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The Whole World of Presentation Technology - Medium

The Whole World of Presentation Technology - Medium

Editorial Reinold

Editorial Reinold Imdahl, CEO MEDIUM – Your Specialist for Presentation Technology More than 20 years of the MEDIUM catalogue – more than 20 years of technical highlights of the best quality With a range now expanded to more than 5,000 products, for more than thirty years MEDIUM has been successfully providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date portfolio in the world of presentation and conference technology to customers in Germany and in more than 90 export countries. Convince yourself with the current catalogue 2011/12: The multi-distributor MEDIUM and its chosen sales partners can supply the ideal equipment to meet all your presentation requirements, complete with the necessary accessories. Take advantage of our extensive service! Request our special catalogues: Screens (available in PDF format) Presentation Accessories MEDIUM l Expert advice: Consult to your MEDIUM sales partner for professional product advice. l Product presentation: We are pleased to demonstrate individual products as required. The catalogues Alongside this main 2011/12 catalogue, MEDIUM has complied two specialised catalogues: The Screens Catalogue shows the variety of different projection surfaces we can offer you, with which we can meet all requirements (available in PDF format). The Presentation Accessories Catalogue contains a comprehensive range of accessories with everything you need to ensure that your presentation are successful every time. MEDIUM on the Internet Alongside detailed product information and picture galleries, you will find our assistants on our homepage: Digital projector assistant: helps you through the jungle of features and shows all suitable models for you. Lamp assistant: quickly and simply finds the spare lamp for almost any digital projector model. Comparison assistant: you can conveniently compare up to four different products in a chart. Visit us regularly:

Contents All products from A to Z A Active speakers 61 Anti-theft Protection, Projectors 56 Audio 60-61 AVerMedia Visualizers 80 Avio Digital Projectors 40 B BenQ Digital Projectors 20, 28 Board Systems and Flip Chart Accessories 125 Boards 120-124, 126, 127 Board Tripods 125 Board Systems 122-123 Brochure Stand 129 C Cables (Digital Projectors) 57-59 Camera Systems 79-81 (see Presentation Cameras) Canon Digital Projectors 24, 25, 47 Carry Bags (Digital Projector/Laptop) 56 CASIO Digital Projectors 2, 3, 20, 47 Ceiling Mounts 66-70 (Digital Projectors/Flat Displays) CONCEPT1 (Audio) 61 Copyboards 86-87 Copyboard Accessories 86-87 D Daylight Projectors (Refer to Overheadprojectors) 82-85 Digital Projector Mounts 67-70 Digital Projector Tables 110, 118, 119 Digital Projectors (Refer to Projectors) 2-54 Digital Projector Accessories 56, 57, 64, 65 Distribution amplifiers 57-59 E Electric Ceiling Lift 70 Epson Digital Projectors 5,14,15,39,43,48 ELMO Visualizers 79 F Flat Displays 62-63 Flat Display Mounts 66 Flip Charts 121, 124, 127 Flip Chart Accessories 125 Folding Protection Screens 96-97 Frame Screens 89 Furniture 110-114, 118, 119, 129 H Hand Crank Screens 104, 106 Hitachi Digital Projectors 7, 13, 29, 32, 44, 49 Hitachi Interactive Presentation 72, 75 Hitachi Interactive Whiteboard 75 Home Cinema Screens 100-101 I Introduction Digital Projectors with Specific Features 37 Education Digital Projectors 42 High Resolution Digital Projectors 23 Installation Digital Projectors 46 Screens 88 Short Throw Digital Projectors 19 Ultra-Short Throw Digital Projectors 11 Ultra Portable Digital Projectors 4 Widescreen Digital Projectors (16:10) 31 Interactive Presentations 71-75 L Large Screens 102 Laser Pointer 56 Lecterns 115 Lectern System 60 LG Digital Projectors 21, 41, 49 M Mobile Floor Screens 94-95 Mobile Table Screens 90 Mobile Frame Screens 96-97 Mobile Tripod Screens 91-93 Mounts for Interactive Boards 76-78 Mouse Remote Controls 64-65 Multifunctional Boards 122, 127 Multifunctional Tables 116-119 Multimedia Furniture 110-114 MW RollFix Accessories 108-109 N NEC Flat Displays 62 NEC Digital Projectors 9, 16, 35, 52 O Optoma Digital Projectors 8, 29, 33, 53 Overheadprojectors 82-85 Overheadprojector Accessories 85 Overheadprojector Tables 116-117 P Panasonic Interactive Whiteboard 74 Panasonic Copyboards 87 PaperShow 71 Partition Boards 128 Pin Boards 121,123 PLUS Copyboards 86 Presentation Transparencies 85 Presentation Aids 64-65 Presentation Cameras 79-81 Presentation Furniture 116-119, 129 Presentation Accessories 57-61 Projectors 2-54 Projector Mounts 67-70 Projector Spare Lamps 55 Presentation Boards 126 Presentation Cases 127 This catalogue is intended for industry, trade, for skilled and commerce use. The vendor's general terms and conditions of sale apply. All prices are excluding VAT. Subject to technical modifications and errors. All technical data and indications of format, weight, brightness, or size are approximate values. ....that’s new MEDIUM R Rail System 120-121 RCS Sound Desk 60 Roller Screens Manual 103 Roller Screens 98-101, 105, 107 S SANYO Digital Projectors 6,12,21,26,27,33,34,38,45 SANYO LC Flat Displays 63 Samsung Visualizers 81 Screens 88-109 Stationary Large Screens 102 Stationary Hand Crank Screens 104, 106 Stationary Frame Screens 89 Stationary Roller Screens 103 Stationary Roller Screens 98-101, 105, 107 Stereo Amplifiers 61 T Transparencies (Refer to Presentation Transparencies) 85 Technical Data Digital Projectors with Specific Features 41 Education Digital Projectors 45 High Resolution Digital Projectors 30 Installation Digital Projectors 53-54 Short Throw Digital Projectors 22 Ultra-Short Throw Digital Projectors 17-18 Ultra Portable Digital Projectors 9-10 Widescreen Digital Projectors (16:10) 36 Tables 116-119 U Universal Mounts 66-70 V Varioboard 127 Visualizers 79-81 Vivitek Digital Projectors 6, 17, 28, 32, 50 W Wacom Panel 72 Whiteboards 122-123 MEDIUM Design is distinguished by MEDIUM Design Exclusive 1

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