DeVry Advantage A DeVry Advantage Academy High School

DeVry Advantage A DeVry Advantage Academy High School

DeVry Advantage A DeVry Advantage Academy High School


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<strong>DeVry</strong> <strong>Advantage</strong> <strong>Academy</strong> <strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong><br />

3300 N. Campbell Ave.<br />

Chicago, IL 60618<br />

Phone-(773) 697-2016 • Fax-(773) 327-4262<br />

Carolyn Eggert, Principal<br />

August 30, 2013<br />

Hello, <strong>DeVry</strong> parents! Based on your feedback, I will be sending out e-mails every other Friday<br />

with reminders, updates, and important dates. If you have suggestions of material to include,<br />

please contact me at cmeggert@cps.edu<br />

or 773-697-2211. Thank you!<br />

In this letter, you will find:<br />

1) Important reminders<br />

2) An announcement about the high school grade scale in GradeBook<br />

3) If you get a tuition bill from <strong>DeVry</strong>, ignore it!<br />

4) A new college schedule begins Tuesday<br />

5) Seniors with the Most Improved ACT scores get free White Sox tickets!<br />

6) Update on the Ventra Cards<br />

7) Service Learning Opportunities<br />

8) First Parent Meeting Saturday, September 21, at 10:00 am in Room 108<br />

9) College Timeline and activities for Seniors<br />

10) September – October Scholarship Bulletin<br />

11) Important Dates<br />

Best,<br />

Carolyn Eggert<br />

#1: Important Reminders for All Parents<br />

• Please remember to check your students’ high school grades and attendance on the Parent<br />

Portal. You can find the link under “Parents” at devry.cps.k12.il.us. Grades are updated<br />

weekly. Remember to set triggers so the program automatically alerts you about<br />

attendance and grades!<br />

• The new college cycle begins Tuesday, September 3! All parents should have their<br />

child’s D# and log-in for the course shell. Please check the course shell weekly! If you<br />

have questions or concerns, contact Dean Jannsen at 773-697-2209<br />

• Monday, September 2, is a holiday for high school and college. Please not the campus<br />

will be closed.<br />


<strong>DeVry</strong> <strong>Advantage</strong> <strong>Academy</strong> <strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong><br />

3300 N. Campbell Ave.<br />

Chicago, IL 60618<br />

Phone-(773) 697-2016 • Fax-(773) 327-4262<br />

Carolyn Eggert, Principal<br />

#2: <strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong> Grading Scale<br />

• The grading scale for high school classes has been changed for the 2013-2014 school<br />

year. The new scale is as follows: A = 90 – 100, B = 80 – 89, C = 70 – 79, D = 60 – 69, F<br />

is 59 and below.<br />

• The reasons for changing the grading scale are:<br />

o It is aligned to the university grade scale, making it easier for parents and students<br />

to know the expectations for performance<br />

o It is aligned to the grade scale used by other selective enrollment schools, and<br />

ensures that our students are on a level playing field when it comes to GPA<br />

o Many of our teachers were “curving” their grading to adjust to the former narrow<br />

scale. A- work received a 95% when mathematically it may have only been a<br />

91%. We were concerned that students were forming an unrealistic expectation<br />

for grades and would be disadvantaged when they went on to college.<br />

• Please note that due to a technical error the grade scale has NOT been updated on the<br />

Student and Parent Portal. For example, an 85%, which is actually a B, will display as a<br />

C from the former grading scale. We have escalated the ticket with downtown, and are<br />

hopeful the error is corrected by next week. If confused, please look at the numeric<br />

average, not the letter grade. We apologize for the inconvenience!<br />

#3: Ignore any Tuition Bills from <strong>DeVry</strong><br />

Please note that sometimes the <strong>DeVry</strong> University system automatically generates tuition bills for<br />

our students. They generally come mid-September, mid-November, mid-January, mid-March,<br />

and mid-May. This is an error. There are no tuition costs at DUAA, unless a student is re-taking<br />

a failed class! Please ignore the tuition bills. If you have concerns, please contact Dean Jannsen<br />

at rjannsen@devry.edu or 773-697-2209.<br />

#4: A New College Schedule Begins Tuesday, September 3!<br />

A new college cycle begins Tuesday, September 3. Please access your student’s online schedule<br />

and print it out so you know what time they are expected to arrive to class and leave from class.<br />

Any questions, please contact Dean Jannsen at rjannsen@devry.edu or 773-697-2209. Please<br />

note: if your student has Speech this cycle, the start time has been updated to 9:00 am.<br />

#5: Seniors with the Most Improved ACT Win Free White Sox Tickets!<br />

We are proud to announce that 20 students from the class of 2014 increased their composite ACT<br />

score two or more points between the March practice and April exam will receive two free White<br />


<strong>DeVry</strong> <strong>Advantage</strong> <strong>Academy</strong> <strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong><br />

3300 N. Campbell Ave.<br />

Chicago, IL 60618<br />

Phone-(773) 697-2016 • Fax-(773) 327-4262<br />

Carolyn Eggert, Principal<br />

Sox tickets to the 1:10 pm game versus Cleveland on Sunday, September 15. One ticket for the<br />

parent, one for the student! Congratulations!<br />

#6: Ventra Card Information<br />

Thank you for your patience as CPS has changed over to the Ventra cards. CPS has released the<br />

following announcements about Ventra:<br />

Issues Reported<br />

• Registration: Some students are unable to complete online registration with CTA<br />

o A student quick guide has been created to help navigate the registration process<br />

o<br />

Students can also register over the phone at (877) 669-8368<br />

• Defaced Cards: Defaced or hole-punched cards may not function<br />

o<br />

Defacing can interfere with the embedded antenna<br />

o<br />

<strong>School</strong>s should warn students not to bend or break their cards<br />

• Equipment Failure: Ventra riders have identified equipment failures on buses and trains<br />

o<br />

Riders will need to notify CTA of all encountered issues at (877) 669-8368<br />

o<br />

CTA will need to know the location or bus route<br />

Thank you,<br />

CPS Ventra Project Team<br />

Answers for parents http://ventra.cps.edu<br />

General questions ventrafarecard@cps.edu<br />

#7: Service Learning Opportunities<br />

Remember, all students need 40 hours of service learning to graduate! Students can earn service<br />

learning at a variety of locations. Here are some September events – students can earn up to 5<br />

hours for each event! To sign up, or if you have questions, for about any of these events can be<br />

directed to Dianne Patterson at Dianne@chicagoevents.com<br />

• Firefly Run, Saturday, September 7, evening event<br />

• Chicago Blackhawks Made Dash to Madison 5K Run / Walk and 10K Skate, Monday,<br />

September 16, evening event<br />

• Rosehill Cemetary Run / Walk, Saturday, September 28, evening event<br />

• O’Hare 5K / 10K on the Runway, Sunday, September 29<br />

#8: First Parent Meeting Saturday, September 21, 10:00 am<br />

Please join us for our first Parent Advisory Council meeting on Saturday, September 21, at 10:00<br />

am. We will be electing officers, setting the year meeting calendar, and previewing important<br />


<strong>DeVry</strong> <strong>Advantage</strong> <strong>Academy</strong> <strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong><br />

3300 N. Campbell Ave.<br />

Chicago, IL 60618<br />

Phone-(773) 697-2016 • Fax-(773) 327-4262<br />

Carolyn Eggert, Principal<br />

events for the upcoming school year. All are invited to attend, and refreshments will be served!<br />

So we can be prepared, please RSVP to Tina Drake at 773-697-2020 or tdrake3@cps.edu<br />

#9: College Timeline and activities<br />

As your student is engaging in planning for life after high school, please remind them to attend<br />

DUAA/Umoja's post-secondary secondary workshops where they can apply for colleges and scholarships.<br />

Workshops will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school and Thursdays during lunch in<br />

room 206. Questions See Liam Bird is room 115 or reach him at lbird@umojacorporation.org.<br />

Senior College Timeline Steps for September<br />

• Narrow your choices to the top three or so colleges in which you are most interested.<br />

Remember, you can use your Naviance Account to help search!<br />

• If not already begun, start your search for scholarships (see attached list)<br />

• Contact admissions offices to schedule campus visits<br />

Upcoming College Admission Rep Visits:<br />

• Concordia University Wednesday, September 18th, 11:30-12:30 in Room 108<br />

• Bradley University Monday, October 21st, 11:30-12:30 in Room 108<br />

If you have any students who are interested in checking out Monmouth, they can do so on a<br />

fun and FREE bus trip on Saturday, September 14.<br />

Pickup locations:<br />

• Harrison/State in the Loop (adjacent to Jones College Prep HS) departs 6:00am;<br />

returns 9:15pm<br />

• Brickyard Shopping Center (adjacent to the Target store) departs 7:00am;<br />

returns 8:30pm<br />

• Chicago Ridge Shopping Center (adjacent to the Sears Auto Center)<br />

departs 8:00am; returns 7:45pm<br />

• For details and to sign up for this bus trip, students can<br />

click: https://ou.monmouthcollege.edu/admissions/visit/bus-trip.aspx<br />

• Parents, high school age siblings, and college counselors welcome and encouraged to<br />

attend as well!<br />

Note: If students wish to apply for admission, we are already accepting online applications.<br />

The link for this is:https://www.monmouthcollege.edu/application<br />


<strong>DeVry</strong> <strong>Advantage</strong> <strong>Academy</strong> <strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong><br />

3300 N. Campbell Ave.<br />

Chicago, IL 60618<br />

Phone-(773) 697-2016 • Fax-(773) 327-4262<br />

Carolyn Eggert, Principal<br />

#10: September / October Scholarship Bulletin<br />

Please find a great list of scholarships attached to the Parent Newsletter email! Lots of great<br />

opportunities! Contact Liam Bird at lbird@umojacorporation.org with questions!<br />

#11: Important Dates<br />

Holiday, no high school or college Monday, Sept 2<br />

Lunch forms due<br />

Friday, Sept 6<br />

Parent Meeting, 10:00 am, Room 108 Saturday, Sept 21<br />

HS progress reports go home<br />

Wednesday, Sept 25<br />

Medical Compliance forms Due<br />

Friday, Sept 27<br />

Junior field trip to College Fair<br />

Wednesday, Oct 2<br />

Columbus day; no high school, college only Monday, Oct 14<br />

College Cycle ends, grades due<br />

Friday, Oct 25<br />

College Cycle begins, new college schedule Monday, Oct 28<br />

HS 1 st quarter ends<br />

Thursday, Oct 31<br />

No high school, college only<br />

Friday, Nov 1<br />

Veteran’s Day, no high school, college only Monday, Nov 11<br />

Report Card pick-up, no high school or pm college Tuesday, Nov 12<br />

Thanksgiving break, no high school or college Nov 27 – 29<br />


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