Mycoplasma pneumoniae Chlamydophila ... - Diagenode Diagnostics

Mycoplasma pneumoniae Chlamydophila ... - Diagenode Diagnostics

DNA extraction & PCR inhibition control Real-Time PCR: 50 PCRs (50 μl PCR volume), 1 box.


Mycoplasma/Chlamydophila pneumoniae Real Time PCR kit must be stored at -20°C, before and

after opening.


If using DIA-EIC/DNA-050, the kit and the DNA virus culture must be stored at -20°C.

Please check production date mentioned on the pocket and tube labels. The product has a shelf

life of 24 months at -20°C starting from the production date. Opened kits are stable for 12 months

at -20°C.


Please make aliquots to avoid freeze/ thaw cycles and during use all components should be kept

on ice.


Warnings and Precautions

General recommendations

• Read all instruction before performing the experiment.

• After use, material-reagents-waste must be handled as potentially infectious and must be

thrown in a specific waste bin for biological substances.

• Do not substitute reagents from the kit with different batch numbers or from other



Diagenode’s real-time PCR kits must be used by scientists/laboratory technicians with

a strong know-how of molecular biology and more particularly with real-time PCR


• To obtain optimal results, Diagenode suggests some appropriate extraction methods

to avoid as much as possible PCR inhibitors (see point II. Sample Extraction/ DNA


• Extraction and/or inhibition control must be used for each reaction of PCR.


I. (DNA virus) primers & double-dye probe:

If Orange Dye (DIA-EIC/DNA(DR)-050), emission 575 nm: 250 μl, blue tube.

If Texas red (DIA-EIC/DNA(TR)-050), emission 603 nm: 250 μl, red tube

If Cy5 (DIA-EIC/DNA(Cy5)-050, emission 662 nm: 250 μl, dark blue tube.

II. DNA virus culture: 500 μl, yellow tube.

Diagenode commercializes a qualitative extraction and/or inhibition control . It is the responsible

of the user to optimize the extraction procedure according to the result obtained for this

extraction and/or inhibition control in order to get an appropriate result .


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