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Waterfront, #4, November 2014

Waterfront, #4, November

Professor John Briscoe, 2014 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate, has died. He will be remembered as one of the giants in global water management. ►OBITUARY: PAGE 12 “Practically all urbanised coastal areas are affected by climate variability or change…We need a new and flexible attitude to areal planning.” ►LAST WORD: PAGE 14 “Opportunities to save water by improving “water efficiency” are not as common as some observers suggest.” ►OPINION: PAGE 10 STOCKHOLM waterfront the Forum for Global Water Issues | # 4 | NOVEMBER 2014 from muck to gold The story of super sludge Interview Malin Falkenmark, Trailblazer Book review What’s in a (water) word? published by stockholm international water institute

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