2015 Spring issue of Taste of Life magazine, the Nordic region, France, and Canada's leading luxury lifestyle magazine in Chinese and English.

大 事 記


Turi Simeti

Uno Ovali Blu, 1968

繪 畫

100 x 70 cm

100000 € 以 上

De Buck Gallery 藝 廊

Art Paris Art Fair 2015 as usual, is held from March 26th to 29th at the Grand

Palais. This exhibition features 140 galleries from more than 20 participating

countries and is headed by Mr. Guillaume Piens. The show introduces modern

and contemporary art, design work, photography and more.

In the field of art, Art Paris fair is the pioneer of exploration. After China last

year, this year’s guests of honor will be Southeast Asia and Singapore. Among

the works presented in the exhibition, 51% are foreign works; many of them

will be shown for the first time in France. Visitors will then feel the diversity and

vitality of the arts.

A part of the artworks has been selected by the specialist of Southeast Asia Ms.

Lola Lenzi, her distinctive style will let the visitors explore unfamiliar realms of

art. Southeast Asian works will be placed in the main hall. The Partners such as

Art Seasons Gallery, Chan Hampe Galleries, and Element Art Space will together

represent Singapore area. Visitors will feel like being transported in Casablanca,

Bangkok, Zurich, Singapore… and other places. Unlike previous editions, Art

Paris Art Fair 2015 also includes up to 30 solo exhibitions, reaching a world record.

This will allow the visitors to savor the depth and consistency of the artists’

work in better conditions.

The exhibition is divided into a number of galleries: the main exhibition area, the

“Promises” exhibition, the Artdesign district, the “Spring in Paris” VIP pavilion.

The participation of the Boisserée, German modern art gallery, and Plutschow,

modern artist from Zurich, give a new skin to the main exhibition. The “Promises”

exhibition is designed to stimulate a new generation of artists around the

world, introduced in 2013, it is a highly anticipated space, 12 galleries under five

years old will be set up for the first time. Regarding Artdesign district, this one

is to navigate at the uncertain boundary between design and modern art, for

the 4th year of the district’s creation, there will be a dozen galleries and editors

such as Sleek Design magazine. As for “Spring in Paris”, it will be devoted to local

artists, such as “Les clefs d’une passion” by Louis Vuitton Foundation.

Each year new ideas and new work visions are revealed thanks to a rigorous work

selection made by the fair. Although the exhibition is only held only a few days,

the Grand Palais is always a hotbed of activities, the art spirit of this exhibit is

more and more influential.

Nigel Hall

Double Vision, 2006

雕 塑

168 x 53 x 23 cm

50000 到 100000 € 之 間

Galerie Andres Thalmann 藝 廊

Carlos Cruz-Diez

physichromie RVB tres, 2014

多 媒 體

91 x 91 x 4 cm

100000 € 以 上

gimpel & müller 藝 廊

120 121

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