March 2011 Dear Garezers Children's Camp families, It's time to ...

March 2011 Dear Garezers Children's Camp families, It's time to ...

Dear Garezers Children’s Camp families,

March 2011

It’s time to start thinking about the summer and Garezers Children’s Camp. Let’s meet again this summer – big

and small, old and young – to enjoy the fun at Garezers! This year we are once again offering a great opportunity

for your children to enjoy GCC even longer. If you register your children for the Sessions One and Two, the fee

for the Session Two will be discounted by 50%! That is, if your children participate in both sessions, they can

enjoy 2 Session Two weeks for the price of one! Several children took advantage of this offer last year to enjoy 4

full weeks of camp. Give your children the opportunity to also double their fun – sign them up for both sessions!

To help us develop the summer’s program and hire the necessary staff, please register your children early. The

registration deadline is April 1 st . Registering after April 1 st , you will incur a late registration fee. This year GCC

will begin on June 26 th with Session One. GSS and GVV also begin this weekend. We are planning a joint

opening ceremony for all programs. Exact times for this will be posted later. Session Two will follow from July

10 th to July 23 rd , and the Culture Session will be from July 24 th to July 30 th . Garezers will be celebrating Jāņi on

June 18 th and Culture Days on July 23 rd /24 th . We are also planning a Kids’ Festival on July 2 nd .

If you would like to help out by leading a specific activity at camp, or if you know someone who might be

interested in helping, please contact me.

Please be reminded that completed health forms signed by a parent and a physician are required for your child to

participate in camp. It is recommended that these forms be turned in when you arrive at camp.

Garezers Children’s Camp awaits you! Let’s swim, play sports, make arts and crafts, dance, sing and enjoy the

summer. Let’s have fun with old friends and establish new friendships!

Iveta Eilands

Camp Director


Garezers Children’s Camp (GCC)


Register before April 1, 2011 to ensure proper staff ratio and program planning

A $150 late fee will be assessed for registration forms postmarked after April 1.

No refund on deposit if cancelling after June 1.

$300.00 per child is due upon registration, with the remainder to be paid upon

arrival at camp.

If camp fees are unpaid by the end of camp session, Garezers will add 1.5 % every

month to the remaining balance until it is paid in full.

If a camper is expelled from GCC, no refunds will be given.

An annual Garezers Parking Permit is included in the camp fees.

Garezers GCC enrolls campers:

Who are 6-10* years of age, and/or have completed kindergarten.

*The Culture Session will accept children over 10 years old.

In Sessions One and Two, only if Latvian language skills are satisfactory and above.

The GCC director has the right to deny enrollment to a camper if his/her Latvian

language skills do not meet GCC requirements, or to send home a camper who has

falsely filled out the Latvian language skills section.

In the Culture week, if they do not speak Latvian but are willing to learn about the

Latvian language and culture.

Only if their parents or guardians have filled out and signed all registration and

enrollment forms.

At registration campers/parents must:

Hand in the 2011 health forms signed by a physician and parent.

Partake in a short health check by the camp’s nurse, and turn in any medications.

Pay remaining camp fees.

Gaŗezers Children’s Camp Rules

It is important to follow the rules and behave within the rules as established by the GCC.

No set of rules can account for every situation. Therefore, GCC guidelines follow principles of friendly

respect for peers, Gaŗezers and one’s culture.

Camper Responsibilities:

Speak, read and write at all times and everywhere only in Latvian (Sessions 1 & 2).

Respect the rights of individuals and Garezers’ property and facilities.

Set a good example; behave in a helpful and polite manner.

The following are forbidden:

Leaving the camp without permission.


Disrupting the sleep of fellow campers during the night.

Visiting cabins of the opposite sex.

Speaking English (Sessions 1 & 2).


The following are grounds for expulsion from GCC:

Heavy vandalism of Garezers or other property.

Heavy injury or harm caused to other people.

Leaving the GCC premises without permission.

Criminal indictment for theft.

Smoking, alcohol or drug use or possession.

GCC Director has the right to inspect a Camper’s personal property in their presence, if the Director

suspects that the camper is in possession of forbidden items. GCC Director may confiscate such items.

GCC Director also has the right to confiscate forbidden items without the camper present.

Approved by the Garezers Committee on January 12, 2002

GCC will explain these rules at the beginning of each session. The Director, counselors and activity

leaders will be responsible to keep order. Should a problem arise, they will explain the error and remind

the camper of the camp rules. GCC may assign supplementary cleaning/ time-out duties to campers on a

case-by-case basis. Campers who break the rules may be required to call home together with the

Director after the second warning to notify their parents of their unacceptable behavior. Subject to

severity of the problem, parents may be called by the GCC Director and required to come and take their

child home.

Campers are not to be in possession of:

Matches, candles, fireworks, knives, weapons, radios, CDs, bicycles, skateboards / roller blades,

groceries, mobile telephones or walkie-talkies, Gameboys or other hand-held electronic games.

2011 Garezers Children’s Camp Registration Form

Send to main office at: 57732 Lone Tree Rd., Three Rivers, MI 49093

Camper information

Last name, first name


Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY): _ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ _ Age of camper June 26, 2011: _____

In spring of 2011, will have completed _____ grade in American school.

In spring of 2011, will have completed _____ grade in Latvian school. Please indicate which Latvian

school was attended. ____________________________

How many years has child already participated in GCC__________

Parent information

Mothers last and first name

Fathers last and first name



Address _________________________________________________________________

City __________________________________ State _________ Zip Code ______________

Telephone __________________________ E-mail _______________________________________

Mothers telephone at:

work _________________________ cell __________________________

Fathers telephone at: work _________________________ cell __________________________

If parent(s) will be staying near Garezers during camp, please indicate where and provide a telephone

number ___________________________________________________________________________

Emergency contact

If we cannot contact a parent, please call:

Last name, first ________________________________________ Relation to child:_____________________

Telephone at: home ____________________ work _____________________ cell ____________________


Registering for:

• Session 1 June 26 – July 9

• Session 2 July 10 – July 23

• Culture Week July 24 – July 30

• from _____________________ to _____________________ (please explain)

• We will be arriving late. Arrival date: _ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ _ time______ (please explain)

Explanations: _________________________________________________________________________


Camp Fees

Camp fee

$950 for two weeks; $1,425 for four weeks; $550 for one week ____________

Late registration fee $150 ____________

Transport to / from 1X Kalamazoo $30 ____________

airport or bus station 1X Grand Rapids $60

Total ____________

Language skills: Please check all that apply:

Session 1 and 2 campers:

Culture week campers:

My child:

My child:

• speaks Latvian fluently • understands Latvian thoroughly • speaks some Latvian

• speaks Latvian well • understands Latvian well • understands some Latvian

• speaks Latvian satisfactorily • understands Latvian satisfactorily • does not speak or understand Latvian

GCC directors have the right not to accept a child for session 1 or 2 if the child’s Latvian

language skills do not meet GCC expectations.

Roommate request

__________________________ would like to room with ___________________________

Camper’s name

friend’s name

in the same cabin.

We can not promise that all requests will be honored. Please name only one friend.

Nevaram solīt lūgumu pildīt, bet mēģināsim šo īstenot! Lūdzu, atzīmējiet tikai vienu draugu!


With my signature I testify that all of the above information is true, that I have read and discussed

the camp’s rules with my child, that I will encourage my child to keep order, follow the disciplinary

rules, and take part in all organized activities, and for those children participating in Sessions 1 & 2,

I will encourage them to speak only Latvian.

I promise to keep the Camp Director informed about any special or medicinal needs my child may

have. In case of accidental injury, I will not take civil action against Garezers, the Garezers

Children’s Camp Director or staff.

_______ ___________________________________

_______ ___________________________________

Date Child’s parent or legal guardian’s signature Date Child’s parent or legal guardian’s signature

For Garezers use

Pasta zīmogs: ____ / ____ / _____

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