DeVry Honors Biology • Brown

DeVry Honors Biology • Brown



Mr. Scott Brown

Course Description:

Biology is a one year long introductory course. This

course includes reading comprehension, data

analysis, practical experimentation, hypothesis

formulation, data collection, problem solving, critical

thinking as they relate to the life sciences.

Genetics/molecular biology, cell structure,

photosynthesis and respiration, and ecology,

microbiology are areas of concentration.

Materials for Class:

Pencil and blue or black pen

Notebook, 3 Ring Binder, and Folder

State Textbook: Biology




Homework and Bell Ringer 20%

Laboratory Reports 25%

Exams and Quizzes 30%

Project and Presentations 25%

Grading Scale

A 100-90%

B 89-80%

C 79-70%

D 69-60%

F 59-0%


For all science classes: Students must wear proper safety equipment in the laboratory, and use

the laboratory equipment for its designated purpose only. Any actions that threaten the health or

safety of the student or other students will be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures.

Late Homework and Make Up work

If a student has an excused absence, the student will be allowed three school days to make up work

without penalty. The instructor has the discretion to extend the time frame for extended absences. Late

work can be turned in but will have significant penalty. Reminder, the instructor will indicate when

grades are to be turned in and instructor will indicate the last day to turn in work to be included in the

course grade.

Basic Classroom Expectations

Be punctual and attend class daily.

Be in your seat and ready to work at the beginning of each class period.

Follow school rules – this includes being on time for class, using appropriate language and behavior,

getting teacher permission to leave classroom, etc.

Be prepared – complete all assignments by the due date and bring all materials to class.

Treat everyone with respect and be polite to all people. This includes the teacher or other students.

Respect other’s property – keep the classroom neat and return all borrowed materials.

Participate in classroom activities.

No food or drink is permitted to the classroom.

Do not use electronic devices (cell phones and I- pods) and ear phones/plugs. Some exceptions can be

made with instructor permission and achieving the class objectives.

Course Units * Could be subject to change.

Semester One

Unit One- Introduction to Biology and Science

Unit Two- Maintaining Homeostasis

Unit Three- Chemistry of Life and Multi-cellular Organization

Unit Four- Photosynthesis

Semester Two

Unit Five- Respiration

Unit Six- Evidence and Mechanism of Evolution

Unit Seven- Genetics and Reproduction: Part I Cell Division and Chromosome

Unit Eight- Genetics and Reproduction: Part II DNA and Inheritance

Unit Nine- Ecology

Acknowledgement- Biology

I ,_________________________ ,have read and understand these expectations and procedures.

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