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品 時 尚


品 牌 傳 奇

Brand story

quality, taste and service. Pursuing the perfect quality , simple

yet infinitely detailed, this kind of spirit transpires through every

aspect of the company, from products and communication

to management.

To fulfill their promise of providing the clients with the

best woolen fabrics, Loro Piana’s footsteps are all around

the world. They also have a direct presence in all the major

markets where raw materials originate. The natural fibers

discovered by Loro Piana are priceless treasures, like vicuna

from Peru and Argentina, cashmere and baby cashmere from

Mongolia and China, merino wool from Australia and New

Zealand, etc.

Vicuna is considered the queen of the Andes, its hair is qualified

as fibers from the gods, once used as royal tributes by the Incas.

It has an average thickness of 12.5 to 13 microns. Each year, an

adult vicuna can only produce 120g fiber usable for weaving. For

but they are sheared every two years – 250 gr gross every two

years – 125 gross yearly, this species nearly went extinct: consistent

poaching left less than 5000 individuals. In order to continue

protecting this wildlife, in 2008 Loro Piana also built a private

natural reserve in Peru, succeeding in preserving them to reproduce

and quietly live on. Today, local vicunas are over 180 000.

駱 馬 毛 衫

Sweater Shirt in Vicuna

© Loro Piana

© Loro Piana

蓮 花 纖 維 外 套

Jacket in Lotus Flower

Baby cashmere is obtained from the underfleece of the

Hircus goat foals, with an average thickness of 13 to 13.5

microns, light and soft. It can only be harvested on a goat

combed between 3 and 12 months old, which cannot supply

more than 30 to 40 g. After 10 years of efforts, Loro Piana

has convinced Mongolian and Chinese farmers not to mix

baby goats’ highly valuable wool with the rest of the hairs

from adults, thus granting the world with a unique chance

to enjoy this rare and precious material.

Australia and New Zealand are well-known for their Merino

wool. Each year, the productions of both countries are carefully

sorted and sold at auction. Each time, Loro Piana purchases the

finest lots, especially the topmost quality 1PP and the 30 to 50

best bales among the 3 million for sale. One bale among the

finest is rewarded with the title of “World Record Bale” for its

exceptional fineness. Loro Piana regularly purchases this bale.

Working together with Australian and New Zealand farmers

for a long time, establishing trading partnerships, giving

positive feedback and supporting their work, Loro Piana

encourages them to keep producing the finest Merino

wool. Without this support, the farmers would very likely

『 國 王 之 禮 』 美 利 奴 羊 毛 外 套

Jacket, The Gift of Kings treated Rain System wool

go back to producing ordinary wool or selling meat, depriving

us of the qualities of Merino. In conjunction with

the Record Bale fabrics, a collection of “millesimé qualities”.

This win-win collaboration: the Gift of Kings® line.

The Gift of Kings® originates from an eighteenth century

European tradition. The King of Spain used to give the

finest Merino wool as a present to the Saxon elector and

the reigning families in France, England and Holland. Loro

Piana made this regal symbol into a series of men’s outerwear,

with neutral scarves and elegant jumpers, presenting

the true connoisseurs with a unique gift. The Gift of Kings®

series uses the world’s best quality Merino wool, thinner

than regular Merino with no more than 12 microns in diameter.

The result is an infinitely soft and delicate material,

highly breathable yet thermo-regulating, it is hard-wearing,

doesn’t wrinkle, and feels like a second skin. This series

has to be pre-ordered, and only 2000 pieces are produced,

each one resulting from top quality material crafted by

the best.

With this profusion of fine quality fibers, Loro Piana

still hasn’t lost its passion for discovery. They also introduced

a new finding: The Loro Piana Lotus Flower®, the

fiber of lotus flower from Myanmar. Should one compare

a textile company to a thriving tree, then collecting

raw material would no doubt be its roots, the key

element that defines the vital strength of the tree. Discovering

one textile treasure after another, researching

and reinventing, with decades of local collaborations

and preservation policies, the mighty trunk of Loro Piana

anchored its roots deeply in the ground, sprouting

flourishing boughs and healthy leaves. It embodies the

truly quiet shepherd, with flocks spreading across the

world, working quietly, producing the best result at harvesting


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