Encountering Conflict


Encountering Conflict

For the classroom:

Discuss and take notes about the following, in small groups or as a class.

• Define the phrase ‘encountering conflict’.

• Levels of conflict include; inner/personal, interpersonal (between characters) and extrapersonal

(conflict with environment and institutions). Give examples of each of these

from personal experience or previous study.

• Brainstorm and list as many types of conflict as you can.

• List causes of conflict.

• How do different individuals respond as they encounter conflict?

• What effect does conflict have on individuals, families and communities? Consider

immediate impact and short and long term consequences.

• How are conflicts resolved? What impact might different solutions to conflict have on


• Is conflict inevitable?

• Can conflict always be resolved?

• Is conflict necessarily a bad thing?

• Could there be a link between conflict and human endeavour?

• Is a world or a life without conflict possible or even desirable?

Inside Contexts: Encountering conflict Section A: Introduction to the Context 4

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