Mycoplasma pneumoniae Chlamydophila ... - Diagenode Diagnostics

Mycoplasma pneumoniae Chlamydophila ... - Diagenode Diagnostics



• Virus control extraction must be manipulated using a safety cabinet for a manual extraction

procedure or in a specific area for automated extraction procedures; as suggested by the



• Perform nucleic acid release, isolation and real time amplification in separate laboratory


• Keep all tubes and vials closed when not in use.

• The PCR laboratory (safety cabinet, DNA/RNA extraction platform, bench coat, etc.) must

be cleaned after each PCR experiment with appropriate solutions.

• The contaminated kits must be thrown in a specific waste bin for biological substances.

• The kit should not be used by somebody displaying symptoms of the disease being detected

by this kit.

• The positive and negative PCR control must be performed with each reaction of PCR.

• Gloves must be worn.

• Aerosol resistant tips must be used for all PCR mixtures.

• Tubes must be harvested before opening.

• Do not pipette any of the materials by mouth. Do not smoke, eat or drink in areas which

specimens or kit reagents are handled.

• The experiment should not be carried out during pregnancy due to risks to the newborn



Storage of the kit at room temperature can lead to the degradation of the primers / probes /

positive control . This will lead to a decreased sensitivity and we would strongly advise a new kit .

Material Required, Not Provided

• Pipettes

• Sterile pipette tips with filters

• Powder-free gloves

• Vortex mixer

• Desktop centrifuge

• RNase/Dnase-free microcentrifuge tubes (1,5 and/or 2 ml)

• RNase/DNase free water

• DNA isolation kit (see point II. Sample Extraction/DNA Isolation)

• Consumables and accessories (reaction tubes, microcentrifuge, reaction plates, adhesive

seal) for an ABI / Roche / Biorad / Qiagen / Stratagene or Cepheid system

• Master mix (see point III. PCR Reaction Set-up)

• Real time PCR instrument: ABI / Roche / Biorad / Qiagen / Stratagene or Cepheid.

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