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spring 2013 orientation - Amazon Web Services section 9 Milestone: An event preceded by a period of instruction which celebrates a significant developmental point in a person’s life. Simply stated, Milestones is a framework for how Houston’s First’s ministries and programs can better equip members of the body of Christ—from birth to adulthood—to take their unique place as part of a relevant biblical community. It’s a tool for taking God’s road map—the Bible—and applying its principles of spiritual development to 8 seasons of life: Birth of a Child, Beginning Kindergarten, Salvation and Baptism, Adolescence, Purity for Life, Rite of Passage, High School Graduation and Adulthood (which includes Biblical Manhood, Biblical Womanhood, Covenant Marriage, Giving Life Away and Faith Overcoming Loss.) For more information, visit us online at Missional classes for the global professional. New classes available in the fall and spring semesters. For more information, visit us online at Members Expectations for Personal Growth Spiritually Personal devotions, prayer, and Bible study; fellowship with other believers in the church Morally Christian accountability and responsibility as it relates personally to the individual, home, church and nation Relationally Rightly relating to all people Financially Freedom to give and to budget WEDNESDAY EVENINGS There is more to Houston’s First than what happens on Sundays! Join us on Wednesday evenings for MidLink—an evening of Bible Study, training, food and activities for all ages! For more information, visit us online at Wellness Physical, emotional and mental health Give Giving Our Lives & Additional Ministries Volunteers – Get in the Game 1 Preview the opportunities to serve alongside Houston’s First Baptist Church staff through various outlets of ministry. 2 Spiritual Gifts/PLACE Assessment (Free) a. Five Areas Learned • Personality Discovery • Learning Spiritual Gifts • Abilities Awareness • Connecting Passions with Ministry • Experiences in Life b. Go to: c. In the area labeled “Activation Code”, enter: YourPlaceAtHFBC Faith Center Food Pantry, Clothes Closet, Benevolence, English as a Second Language, Computer Ministry and The Christmas Store. Benevolence is located at the Faith Center (8009 Long Point) and is open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 – 11a. The Food Pantry/Clothes Closet is located at 8244 Long Point and is open Monday through Thursday and Saturday from 10a – 2p. For more information, visit us online at contact Scotty Sanders Faith Center Director 713.554.8800, Mission Projects 1 We plant churches by making disciples in global cities a. Our City b. Our Nation c. The World 2 We carry the name of Jesus to the nearly 3 billion unreached people b. Support c. People Group Adoption 3 We do justice in Dark Places a. Orphans b. Health c. Trafficking d. Clean Water e. Poverty f. Education 4 Missionary Journeys a. Rookie Trips i. March (Spring Break for HISD/FBA) ii. Central America/Caribbean Region b. Family Trips 5 Visit us online at 6 Houston Project a. Churchwide local mission project every July from 5–9p for 1 week from Sunday to Thursday b. Visit for more info 7 Passport a. We encourage every member to own a passport b. Visit for more info 16 17

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