc (Holyoke, MA)

Environmental & Energy Study

Institute (Washington, DC)

Environmental Defense (Washington, DC)

Eruv of Memphis, Inc.

Evergreen Historic District Association, Inc.

Evergreen Presbyterian Church

The Exchange Club Family Center

Exchange Club of East Memphis

Ezer Yoldot Hamercazi (Brooklyn, NY)

Facing History and Ourselves

William A. Farnsworth Library and Art Museum

INC (Rockland, ME)

FINCA International, Inc. (Washington, DC)

First Presbyterian Church

First Unitarian Church of Memphis

FJC–A Foundation of Donor Advised Funds (NY)

Forest Heights Lodge (Evergreen, CO)

Forest Trends (Washington, DC)

Foundation for Jewish Culture (NY)

Foundation for the Library

Francis W. Parker School (Chicago, IL)

Friends of Gush Katif (Teaneck, NJ)

Friends of Israeli Scouts (NY)

Friends of Jerusalem College of Technology (NY)

Friends of McGill University, Inc. (New Rochelle, NY)

Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (NY)

Germantown Performing Arts Center

Gilbert & Sullivan Musical Theatre

Company (Poughkeepsie, NY)

Girl Scouts of the Mid-South

Girls Incorporated of Memphis

Girls Preparatory School (Chattanooga, TN)

Grahamwood Parents Association

Grameen Foundation USA (Washington, DC)

Greek Orthodox Church Annunciation

Greenpeace, Inc. (Washington, DC)

Griffin School, Inc. (Austin, TX)

Gush Etzion Foundation (Manchester, NH)

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis

Habitat for Humanity International, Inc. (Americus, GA)

Hadassah–Boca Raton (FL)

Hadassah Foundation Inc. (NY)

Hands on Memphis

Hardeman County (Bolivar, TN)

Harvard Law School (Cambridge, MA)

Harwood Center

Hattiloo Theatre

Hazon (NY)

Hebrew Academy of Long Beach (Cedarhurst, NY)

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (NY)

Hebrew International Aid Society (NY)

Hebrew Union College (Cinciannti, OH)

Heifer Project International, Inc. (Little Rock, AR)

Henry S. Jacobs Camp (Utica, MS)

Herb Kosten Pancreatic Cancer Charitable Fund

The Heritage Foundation (Washington, DC)

Highland Heights Methodist Church

Highland Lakes Beit David Synagogue (Aventura, FL)

Penn Hillel (Philadelphia, PA)”

Hillel Day School of Boca Raton (FL)

Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus

Life (Washington, DC)

Honest Reporting (NY)

Hope House Day Care Center

Puddy Tat Protectors, Inc.

Human Rights Watch, Inc. (NY)

Humane Society of Eastern Arkansas (Marion, AR)

Indiana University Foundation (Bloomingotn, IN)

InMotion Musculoskeletal Institute

Institute for Justice (Washington, DC)

Institute of Southern Jewish Life (Jackson, MS)

International Planned Parenthood Federation (NY)

Invisible Children (Sprig Valley, CA)

Iris Orchestra, Inc,

Isabella Freedman Retreat Center (NY)

Israel Cancer Research Fund (NY)

Israel Food Distribution (Passaic, NJ)

Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival (Lee, MA)

Jaffa Institute (Flushing, NY)

Jazz Foundation of Memphis, Inc.

The Jerusalem Foundation (Milwaukee, WI)

Jewish Chautauqua Society (NY)

Jewish Children’s Regional Service (Metairie, LA)

Jewish Communal Fund (NY)

Jewish Community Center Association (NY)

Jewish Community Federation of Greater

Chattanooga (TN)

Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego (CA)

Jewish Enrichment Center (NY)

Jewish Family Service

Jewish Family Service of Colorado (Denver, CO)

Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles (CA)

Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach (Boca Raton, FL)

Jewish Federation of the Berkshires, Inc. (Pittsfield, MA)

The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous (NY)

Jewish Historical Society of Memphis

The Jewish Museum (NY)

Jewish National Fund (Atlanta, GA)

Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago (IL)

Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Inc. (Brookline, MA)

Joint Distribution Committee (NY)

Junior Achievement of Memphis

Kaboom! (Washington, DC)

Kadima Memphis Jewish High School

KBDI TV-12 (Denver, CO)

KGNU-FM (Boulder, CO)

Team Kollel of Memphis, Inc.

KUNC–Community Radio (Greeley, CO)

Lambi Fund of Haiti (Washington, DC)

Lamplighter School, Inc.

Lane College (Jackson, TN)

Latino Memphis, Inc.

Lausanne Collegiate School

Leadership Institute of Memphis

LeBonheur Children’s Medical Center

Lebonheur Foundation

LeMoyne Owen College

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (Nashville, TN)

LSU Alumni Association (Baton Rouge, LA)

Maccabi USA Sports (Philadelphia, PA)

Machanayim, Inc.

Madonna Learning Center

Maine Children’s Health Program (Portland, ME)

Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Mid-South

Margolin Hebrew Academy/FYOS

Mary Meyer School (Chicago, IL)

Massachusetts Institutte of Technology (Cambridge, MA)

Mazon–A Jewish Response to Hunger (Los Angeles, CA)

The MED Foundation

Meharry Medical College (Nashville, TN)

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (NY)

Memphis Academy of Science & Engineering

Charter School

Memphis Area Legal Services, Inc.

Memphis Botanic Gardens

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art

Memphis Cancer Foundation

Memphis Child Advocacy Center

Memphis College of Art

Memphis Family Shelter

Memphis Food Bank

Memphis Friends of American Red Magen David

for Israel

Memphis Hadassah

Memphis Humane Society

Memphis Interfaith Hospitality Network

Memphis Jewish Community Center

Memphis Jewish Federation

Memphis Jewish Home

Memphis Museum System

Memphis Opportunity Scholarship Trust

Memphis Oral School for the Deaf

Memphis Orchestral Society

Memphis Planned Parenthood

Memphis School of Servant Leadership

Memphis Soccer Education, Inc.

Memphis Symphony Orchestra

Memphis Theological Seminary

Memphis Union Mission

Memphis University School

Memphis Urban League, Inc.

Memphis Zoological Society

Methodist Healthcare Foundation

Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Opera (NY)

Michigan State University Hillel (East Lansing, MI)

Mid-South Interfaith Network

Mid-South Jazz Foundation

Mosdos Pittsburgh Yad Isomar, Inc. (Brooklyn, NY)

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (Irving, TX)

Muscular Dystrophy Association

Museum of Arts & Design (NY)

N E Miles Jewish Day School (Birmingham, AL)

NAACP–National Association for the Advancement

of Colored People

National Ability Center (Park City, UT)

National Civil Rights Museum

National Conference of Synagogue Youth (NY)

National Conference of Jewish Women

National Council of Jewish Women

National Jewish Medical Research Center (Denver, CO)

National Kidney Foundation of West Tennessee

National Meningitis Association, Inc. (Marietta, GA)

National Multiple Sclerosis Society Mid-South

National Parks Conservation

Association (Washington, DC)

Natural Resources Defense Council (NY)

Nature Conservancy (Fairfax, VA)

Ner Israel Rabbinical College (Baltimore, MD)

American Friends of Netsach (Chicago, IL)

New Ballet Ensemble and School

New England Conservatory of Music (Boston, MA)

New England Institute of Jewish Studies (Brighton, MA)

New Israel Fund (Washington, DC)

The New York Public Library (NY)

New York Road Runners Foundation (NY)

North American Federation of Temple Brotherhood (NY)

North American Folk Alliance

Northeast Arkansas for Animals (Jonesboro, AR)

Northwestern Annual Fund (Evanston, IL)

Northwestern Univeristy / Feinberg School of

Medicine (Chicago, IL)

Oberlin College (Oberlin, OH)

Ohr Chaim Synagogue (Miami Beach, FL)

Opera Memphis

Operation Embrace Foundation, Inc. (Potomac, MD)

Oprah’s Angel Network (Chicago, IL)

Orphan Foundation of America (Sterling, VA)

Memphis Development Foundation dba The Orpheum


Orthodox Union (NY)

Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Foundation, Inc. (Gaithersburg, MD)

P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. (NY)

Parents, Families & Friends of

Lesbians (Washington, DC)

Park City Performing Arts Foundation (Park City, UT)

Park Friends, Inc.

Partners in Excellence

Partners in Public Education

PeaceJam Foundation Headquarters (Arvada, CO)

Philadelphia Region BBYO (Philadelphia, PA)

Pink Palace Family of Museums

PKD Foundation

Planned Parenthood Federation of America (NY)

Plough Towers

Porter Leath Home

Presbyterian Church (USA) (Pittsburgh, PA)

Project HOPE–The People-to-People Health

Foundation (Millwood, VA)

Rabbi David L Silver Yeshiva Academy (Harrisburg, PA)

Ramah Darom (Atlanta, GA)

Rashi School (Newton, MA)

Reform Jewish Appeal (NY)

Religious Action Center of Reform

Judaism (Washington, DC)

Religious Zionists of America (NY)

Rhodes College

Rider University (Lawrenceville, NJ)

Rocky Mountain PBS (Denver, CO)

The Rollin College Fund (Orlando, FL)

Ronald McDonald House

Rooftop Ministries (Galax, VA)

Rotary International/Memphis

The Salvation Army

Sam Schloss Lodge of B’nai B’rith

Samaritan Counseling Center

Save-the-Redwoods League (San Francisco, CA)

Scholarship America (Minneapolis, MN)

Second Presbyterian Church Foundation, Inc.

The Selfhelp Home (Chicago, IL)

The Service Guild of Washington (Potomac, MD)

Shaare Zedek Hospital (NY)

Shakespeare and Company (Lenox, MA)

Shearis Israel (Brooklyn, NY)

Shelby Residential and Vocational Services, In

Shriners Hospitals for Children (Tampa, FL)

Sierra Club Foundation (San Francisco, CA)

Simon Wiesenthal Center (Los Angeles, CA)

SMFA Boston(MA)


South Jersey Region BBYO (Cherry Hill, NJ)

Southern Communications Volunteers

The Southern Jewish Historical Society (Atlanta, GA)

Southern Poverty Law Center (montgomery, AL)

Special Olympics Tennessee (Nashville, TN)

St. Albans School (Washington, DC)

St. George’s Schools

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

St. Louis Hillel (St. Louis, MO)

St. Louis University (St. Louis, MO)

St. Mary’s Episcopal School

St. Peter Home for Girls

St. Peter Villa

Stand For Children Action Fund, Inc. (Portland, MA)

Stop Violence (Kansas City, MO)

SUNY New Paltz Foundation (New Paltz, NY)

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Memphis

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (NY)

The Telluride Foundation (Telluride, CO)

Telluride Society for Jazz (Telluride, CO)

Temima High School (Atlanta, GA)

Temple Adas Israel (Brownsville, TN)

Temple B’nai Israel (Monroe, LA)

Temple Beth Sholom (Las Vegas, NV)

Temple Beth Sholom (Framingham, MA)

Temple Etz Chaim (Thousand Oaks, CA)

Temple Har Shalom (Park City, UT)

Temple Israel

Tennessee Clean Water Network (Knoxville, TN)

Tennessee Holocaust Commission, Inc. (Nasville, TN)

Tennessee Medical Foundation (Brentwood, TN)

Thanks to Scandinavia (NY)

Theatre Memphis

Tikvah Children’s Home (NY)

Torah Day School of Atlanta, Inc. (Atlanta, GA)

Toward Tradition (Mercer Island, WA)

Trezevant Manor Foundation

True Story Pictures

Trustees of the University of

Pennsylvania (Philadephia, PA)

Trustees of Tufts University (Medford, MA)

Tulane University (New Orleans, LA)

U.S. Holocaust Museum (Washington, DC)

U.S. Ski Team Foundation (Park City, UT)

United States Fund for UNICEF (NY)

Union for Reform Judaism (NY)

United Cerebral Palsy of the Mid-South, Inc,

United Methodist Neighborhood Centers

United Negro College Fund, Inc. (Fairfax, VA)

United Way of the Mid-South

Univerity of Tennessee Health Science Center

The University of Chicago Hospitals (Chicago, IL)

University of Memphis Foundation

University of Memphis Tiger Club

University of Memphis

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)

University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)

University of Tennessee Annual Fund (Knoxville, TN)

University of Tennessee Foundation

University of Tennessee (Knoxville TN)

University of Tennessee

UrbanArt Commission

USO World Headquarters (Washington, DC)

Vanderbilt Law School (Nasville, TN)

Verde Valley School (Sedona, AZ)

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (Dever, CO)

WAMC Arts Center (Albany, NY)

Washington and Lee Hillel (Lexington, VA)

Westminster Academy

Williamstown Theatre Festival (Williamstown, MA)

Wings Cancer Foundation



WMHT-FM (Troy, NY)

Wolf River Conservancy

Women of Reform Judaism (NY)

Women’s Foundation of Greater Memphis

World Confederation of Jewish Community Center (NY)

World Jewish Congress (NY)

World Union for Progressive Judaism (NY)

World Wildlife Fund (Washigton, DC)

WUMR Gift Fund

WXEL Television & Radio (West Palm Beach, FL)

Yad L’Achim (NY)

Friends of Yad L’Kashish -Lifeline for the

Old (Englewood, NJ)

Yale Alumni Fund (New Haven, CT)

Yale Law School Fund (New Haven, CT)

American Friends of Yeshivat Kerem

B’Yavneh (Brooklyn, NY)

YMCA Memphis & Shelby County

National Council of Young Israel (Miami Beach, FL)

Young Israel of Memphis

Young Israel Programs (NY)

Youth Villages

Linking Past, Present And Future

Jewish tradition teaches that one of our key duties is to make the world

a better place for future generations. Create Your Jewish Legacy is a

three-year gift initiative designed to secure deferred gifts – gifts that take

place after your lifetime–to support long-term funding needs of Memphis

Jewish agencies and institutions; the cornerstones of our community.

Create Your Jewish Legacy is for

every member of the Memphis Jewish

community. By including the Jewish

community in your estate plan, you

can help ensure the future of the

community; linking the traditions of

the past with the ideals that make us

who we are today.

Through the Create Your

Jewish Legacy initiative, donors

are encouraged to leave a legacy

reflecting their priorities. The

Turning Your Gift Into A Legacy


A bequest is the simplest way to

make a gift after your lifetime. You

may name the Jewish Foundation of

Memphis or other Jewish agencies

as beneficiaries in your will for a

specific amount, or you may state the

bequest in terms of a percentage of

your estate or in terms of the residue,

or unused portion, of your estate.

Your taxable estate is reduced by the

amount of the charitable bequest.

Life Income Gift

If you wish to make a charitable gift

but would like to provide income

for yourself or a loved one, you may

establish a charitable remainder

trust or a charitable gift annuity

to pay income to you or another

beneficiary for life or a term of years.

The trustee will then distribute the

Jewish Foundation of Memphis is

equipped to serve as a key resource,

advisor, and guide throughout the

process and can help donors

identify community needs

and potential beneficiaries.

Ultimately, a donor’s

legacy will be structured

in a way that is most

advantageous to

their personal


Brenda and Bob Gold sign

their family message in the

Endowment Book of Life as part

of their membership in the Legacy

Society. The book is on permanent

display in the Foundation’s offices.

remaining trust assets to the Jewish

Foundation of Memphis or another

Jewish agency. Another option,

which is the reverse of the charitable

remainder trust, is a charitable

lead trust. Under this type of trust,

the agency receives income for a

specified period of time. At the end

of the trust the assets are distributed

to your heirs. Both the charitable

remainder trust and the charitable

lead trust may be established in your

will to take effect after your lifetime.

These trusts offer tax advantages to

you and your estate.

Life Insurance

You may make a charitable gift to

the Jewish Foundation of Memphis

or another Jewish agency by

purchasing life insurance for the

benefit of that agency or by naming

the agency as the irrevocable owner

and beneficiary of an existing policy

that you no longer need. You are

generally entitled to a tax deduction

for the amount of the premiums as

well as the cash surrender value of

the policy.

Retirement Gift

Estate and income taxes assessed on

qualified retirement plans (IRAs,

401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, etc.)

can be as high as 80% or more of

the total value. Rather than see your

retirement assets absorbed by taxes,

consider using these to make a gift to

the Jewish Foundation of Memphis

or another Jewish agency and direct

other funds to family members,

possibly resulting in more assets

going to your family.


Create Your Jewish Legacy

Legacy Society Members

Grace Aarons*

Herta Adler

Anonymous in honor of Ronald Harkavy

Carol and Philip Aronoff

Larisa and Ben Baer

Miriam and Isadore* Baer

Sally and Richard S. Baer

Joan and Phillip Baum

Suzanne and Scott Baum

Sylvia A . Beck

Marilyn and Jack Belz

Bert Bornblum

David Bornblum*

Ann and Felix L. Caldwell

Hallie and Jay Cohen

Allen E. Cohen

Myrna and Marc Cohen

Harry Cooper Humanitarian Fund

Aileen and Pace Cooper

Bernice Cooper

Laurie A . Cooper and Donald Emerson

Tova and David Cooper

Frieda and Sam* Cooper

Helga Cornell

Barbie and Ray H. Dan

Annie and Michael S. Dragutsky

Oscar Dumont Youth Fund

Cindy and Bart Ehrenkranz

Rhonda and Leonard B. Feiler

W. H. Feinstone

Abigail and Ross Felt

Fredrika and Joel Felt

Amy and Lee A . Filderman

Jeanne and Milton Q. Ford*

Marlene and Herbert E. Gerson

Brenda and Bob Gold

Goldsmith Family Fund

Elias Goldsmith*

Edward Goldstein

Sharon and Michael Goldstein

Sondra Goldstein

Evelyn and Marlin Graber

Martha and Jerrold Graber

Alvin Green

Sheril and Rabbi Micah D. Greenstein

Mimi and Ronald Grossman

Diane and Mark J. Halperin

Iris and Ronald M. Harkavy

Marcia and Allan E. Hayden

Iuliu Herscovici

Hilary and Mitchell Hodus

Janice and Benjamin Isenberg

Kay and Allen Iskiwitz

Monique and Charles Jalenak

Natalie and Jimmy Jalenak

Peggy and L.R. Jalenak Jr.

Audrey and Jack Joffre

Anna and Shimon Kaminetzky

Bene and Saul Kaplan

David Kaplan

Linda and Edward S. Kaplan

Howard Karoll

Karin and Joel Katz

Lena* and Kolman* Katz

Sally and Frederic B. Kesselman

Janis and Brian Kiel

Barbara and Scott Klazmer

Amelia and S.L. Kopald Jr.

Mildred S. Krasner

Judy and Morris Kriger

Elaine and David A . Krueger

Rebecca and Alvin Labens

Anna S. and Samuel L. Lansky Scholarshipin-Residence


Debbie and Stuart J. Lazarov

Suzanne and Paul Lazarov

Joyce and Sidney Levine

Nancy and Michael Levinson

Myrna and Joe S. Levy

Gail and Myron Lewis

Jeanette and Lawrence Lewis

Sandy and Kirke* Lewis

Laura and James S. Linder

Sue Ann and Bernard Lipsey

Thom E. Lobe and Diane L. Woodall

Betty and William I. Loewenberg

Rena W. Loskovitz*

Judith Kaplan McCown

Barbara and Earl Magdovitz

Dinah and Gary Makowsky

Evelyn and Jerome Makowsky

Pam and Gary W. Malkin

Sally and Herman Markell

Jack Markowitz Fund for Family


Sylvia G. Marks

Alyne and George Matz

Rose Morrison

Ronna and Hal Newburger

Barbara and Bruce S. Newman

Marcia and Alvin Notowich

Fannie and Max Notowitz

Keith A . Novick

Eunice and Edward T. Ordman

Lyda and Joseph* Parker

Linda and Don Pelts

Mary Lynn and Arnold E. Perl

Bailie Perlman

Rochelle and Frank* Pierce

Maurice Plough

Elaine and Maury Radin

Rhea & Ivy, P.L.C.

Judy and Nick Ringel

Evelyn and William Robbins Holocaust

Education Fund

Rita Robins

Betty and Frank Robinson

Nancy and Richard M. Robinson

Meryl Shahun Rosen

Patricia and Lester A . Rosen

David Rosenberg Endowment Fund

Jane* and David J. Ross

Judy Royal

Diane Goodman Sachs

Debra and Alex Saharovich

Flora and Harry Samuels

Sherry and Alan Samuels

Andrea and Craig J. Sander

Kay Usdan Saslawsky

Caryn and Rudi Scheidt Jr.

Honey and Rudi Scheidt Sr.

Lawrence Schneider

Arlyne Schwartz

Hedda A . Schwartz

Deanna and Irvin Serenco

Suzanne* and Leon* Shahun

Bobbie Shainberg

Mary Shainberg

Toby* and Raymond Shainberg

Alayne Shoenfeld

Marlene and Marty Silver

Jerry Sklar Family

Joel Sklar Family

Louise Sklar

Ron Sklar Family

Jackie and Robert Solmson

Saul and Adele Sorg

Jill and Kenneth Steinberg

Shara Stock

Erik Sussman

Susan Adler Thorp

Ray Underberg*

Martha and Howard Wagerman

Abe and Goldie Walter Memorial Fund

Harold G. Walter

Rabbi Roy Walter

Hedi* and Curtis Ward

Deborah and Ira Weinstein

Razelle and Stanley Wender

Sally and Mark Wender

Eileen and Steve Wishnia

Diane L. Woodall & Thom E. Lobe

Diane and Lawrence Wruble

Mary and Charles Wurtzburger

Barrie and Kenneth Wurzburg

Jeanne and Warren Wurzburg, Jr.

Reginald Wurzburg Foundation

Sandra Wurzburg

Warren Wurzburg Sr.*

Mavis Zuckerman

* of blessed memory

If you have created a Jewish Legacy and your name does not appear on this list, please call us, 901.374.0400.


Linking Our Youth To

The Memphis B’nai Tzedek program, launched in 2002, is the premier teen

philanthropy program in the Memphis community. A 2005 Crystal Award winner,

Memphis B’nai Tzedek has impacted 180 Memphis teens and introduced them

to the world of philanthropy.

Teens join B’nai Tzedek by donating $250 of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah money to the Jewish

Foundation of Memphis to set up an individual named charitable fund. The gift is matched by the

program’s sponsor bringing the balance to $500. Annually, students are given the opportunity to

recommend charitable grants equal to 20% of their fund balance.

Each B’nai Tzedek teen becomes part of the Student Co-op Fund. The money in this fund is

given to local, Jewish organizations. These organizations submit proposals, which are reviewed

by B’nai Tzedek members who ultimately decide which organizations to support.

B’nai Tzedek Fund Holders

Tali Abdun

Max Abraham

Andrew Adler

Wendi Albert

Alex Alpert

Max Alpert

Louis Ashner

Matthew Ashner

Daniel Back

Elisa Paige Barrack

Stephanie Barrack

Max Barzel

Brittany F. Baum

Hannah Baum

Melanie Baum

Elizabeth Belz

Joshua Belz

Lindsey Belz

Logan Belz

Faryn Bierman

Reed Billings

Rochelle Bouchard

Molly Brakha

Sydney Buring

Stephanie R. Clein

Ajay Cohen

Ellen Cohen

Ted Cohen

Dylan Cooper

Ethan Cooper

Jeremy Cooper

Abigail Durham

Rebekah Durham

Jonathan Edelman

Melanie Egerman

Brandi Eiseman

Monte Eiseman

Michael R. Eisenstatt

Terry Eleazer Jr

Rayna R. Exelbierd

Madeline Faber

Ben Finan

Charlie Finan

Deborah Finestone

Ali Fishman

Jake Franklin

Nathan Ari Franklin

Caroline Frisch

Jacob Geiger

Shayna Giles

Rachel Glazer

Eli Goldstein

Sam Goldstein

Emily Greenberg

Josh Greenberg

Sara Greenberg

Cara Greenstein

Jake Greenstein

Sydney Gruber

Hayley Gruwer

Mason Paul Gudelsky

Alexander Harkavy

Annie I. Harkavy

Charlotte Harkavy

Gabrielle Harkavy

Juliana L. Harkavy

Evan Harris

Jeremy Himmelstein

Bradley M. Jackson

Haley Kaplan

Joshua Kaplan

Laura E. Kaplan

Jamie Katz

Celia King

Zachary Kloville

Elianna Landau

Ethan Landau

Harper Landau

Erica Lansky

Judy Lansky

Ellee Lazarov

Lindsey Lazarov

Cara Levi

Jordan Levi

Joseph Levy

Adam Libby

Margo Libby

Jonah Linder

Laura Lohnes

Ariana Lutterman

Natalia Lutterman

Jason Manis

Leah Florence Mendelson

Sara Mendelson

Mallory Moskovitz

Joel B. Moss

Alex Nahon

Joey Notowich

Samantha Notowich

Benjamin Orgel

Megan Orgel

Lauren B. Pelts

Rachel Pelts

Aaron W. Poulin

Raffi Radin

Harrison Rea

Remy Rea

Daniel Reef

Leor Reef

Jeremy Reisman

Bradley Ringel

Brian Ringel

Eliza Roberts

Adam Saharovich

Ryan Saharovich

Joel Saslawsky

Jordan Saslawsky

Maddie Scharff

Logan Scheidt

Carey Segal

Zach Sherman

Emily Siegler

Megan R. Singer

Shoshana Somer

Abby Stein

Karen L. Stein

Michael B. Stein

Corey Steinberg

Eli Steinberg

Jodie Struminger

Noah Thomas

Emily Trotz

Ethan Trotz

Andrew Vogel

Ashley Vogel

Hillary Weiss

Max Weiss

Alexa Wender

Jordana B. Wender

Kevin Wender

Aaron M. Wolf


A Life Of Philanthropy

B’nai Tzedek Facts and Figures 2002-2008

Cumulative Individual Grants by Type of Organization

Local Jewish 59%

Local Non-Jewish 23%

National Jewish 4%

National Non-Jewish 12%

Israel 2%

594 grants have been awarded totaling $49,224

Cumulative Cooperative Fund Grants

Through the student co-op fund, grants totaling $24,000 have been

awarded since 2002 to the following local Jewish organizations:

Anshei Sphard Beth El Emeth

Baron Hirsch Congregation

B’nai B’rith Men

Bornblum Solomon Schechter School


Hillel of Memphis

Jewish Family Service

Memphis Jewish Community Center

Memphis Jewish Federation

Memphis Jewish High School

Memphis Jewish Home

Plough Towers

Temple Israel

Young Israel


Linking Financial Professionals To

Professional advisors play an important role in helping clients make tax-wise charitable

gifts. The Foundation’s Professional Advisory Group (PAG) is comprised of professional

advisors in various legal and financial fields who support the mission of the Foundation.

They assist by promoting charitable planned giving, participating in educational programs and

consulting with and providing direction to Foundation staff and leadership regarding technical

tax and legal issues.

Pictured is Frederick Stukenborg,

J.D. and Rabbi Joel Finkelstein

in the sanctuary of

Anshei Sphard-Beth El

Emeth Synagogue.

Mr. Stukenborg’s client,

Ms. Sarah Weinberg,

left a charitable

bequest to the


“This bequest is a reflection of

the centrality of the shul in

Ms. Weinberg’s life,”

—Rabbi Joel Finkelstein,

senior rabbi, Anshei

Sphard-Beth El Emeth


“Ms. Weinberg was a

client for over twenty

years. In designing

her estate plan

she wanted

to include

Anshei as a

beneficiary. There

were tax benefits, but

primarily Sarah wanted

to leave a legacy to Anshei

for what the congregation

meant to her all of

these years,”

—Frederick Stukenborg, J.D.,

PAG member.

Photo generously donated by Steve Conroy of Conroy Studio

Benefits Of Joining The

Professional Advisory Group

◗ Professional listing in all Foundation publications

◗ Opportunities for professional continuing education

◗ Opportunities to speak at Foundation programs & author

articles in Foundation publications


The Needs Of The Jewish Community

Professional Advisory Group

Celie Althoff

Morgan Stanley

Charles Auerbach,CFP,ChFc,CLU,EA

Wealth Strategies Group Inc.

Edward T. Autry, J.D.

Williams, McDaniel, Wolfe &

Womack PC

Jon A. Barrack

Stanford Group Company

Stanley L. Bilsky

Morgan Stanley

Sanford J. Blockman, CPA

Watkins Uiberall PLLC

Robert P. Blumenthal, J.D.

Siegel, Hooper & Blumenthal PLC

Gregory Bostian, CPA

Rhea & Ivy PLC

Larry H. Bryan, Principal & CEO

Diversified Trust Company

John B. Burns, J.D.

Baker, Donelson, Bearman,

Caldwell & Berkowitz, P.C.

Andrew B. Carter, J.D.

Williams, McDaniel, Wolfe &

Womack, P.C.

Renee E. Castle, Esq.

Pfrommer & Castle

Harvey Cook WMA

Merrill Lynch

Jimmy Dickey, J.D., CPA, MBA

Thompson Dunavant PLC

Dennis S. Drexler, Vice President

Wunderlich Securities Inc.

Allen C. Dunstan,J.D.

Harkavy Shainberg Kaplan &

Dunstan, PLC

Bart Ehrenkranz

Ehrenkranz & Associates, LLC

Louise W. Ellis, Senior Vice President

First Tennessee Private Client

Shepard Fargotstein, VP Investments

UBS Financial Services Inc.

Vera R. Feldman, CFP,

Senior Financial Advisor

American Express Financial Advisors


David D. Franks CTFA

Regions Morgan Keegan Trust

Jonathan Frisch

Zalowitz Frisch Benefits Group

Katina H. Gaines, J.D.

Gaines & Associates PLLC

T. Lee Gibson, Principal

Diversified Trust Company

Jerrold J. Graber

Samuel N. Graham, Principal & COO

Diversified Trust Company

Virginia W. Griffee, J.D.

Griffee Law Offices

Leon H. Griffin Sr., CLU

Ms. Sarah R. Haizlip MA

Summit Asset Management

William B. Howard Jr.

William Howard & Co. Financial

Advisors, Inc.

Teresa R. Hurst, J.D., LL.M.

The Hurst Law Firm

Thomas Hutton, J.D.

Martin, Tate, Morrow & Marston, P.C.

Charles Jalenak

Jalenak Capital Management Inc.

James B. Jalenak, J.D.

Manis & Salomn, PC

Gene Katz

Wachovia Securities, LLC

Elliot Kiersky

Smith Barney

Mitchell I. Lansky, J.D.

Marks, Shipman & Lansky

Mr. John Norfleet Laughlin MBA

Summit Asset Management

Ronald Lazarov, CFP

Kelman-Lazarov Inc.

Steve Leib, CPA

Watkins Uiberall PLLC

Brook H. Lester

Deloitte Tax, LLP

Don Levy, Senior VP Investments

A.G. Edwards

Hal F. Lewis

Avraham S. MacConnell, LUTCF

Howard B. Manis, J.D.

Lewis & Knowlton

Michael L. Matthews

Smith Barney

John A. May Jr., CPA

Rhea & Ivy PLC

Ashley M. Mayfield, Principal

Diversified Trust Company

Steve McCleskey, J.D.

Glankler Brown

A. Stephen McDaniel, J.D., AEP, EP.L.S.

Williams, McDaniel, Wolfe

& Womack, P.C.

Anthony A. Morrison

Morgan Keegan

Scott Notowich

Stanford Group Company

Max Notowitz, CLU, ChFc

Paul R. Padawer, CPA

Padawer & Associates, CPAs

Ilinda Parham, CPA

Financial Strategy Group

Michael R. Parham, J.D., LLM

Williams, McDaniel, Wolfe &

Womack, P.C.

J. Vincent Perryman, J.D.

Law Offices of J. Vincent Perryman

Brona E. Pinnolis

Waddell & Reed Financial Services

R. Michael Potter

Burch, Porter & Johnson PLLC

Carl Raff, CFP

CPIC, Connecting People Ideas

and Capital

Mr. Stephen H. Rhea MBA

Summit Asset Management

Boyd L. Rhodes Jr., J.D.

Wyatt Tarrant & Combs LLP

David J. Ross CLU, CPCU

State Farm Insurance

Jason D. Salomon, J.D.

Richard Scharff

Merrill Lynch

Raymond M. Shainberg, J.D.

Harkavy Shainberg Kaplan &

Dunstan PLC

Arleen L. Siegel, J.D., LL.M.

Siegel, Hooper & Blumenthal PLC

Steven J. Silver, CFP, CDP

Wealth Strategies Group Inc.

Madeline R. Simonetti CFP

Ameriprise Financial

Robert Smithwick III, Principal

Diversified Trust Company

Dan R. Snow, CPA

Thompson Dunavant PLLC

Gene Stallings

Stallings & Associates CPA’s, PLLC

Andrew S. Stark


Michael Stein, Senior Vice President

Wachovia Securities

Frederick Stukenborg J.D.

Mr. Alex Thompson CLU, ChFC

Summit Asset Management

Cynthia J. Tobin, J.D.

Williams, McDaniel, Wolfe &

Womack, P.C.

John W. Ueleke, CFP

Legacy Wealth Management

Michael D. Uiberall, CPA

Watkins Uiberall PLLC

Christopher J. Ward, CPA

Suntrust Private Wealth Management

P. Preston Wilson, J.D.

Gotten, Wilson, Savory & Beard PLLC

Mike Wood, CLU, AEP

Northwestern Mutual Financial


Harold Wormser, CPA

The Wormser Firm

Stuart Zalowitz, CLU, AEP

Zalowitz Frisch Benefits Group


2007 Financial Report

Statement of Financial Position

The following statement of position was obtained from audited financial

statements. A copy of the entire audit, prepared by Cannon & Company,

CPA is available by contacting the Jewish Foundation of Memphis.

DECEMBER 31, 2007



Cash and Cash Equivalents $ 239,179

Contributions Receivable 2,996

Investments 19,560,553

Charitable Remainder Unitrust - Temporarily Restricted 526,452

Furniture and Equipment,

Less Accumulated Depreciation 83,460

Cash Surrender Value of Life Insurance 553,907

Total Assets $ 20,966,547

Liabilities and Net Assets


Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses $ 9,364

Assets Held for Others 7,604,023

Liability Under Unitrust Agreement 303,527

Annuity Liability 102,113

Total Liabilities $ 8,019,027

Net Assets

Unrestricted: Donor Advised $ 11,448,720

Temporarily Restricted 1,498,800

Total Net Assets $ 12,947,520

Total Liabilities and Net Assets $ 20,966,547

2007 Grant Distributions by Type of Organization

Partner Agencies (list on page 2) 63% $ 2,264,100

Local Jewish (non-partner agencies) 4% 138,696

Local Secular Organizations 14% 599,439

National and Out-of-State Jewish Organizations 17% 426,126

National and Out-of-State Secular 4% 157,677

100.00% $3,586,040

The Jewish Foundation of Memphis is not engaged in rendering legal or tax advisory services.

Individuals considering endowment gifts to the Foundation or to participating organizations

should obtain the services of a financial advisor , such as an at torney, certified public

accountant, or chartered life underwriter .



Board of Directors

Ronna Newburger


Marlin Graber

Vice President

Kay Usdan Saslawsky

Vice President

Nick Ringel


Sanford Blockman


Stanley Bilsky

Maurice Buring

Sam Chafetz

Hallie Cohen

Robert B. Cohen

Laurie A. Cooper

Pace Cooper

Michael Dragutsky

Jeff Goldstein

Sandy Goldstein

Jerrold J. Graber

Roy Graber

Andrew J. Groveman

Alan Harkavy

Laura Harkavy

Charles Jalenak

James Jalenak

Richard S. Kessler

Steven H. Leib

Bernard Lipsey

Diane Mendelson

Rose L. Morrison

Joe Roberts

Richard Rossen

Judy Royal

Andy Saslawsky

Irvin Serenco

Bobbie Shainberg

Jerry Sklar

Joel Sklar

Andrew Stark

Mike Stein

Ken Steinberg

Morris Thomas

Ira Weinstein

Mark Wender

Past Presidents

Ronald Harkavy

L.R. Jalenak, Jr.

Jerome Makowsky

Nathaniel Landau

Executive Officers

Front Row (l to r)

Ronna Newburger, President

Kay Usdan Saslawsky, Vice President

Back Row (l to r)

Marlin Graber, Vice President

Nick Ringel, Treasurer

Sanford Blockman, Secretary


Laura K. Linder

Executive Director


Sheri G. Gadberry

Business and Donor Advised Fund Manager


Josie Ballin

Marketing and Communications Coordinator


Molly J. Wexler

Director of Programming


6560 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38138-3656 | 901.374.0400 | 901.374.0451 fax

www.jfom.net | jfom@jewishfoundationofmemphis.org

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