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Global IT is the QI Group’s team of highly skilled

Information Technology professionals. Headed by

Chief Information Officer Malick Aboobakar, Global IT

exists to provide a secure IT platform for QNet and all

QI subsidiaries, as well as to enhance our customers’

online user experience and establish corporate

governance for IT.

1. Welcome to your Qnet eStore!

Your new eStore not only has an enhanced interface but improved

performance, making it extremely user-friendly... and that is great

news for you! With the help of advanced features that have been

recently added, you will be able to manage your business more

efficiently through your eStore transactions. These are some of the

changes that have happened:

QNet is a Microsoft ® Certified Partner and has

recently gained Verizon CyberTrust Security

Certification and VeriSign’s extended Validation

SSL (eVSSL) Certification. These milestones have

been made possible through Global IT’s steadfast

commitment to IT excellence.

Your new Online Tools

In line with our objective of continuously enhancing

your online user experience and providing you with

industry-leading safeguards for your online protection,

Global IT is proud to announce the launch of these

brand new online tools!

Your eStore is now translated into QNet’s core languages – english,

Farsi, Arabic, Russian, Bahasa Indonesia and Turkish.

Your eStore now allows upselling (bulk discounts) and cross-selling

(recommending other, similar products) transactions.

Pop-up messages are minimised for your convenience.

Intelligent networking tools are now in place!

• Calendar prompts for event schedules, promo periods, special

cut-off dates, etc.

• The system now tells you how many more steps you need to

achieve your next Commission Cycle.

• The system will now tell you how many more referrals you

need in order to advance to your next rank/Compensation


2. Ultimate online prOTecTiOn with Two-Factor Authentication!

Two-Factor Authentication, or 2FA for short, simply means using

two independent authentication tools to access or transfer funds

from your Quest Account - your Quest Account pin and another

Security Tool.

This means you need to enter your Quest Account PIN, and enter the

answer to a pre-determined Security Tool.

Security Tool Options available for you include the following:

• Security Question – only you should know the answer to this


• Security word – only you should know the word

• Token – a 6-digit code generated by a device or sent via SMS

• Hardware token – a physical device that, when activated,

generates a 6-digit code (please check availability in your


• Software token – an application that is downloaded, installed

and activated in your smart phone (iPhone, BlackBerry, etc)

• SMS – an option to receive the code on phones with limited


Try 2FA tokens at these very affordable subscription bundle costs!

• Hardware token – USD 60 for 1 year + 1 year free service / USD

20 per year for the subsequent years

• Software token – USD 20 for 1 year + 1 year free service / USD 20

per year for the subsequent years

• SMS – USD 20 for 1 year + 1 year free service / USD 20 per year

for the subsequent years


3. check out Qnet’s eVSSL from VeriSign!

QNet has adopted the highest industry standards for online protection - VeriSign’s extended

Validation SLL (eVSSL) Certification. with this in place, you are assured that your online

transactions are protected from phishing attacks, which trick you into believing you are

making a secured online transaction through an official website, when in fact you could

actually be on a duplicated site with a very similar URL.

How will you know you are actually using an official QNet site? All QNet e-commerce sites

with eVSSL Certification display a green address bar (except when viewed in Google

Chrome, which displays a yellow address bar) with the verified company name: Qnet LTD.

[HK], indicating that our identity and legitimacy have been extensively verified by VeriSign.

when the address bar turns green (or yellow in Google Chrome), you know your online

transactions will be safe and protected.

Before doing an online transaction, check your browser’s address bar for the correct URL,

green address bar (or yellow if you are using Google Chrome), and our verified company

name. Additionally, please ensure that you are using the latest version of your preferred

browser to take full advantage of our latest security upgrades.

Accepted modes of payment are eCards, Credit Cards,

eVouchers and Quest Account debit. For more details

on 2FA policies and procedures, you may contact

your local Network Support Group or send an email to


2FA is the industry standard for online banking

transactions. with 2FA being part of QNet’s tight online

system security, you can rest assured that your online

transactions are secure and your personal data are

kept private and protected.

“The security token increases security features of our Quest Account with ease. It gives us more confidence that QNet cares primarily

for IRs’ benefits. That proactive move all the more ensures our growing network’s trust and confidence. A well-deserved praise for

QNet’s IT personnel!” - AVp Mr Ferdinand Tolentino

“Definitely, the security device adds a safety level to the current system and at the same time it elevates our company level to

one among top companies who take care of their customers’ growing needs in this technological world. It is very user-friendly and

lightweight to carry along with you anywhere.”– AVp Mr Balajee Kumar

“My transaction went smooth and fast! With the Quest A/C PIN code, I found space for the token pin. I switched on the token and

copied on screen the 6-digit code. Transaction completed without the security question and word. Settlement advice was displayed

and sent to my email as well.”– Vc Mr Osama Halan elamin

4. Yourself Online!

This comes at a perfect time when social media is

sweeping the internet and the world! now, bring the power

of internet marketing into your business to maximise your

reach and sales potential!

You can now have your own QNet Personalised website, where

you are able to post and customise your personal profile and

market QNet products to non-IRs and retail customers at the

same time. In the process, you not only earn retail commissions

from the purchases of your retail customers, but you also

encourage them to sign-up and become QNet Independent

Representatives themselves. Two gains in one go – now isn’t

that just great?! well, here’s more - QNet is launching this

innovation now and will offer it for free for a limited time only!

Login to your Virtual Office now at www.qnet.net and under

My Profile, click on My Site (please check availability in your

country). You will be redirected to a page where you will create

your own personal site. Just enter details about yourself,

choose how you want to position your business then upload a

clear and decent photo of yourself… now you are ready to bring

the power of Internet marketing and social networking into your

QNet business! Have fun!

5. Your Business On-The-Go!

Welcome to the M-commerce world!

The Qnet Mobile platform was created as your alternative channel for

accessing your Virtual Office and eStore. With your mobile phone,

you can access your Virtual Office and eStore anytime and anywhere,

without restrictions.

Mobile platform Options:

Mobile Web – On your mobile browser, just type https://m.qnet.net,

login with your IR details and you will see the Menu page containing the

following options:

• CUV Counter

• Quest Account Balance

• Commissions

• New Referrals

• Business Updates

• Price List

• View ecard Settlement

• Give us your Feedback

Mobile App – Download and install the mobile app on your phone.

As soon as the app icon appears, click on it and follow the registration

process. You can now access your Mobile Virtual Office with the following

menu options:

• CUV Counter

• Quest Account Balance

• Commissions

• New Referrals

• Price List

• View eCard Settlement

The Mobile App works in iPhones with Operating System 3.0 and above,

and in Nokia phones with Symbian V3-V5 Operating Systems. Coming

soon to BlackBerry and Android!

currently supported nokia Mobile phones:

• Nokia N-Series: N96-3, N96, N95-3 NAM, N95, N95 8GB, N86 8MP,

N85, N82, N79, N78

• Nokia e-Series: e75, e72, e71, e71x, e66, e63, e55, e52

• Nokia 6 Series and 5 Series: 6730 Classic, 6720 Classic, 6710

Navigator, 6650 Fold, 6220 Classic, 6210 Navigator, 5730

XpressMusic, 5630 XpressMusic, 5320 XpressMusic

2-Way SMS – Registering for the QNet Mobile IR SMS Service is easy

and you only have to do it once before you can use the service!

1. Send ‘ reGiSTer iD pASSWOrD’ to the QNet IR Mobile SMS

Number +467 374 945 538.

2. You will receive an SMS with a 4-digit security PASSCODe.

3. Send ‘PASSCODe 4-digit pass code’ back to +467 374 945 538 and

you will receive a message that says ‘Registration Successful’.

4. You are now ready to use the following Mobile IR Commands…

simply send an SMS with the following commands to find out

information from your account:

• GeT ReFeRRALS – to review your Referrals

• GeT BUS UPDATeS – to get QNet business updates

• GeT BALANCe [QA PIN] – to know your Quest Account balance

• GeT CUV [weeK] [YeAR] [TC] – to get Commission Unit


• GeT COMM [weeK] [YeAR] – to know the amount of your



creating Your personal Website

1. Login to your Virtual Office.

2. Click on My Profile, then My Site.

3. enter your preferred site name. It can be your nickname or any word

you like. This will then be added to the personal website’s URL.

example: If you’ve chosen “Seth”, then your personal website’s

address will be http://seth.myqnsite.com.

4. Choose the theme that best suits you.

5. Customize it based on the available options presented to you.

Accessing Qnet’s Mobile platform

Mobile Web

1. On your mobile browser, go to https://m.qnet.net.

2. Bookmark it, so accessing it in the future would be much easier.

3. Login to your Virtual Office with your IR ID and password.

4. Choose any of the links in the menu and sub-menus.

5. Click sign-out when you’re done.

Mobile App

1. Download and install the appropriate App on your phone.

a.iPhone – search “Qnet” from iTunes and locate “Qnet Mobile”

b.Nokia – login to your Virtual Office and locate the version for your


2. Once installed, click on the icon to run the App.

3. Follow the registration process and key in your information.

4. Choose any of the links in the menu and sub-menus.

5. Close the App when you’re done.

2-Way SMS

1. Register by sending a text message ‘reGiSTer [iD] [pASSWOrD]’

to +467374945538.

2. You will receive an SMS with a 4-digit security PASSCODe.

3. Send a text message ‘PASSCODe 4-digit pass code’ back to


4. You will receive a message that says ‘Registration Successful’.

5. You are now ready to use the following Mobile IR Commands:

• GeT ReFeRRALS – to review your Referrals

• GeT BUS UPDATeS – to get QNet business updates

• GeT BALANCe [QA PIN] – to know your Quest Account balance

• GeT CUV [weeK] [YeAR] [TC] – to get Commission Unit Values

• GeT COMM [weeK] [YeAR] – to know amount of your


Using 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)






Obtain a security token.

a.Hardware token

b.Software token

c.SMS token

Register credential ID to activate your token.

Once registered, you can now use this for your Quest Account


On QuestAccount, choose any settlement.

On the PIN CODe page, you need to enter the 6-digit code generated

by your device or sent to you through SMS.

Tell us about your enhanced online experience!

Drop your feedback at beta.feedback@qnet.net

For more information, email the

Network Support Group at



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