Shopping at Beauties Factory UK is always an Amazing Experience

Shopping at Beauties Factory UK is always an Amazing Experience

Shopping at

Beauties Factory UK

is always an

Amazing Experience

Beauties Factory UK, Catterick, North Yorkshire

Email :

Phone: 08001182067

Shopping at Beauties Factory UK

is always an Amazing Experience


Tailor-made Eyeshadow pg 01

Pro Eyeshadow Palettes pg 01

BF Style Eyeshadow pg 01

Camouflage/Concealer pg 02

Small Eyeshadows pg 02

Blush pg 02

False Nails pg 03

False Eyelashes pg 03

Makeup Brushes pg 03

Nail Art Decorations pg 04

Acrylic Nail & Deco pg 04

Swarovski Crystals pg 04

UV Lamps pg 05

UV Gel System & Tools pg 05

BF Deluxe Crystals pg 05

Nail Drill & Accessories pg 06

Nail Art Brushes pg 06

Nail Art Tools pg 06

Nail Strengthener pg 07

O.P.I Nail Products pg 07

CND Nail Products pg 07

Lip Gloss pg 08

Mascara & Eyeliner pg 08

Essie Nail Products pg 08


Cuccio Naturale pg 09

Makeup Box/Case pg 09

Dust Collectors pg 09

Airbrush Tools pg 10

Clipper, Nipper & Tools pg 10

Nail Glues & Nail Forms pg 10

Nail Files & Pedicure Tools pg 11

Nail Cleansing &

Removal Tools pg 11

Nail Art & Display

& Practice Tools pg 11

Containers, Boxes,

Cases & Bottles pg 12

Hair Styling Tools pg 12

Treatment, Depilatory

& Paraffin Tools pg 12

Body Makeup Products pg 13

Other Products / Gifts pg 13




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Body Makeup Products

Smooth Glitter

Body Powder with Puff -

Pearl White

Other Products

2 color Concealer +

2 color Lipgloss (Color 10)


Plug Adapter x 2

Smooth Glitter

Body Powder with Puff -



Party Makeup Kit

Sleeping Mask x 1

GIFT SET - 120 Color

Eyeshadow(#1) + 12

Brushes + 8 Eyeliners

Jewellery Necklace

Display Stand -12.5”(Height)


Containers, Boxes, Cases & Bottles

Empty Nail Art Glitter,

Dust, Rhinestones and

Dust Case x 50pcs

Hair Styling Tools

Ceramic Hair Straightener

Iron (Starter)

2 Pump Dispensers +

1 Spray Bottle

Human Hair Extension

Fusion Connector Iron

Treatment, Depilatory & Paraffin Tools

Paraffin Wax Protection

Foot Gloves - Blue

Paraffin Wax

replenishment x 1

10pcs x Round Storage

Case (Big)

Digital Ceramic

Hair Straightener Iron -

35mm wide plate

Depilatory Heater Kit

Tailor-made Eyeshadow

2-Pan Empty Palettes Case

(with mirror)

30-Pan Empty

Palettes Case

Pro Eyeshadow Palettes

120 Color Eyeshadow

Palette (#1) - ESSENTIALS

BF Style Eyeshadow

Style Six -


130 Color Eyeshadow

Palette (#1) -


Style Six -


6-Pan Empty Palettes Case

28 “Natural Nude” Color

Eyeshadow Palette

Style Six -



10 Colors Camouflage

& Concealer Palette

Small Eyeshadows

Whole Collections - 10 sets

of 5 Color Eyeshadows


2 color Concealer

+ 2 color Lipgloss

2 Layers COMBO

Set (Handy Design) #C

Crystal Rose Pearl

Pressed Powder - #506C

Whole Collections -

10 sets of 6 Color Glam


2 Color Blush 78 Color Eyeshadow &

8 Colors Eyeshadows

Blush Palette (#1) -


& 2 Blushes Set (#3)

Nail Files & Pedicure Tools

Sanding Blocks (Black)

x 10

Thick nail buffers

(Rhombus) x 12pcs

Nail Cleansing & Removal Tools


Double Coverage 6oz

Nail Soak Bowl x 2 - Pink Cotton Sheets

Wearable Nail Soaker

(Nail Art Purpose)

(1 pack - 60pcs)

x 10pcs

Nail Art & Display & Practice Tools

Display / Practice Fingers

x 4

Display Tray - 25 Pots

Display / Practice Stand


Airbrush Tools

0.3mm Dual Action

Airbrush (large cap design)

Air Compressor &

Airbrush Set

Clipper, Nipper & Tools

Set of Airbrush Kit

Nail Clipper - GOLD Cuticle Pusher Trimmer Cuticle Nipper + Nail

for Manicure / Pedicure

x 10 PCS

Scraper + Clipper Set

Nail Glues & Nail Forms

Nail Glue (10g) with Brush

x 10pcs

Nail Glue (3g)

x 10 pieces

500 Nail Forms

For Extension

False Nails

100pcs Round Tips (100pcs

w/ tip box) Pink

False Eyelashes

Natural False Eyelashes

X 12 Pairs

Makeup Brushes

12pcs Makeup Brush +

Pearl Pink Holder

Airbrushed French Nail Tips

- AMAZON (70pcs w/

tip box & glue)

Shiny Glitter Liquid

Eyeliner x 8

Pure Black - Makeup

Brushes x 24 pcs

French Nail Tips Edge

Forms x 100pcs

Black Cream Eyeliner

with Eyeliner Brush

Mineral Fan Brush x 2 pcs

Nail Art Decorations

12 x Fine Tip Drawing /

Design Pen

Acrylic Nail & Deco


POWDER (10 gram each)

Swarovski Crystals

[Swarovski] HOTFIX SS10

Clear Crystal

1200 x Mixed-Shape

Rhinestone (2mm)

10 x Reusable Nail Forms

For Extension

[Swarovski] SS10 Rose

Nail Polish Drying Fan

3 Colors Acrylic Powder

Promotional Set

(BF Premier Quality)

[Swarovski] SS12

Light Sapphire

Cuccio Naturale

Cuccio Naturale

Butter Blend -

Milk & Honey 0.33floz

Makeup Box/Case

White Star Makeup Case

(Extendable 4x


Dust Collectors

Dust Suction Collector -

Pure Black Pattern

Cuccio Naturale Butter

Blend - Tuscan Citrus Herb

with Clary Sage 0.33floz

Black Makeup Case

Dust Suction Collector -

Pink Veins Pattern

Cuccio Naturale Tuscan

Citrus Herb Butter Blend with

Bergamot & Clary Sage 8floz

Studio Makeup Case

(Extendable 4x


Dust Suction Collector -


Lip Gloss

Diamond Lip Gloss

(FireBrick) - #502J

Mascara & Eyeliner

Black Cream Eyeliner with

Eyeliner Brush

Essie Nail Products

Essie Nail Polish -

“Blueberry Crume”

Glittery Lipgloss (DarkSalmon)

- #3

Shiny Glitter Liquid

Eyeliner x 8

Essie Nail Polish -

“Funky Limelight”

78 Color Eyeshadow & Lip

Gloss & Blush Palette #2

(España Collection)

Black Cream Eyeliner

with Eyeliner Brush

Essie Nail Polish -


UV Lamps

9W UV Curing Lamp - Light

Weight Streamlined Version

UV Gel System & Tools

BF Deluxe Crystals

[BF] SS6 Orange-Red Crystals

x 144

UV Gel Set with Clipper &

36W UV Lamp - White

[BF] SS6 Sapphire Crystals

x 144

Full Gel Nail Set with Nail

Drill, 9W UV Lamp, Clipper -

( with BF Brand Quality Assurance)

UV Gel Set with Clipper UV Gel Primer x 3pcs


Full Set Color UV Gel

x 50 colors

[BF] SS6 Pure Black

Crystals x 144

Nail Drill & Accessories

Electric Nail Drill - Professional

Class - 28,000RPM

Nail Art Brushes

Nail Brush Washing

Soak Bowl - Purple

Nail Art Tools

Electric Nail Drill Pen Shape

- 20,000RPM

5pcs Drawing & Painting

Brush (Multi-Purpose)

Nail Tips Dangle Drill

x 2 pcs

4pcs Drawing Brushes

(White Barrel)

Nail Polish Manicure Set Nail Polish Topcoat x 3

Handrest for Nail Art

Nail Strengthener

CND Stickey Anchoring

Base Coat 2.3oz.

O.P.I Nail Products

O.P.I “Hong Kong Collection

Winter 2009/2010”

CND Nail Products

Cuticle Revitaliser Oil for

nail treatment x 4

O.P.I “Matte”

Essie Nail Polish -

“Billionails - Maintenance

Nail Treatment”

O.P.I “Colección de España

Fall/Winter 2009”

CND Raw Earth Clean 2oz CND Air Dry Fast-Set Top

Coat 2.3floz

CND Cuticle Eraser 0.5oz

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