March - Nebraska Knights of Columbus

March - Nebraska Knights of Columbus




2013 Vol 40 No 4



Charity B Unity B Fraternity B Patriotism

He is not here, but he has been raised. LUKE 24:6Alleluia!

Top Honors Again

Earned by Both the

Pfeifer and Swanson

Insurance Agencies

of Nebraska!

pages 12-13

The Institute for Priestly Formation

Receives 2nd Grant from Supreme

page 19

Habemus Papam!

Pope Francis I

page 3

Adoration Chapel

Spend an hour with the

Eucharist during the

April convention weekend.

page 10

Special Pre-Convention Issue: Important convention information throughout this issue.


Knights of Columbus Nebraska State Council

On our Cover

Kevin Pfeifer (far left) and Tony Swanson (next to Kevin) cut

a congratulatory cake with Supreme Knight Carl Anderson

(center). Kevin and Tony celebrated another year of record

sales with the Supreme Knight and other top General Agents

of the Order. See pages 12 and 13.

Inside this Issue

From the State Deputy ............................................................ 3

Habemus Papam! ..................................................................... 3

Pope Francis’s Papal Coat of Arms ......................................... 6

108th Annual State Convention

Hotel Information ............................................................ 4

Tentative Agenda .............................................................. 4

Meal Reservation Form .................................................... 5

Supreme Guests Mike & Mary Conrad .......................... 6

Saturday Morning Program ............................................. 7

Saturday Afternoon Ladies’ Program .............................. 8

Sunday Morning Ladies’ Brunch ..................................... 9

Eucharistic Adoration .................................................... 10

Prohibited Campaign Conduct ..................................... 14

Silent Action ................................................................... 15

RSVP Support for Vocations Program ................................. 10

Supreme Convention Delegate Nomination Form .............. 11

News from the Pfeifer Agency ............................................... 12

News from the Swanson Agency ........................................... 13

New Agents ............................................................................ 14

“Be Not Afraid” - State Secretary Rich Lowery .................... 16

State Lottery Income Bolsters Vocations Fund .................... 17

Pro-Life Report - Greg Schleppenbach ................................. 18

Knights of Columbus Supreme Grant to IPF ....................... 19

Sale of Christmas Cards by Squires Helps Seminarian ........ 20

State Golf Tournament Entry Form ..................................... 21

Memento Mori ....................................................................... 22

Our Lady of Guadalupe Icon at IPS ...................................... 22

Important Dates .................................................................... 23

Nebraska Knights Help Catholic Radio ................................ 23


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Knights Courier Spring 2013 3

From the State Deputy

To all my Brother Knights:

James N. Haiar

Nebraska State Deputy

Happy Easter!

I hope all of you had time for spiritual reflection during the Lenten season and were ready

to celebrate the risen Christ. The Catholic Church has been on a real roller coaster ride

the past couple of months with the resignation of our Pope, the election process to the

culmination of the selection of our new Pope Francis. We are very fortunate to be witnesses

of this historical event.

At our upcoming convention, we are also very blessed to have all three of the Nebraska

Bishops in attendance this year. The convention will be held in Kearney April 26th, 27th

and 28th. I encourage you to make sure your council is well represented. A lot of time and

planning goes into these conventions with the hope of making it a very positive experience

for everyone. There is more detailed information throughout this issue and also online at

Linda and I would like to thank all of you for your support these past few years and ask you

to continue to pray for us as well as all the leadership within our organization.


James N. Haiar, Nebraska State Deputy

20177 C St, Omaha, Ne 68130

402.333.5899 • 402.203.6073 (cell)

Habemus Papam!

We have a Pope!

Brother Knights and their families across the State of Nebraska join

Supreme Knight Carl Anderson and the 1.8 million members of

the Knights of Columbus in extending cordial best wishes and

prayers to our newly elected pope.

The election of Pope Francis - the first pope from the American

hemisphere - highlights the fact that America is the continent of

baptized Christians, and a place of central importance to the faith


Pope Francis is well known also for his emphasis on charity - the

first principle of the Knights of Columbus. Both in our efforts for

evangelization and in our charitable work, we will strive with him to

bring the light of Christ to the people of our continent during his historic


Watch a FOX News video clip of Supreme Knight Carl Anderson

extending our prayers to Pope Francis I at


Knights of Columbus Nebraska State Council

Nebraska Knights of Columbus 108th Annual State Convention


Make your own lodging reservations:

Younes Conference Center

416 Talmadge Rd

Kearney, NE


Please identify yourself as a

Knight of Columbus

When you register

an agenda will be available with room numbers

of the meetings and programs.

Suggestions for appropriate attire at all events

can be found online at

Click on the link on the home page

“2013 Convention Materials”


Friday, April 26, 2013

9:00 a.m. State Officers Meeting

3:30 - 4:30 p.m. Registration

3:30 - 4:00 p.m. Directors Meeting

4:00 - 4:30 p.m. District Deputies Meeting

3:00 - 5:00 p.m. Fourth Degree Meeting

4:00 - 5:15 p.m. Chaplains Meeting

4:45 - 6:00 p.m. Agency Social

6:30 - 9:30 p.m. Awards Banquet

Saturday, April 27, 2013

8:00 - 8:30 a.m. Wardens Meeting

8:00 - 9:00 a.m. Resolutions Committee

8:00 - 8:30 a.m. Mileage/Per Diem Meeting

8:00 - 9:30 a.m. Past State Deputies Breakfast

8:30 - 9:30 a.m. Financial Secretaries Meeting

8:30 - 11:30 a.m. Registration

9:30 - 11:30 a.m. Program (open to all)

12:00 - 1:00 p.m. Lunch and Presentations

1:30 - 4:00 p.m. Business Meeting

1:30 - 4:00 p.m. Agency Meeting

1:30 - 3:30 p.m. Ladies Program

5:00 - 6:15 p.m. Mass

6:15 - 7:00 p.m. Social Hour

7:00 - 10:00 p.m. State Banquet

Sunday, April 28, 2013

7:45 - 8:15 a.m. Mass

9:00 a.m. - noon Business Meeting

9:00 - 11:15 a.m. Ladies Brunch

Knights Courier Spring 2013 5

April 26 through 28, 2013 • Younes Conference Center, Kearney, NE





Council Location Council #

Your Name

Spouse Name




# for Friday Evening Awards Banquet Dinner ___________ @ $24.00 each = $ ___________

# for Saturday Noon Luncheon ___________ @ $19.50 each = $ ___________

# for Saturday Evening State Banquet Dinner ___________ @ $38.00 each = $ ___________

# for Sunday Ladies Breakfast ___________ @ $15.50 each = $ ___________





Make check payable to: Knights of Columbus

Mail forms and check to:

Don Ferneding, PSD, Convention Chairman

605 N 25th St, Beatrice NE 68310 • 402.223.6660

Meal Tickets may be picked up ½ HOUR PRIOR to the meal.


The proceeds from this fund raiser go into our Vocations Fund.

Keep in mind that just a few years ago we were able to send the tickets and money

through the mail and we raised over $70,000 each year.

Now we average under $20,000

It is currently illegal to mail raffle/lottery tickets or the money for them

anywhere in the United States.

See page 17 for more details.


Knights of Columbus Nebraska State Council

Nebraska Knights of Columbus 108th Annual State Convention

Our Supreme Guests Mike & Mary Conrad

Michael G. Conrad

Past State Deputy and Supreme Director

Miserando atque eligendo.


seal IHS (the first three letters in Greek for the name of Jesus)

surrounded by a sunburst. A cross pierces the H in red. There are

three black nails under the letters.

Below the sunburst on the bottom left of the shield is a star

symbolizing Mary, and at the bottom right of the shield is a nard

flower, representing Joseph. The seal is almost the same as the

one the pope used as a bishop, with the addition of the papal

mitre hat and papal keys behind the shield.

Below the seal is Francis’s motto, the same motto he chose as

a bishop, “Miserando atque eligendo.” Meaning “lowly but

chosen,” the motto is translated from Latin as “because he saw

him through the eyes of mercy and chose him” and references

the story of Jesus choosing the tax collector, Matthew, as one of

his apostles. Read more about this at:


It’s no real surprise to anyone who’s been involved with

the Knights at the state level that our Supreme Guests for

this year’s convention are Mike and Mary Conrad. Mike is

Nebraska’s Immediate Past State Deputy and was elected

to the Supreme Board of Directors in 2010. State Deputy

from 2008 to 2010, Mike and Mary are joining us as our

Supreme Guests for the second year in a row. We’ll hear

Mike speak at the banquet on Saturday evening.

Mike originally joined the Knights at Mary’s urging.

“She thought it would be a good experience for me,” he

reflected, “but I’m not sure if she realized that she and the

kids were joining, too.”

Of course, the Knights of Columbus is a fraternal

organization, strongly rooted in the Catholic Faith, but

family involvement is crucial to any of its successes.

“Mary has been my partner in everything I’ve done. My

accomplishments - from serving council Grand Knight and

in state officer positions, to recently being honored with

a Supreme Directorship - are Mary’s accomplishments,

too,” Mike said.

“I’m so proud of Mike,” Mary shared. “He’s worked so

hard in all his positions and really cares about the good of

the Order. I’ve enjoyed everything we’ve done together.”

Married for 23 years, Mike and Mary are the parents of

three daughters and one son. Mike is a member of Council

10305 St. John the Baptist, Fort Calhoun.

“The kids have helped at events and attended many

council and state functions with us over the years,” Mike

shared. “Now it’s as if they have a second family of aunts

and uncles - an extended family - all involved with the

Knights and spread all across the country.”

Mike admits that being a Knight has not only strengthened

his own faith life, but “this has been a very positive

experience for all of us.”

Mike’s duties as a Supreme Director are as Chairman for

the Athletic /Youth Committee and the Pro Life-Family

Committee in the United States and overseas.

Be sure to welcome Mike and Mary Conrad to our 108th

Annual State Convention.

Knights Courier Spring 2013 7

April 26 through 28, 2013 • Younes Conference Center, Kearney, NE

Saturday Morning Program

9:30 - 11:30 a.m. - Everyone’s Welcome

Humorous Reflections with Mary Maxwell

Often referred to as “Omaha’s First Lady of Humor”, Mary

Maxwell’s dry humor and quick wit has made her a popular

speaker for over 30 years. A descendent of Omaha’s Creighton

family, Maxwell is a native-born Omahan and holds a

Bachelor of Arts Degree from Rosary College (now known

as Dominican University) in River Forest, Illinois, where she

majored in philosophy and Latin and minored in Greek. She

can’t remember why.

Professionally, she was vice-president of Clark Eide, Inc., a

financial services company, until she retired in June of 2000.

But it is her less serious side that has earned her speaking

invitations from around the country.

She is passionately devoted to Nebraska football and has been a

long-time season ticket holder. She was placed under a doctor’s

care after the 2002 season.

Over the years, she has

been active in a number

of organizations with a

focus on education and

the arts. She has also

completed two terms

on the nominating

commission for the

juvenile courts in

Douglas County.

Maxwell says she has

been lucky enough to

have family, friends

and co-workers “who are a lot funnier and brighter than I am

and don’t mind me using their wonderful stories when I am

speaking. At least, I don’t think they mind. I’m still here.”

She says nobody gets through this life unscathed, and if she can

lighten the load for the people she meets for just a few minutes,

that is a great satisfaction for her.

The wife of Chuck Maxwell, Mary is the mother of five and

grandmother of 12. Maxwell has addressed audiences of all

sizes and cultures. She has realized over and over again that

human beings, particularly women, have many more things

in common than differences. And, she said, “We have the same

hopes and dreams and sorrows… and, overwhelmingly, the

same love of chocolate.”

You can listen to short podcasts by Maxwell on KFAB at



Around the State Online

Be sure to continue sending us information and photos on any

activity your council is sponsoring. Each story and each photo

earns points toward an award presented at the State Convention

each year.

Around the State is now only online, but everything you send

will still earn the same points as appearing in Courier.


Knights of Columbus Nebraska State Council

Nebraska Knights of Columbus 108th Annual State Convention

Saturday Afternoon Ladies Program

1:30 - 3:30 p.m. - All Are Welcome

Get “Freshly Organized” with Amy Tokos

Amy Tokos has a background in engineering and she previously worked

making manufacturing processes simpler and more efficient, also known

as lean manufacturing. The “lean” thinking just naturally carried

over into her home and now she is bringing it to the homes of

her happy clients.

Tokos is a member of the Heartland Organizers, Faithful

Organizers, National Association of Professional Organizers

(NAPO) and President of the NAPO-Virtual Chapter.

Tokos is a contributing author of Outrageously Organized!

10 Professional Organizers Share their Trade Secrets. She

is also a monthly contributor to Momaha Magazine and

her organizing tips have been featured in Rachel Ray Online

Magazine, Omaha World Herald, Figure Magazine, Everyday

Moms and WOWT. Have fun getting organized!


No pre-registration needed

for this program. So mark

your digital calendars and

plan on attending. The

location/room number will

be available when you

arrive at the conference


Learn more about

Amy Tokos and the

talents and skills she

offers the community

by visiting her at:



Be sure to use our advertisers first

for services and products

Knights Courier Spring 2013 9

April 26 through 28, 2013 • Younes Conference Center, Kearney, NE

Sunday Morning Ladies Brunch

9:00 - 11:15 a.m. - Advanced Registration Needed

Sunday Morning with Archbishop George Lucas

The Most Reverend George J. Lucas is the fifth archbishop and tenth to lead the

Archdiocese of Omaha. He comes to Omaha after serving nearly 10 years in the Diocese

of Springfield in Illinois, where he was ordained a bishop on December 14, 1999. He was

named Archbishop of Omaha on June 3, 2009, and was installed on July 22, 2009.

Personal History

Archbishop Lucas, born June 12, 1949 in Saint Louis, Missouri, is the eldest son of George

J. Lucas and Mary Catherine Kelly, now deceased. He has one sister and two brothers. He

completed studies at Cardinal Glennon College and Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in Saint

Louis. He was ordained a priest of the Archdiocese of St. Louis on May 24, 1975, by

Cardinal John Joseph Carberry. As a priest, he served as associate pastor in parishes in

Sunset Hills, Florissant, St. Louis, Normandy and Kirkwood, Missouri.

Archbishop Lucas took advanced studies at Saint Louis University. He holds a Bachelor

of Arts degree in philosophy and Master of Arts degree in history.

In the years leading to his ordination as a bishop in Springfield, he served on the

faculty of St. Louis Preparatory Seminary-North and St. Louis Preparatory Seminary,

the chancellor and vicar general of the Archdiocese of St. Louis and rector of Kenrick-

Glennon Seminary. He was named Honorary Prelate of His Holiness in 1994.

Archbishop Lucas is a member of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops'

Subcommittee on the Catechism. In 2011 he was elected to the Catholic Relief Services

board of directors.


For his motto Archbishop Lucas has retained the phrase "GRACE AND MERCY." This

phrase, which is taken from the Book of Wisdom (Wis. 3:9), is part of the passage that

reads: "Because grace and mercy are with His holy ones, and His care is with His elect."

By the use of this phrase, therefore, His Excellency expresses the deep and profound

Christian belief that in and through Jesus Christ, God gives to all of His Children all

that they will need to sustain them on their life's journey and to bring them to full life

in heaven.

Read about the Archbishop’s coat of arms at:

If you plan on attending, you’ll need to register in advance.

Registration and payment is due by April 12.

See page 5 for details on how to sign up and pay.

Be sure to join us for what will be a wonderful and inspiring morning with Archbishop Lucas.

More Convention information on pages 10, 15, and 17


Knights of Columbus Nebraska State Council

As He asked the apostles in the Garden,

“Can you spend an hour with me?”

Dear Brother Knights,

Rev. Norman Hunke

Nebraska State


“Will you consider

spending an hour before

Him so that His grace

may be poured out in

a special way on our


Greetings in Christ! I am writing to you with an exciting

opportunity for you and your family during the Knights of

Columbus State Convention this year. As in past years, we are

setting up a Eucharistic chapel for adoration of the Most Blessed

Sacrament in the same hotel as the convention itself for the use

of the Knights and their families. The presence of Our Lord in

His Body and Blood at the convention will remind us that at

the heart of our Order is Jesus Christ. In all of our deliberations

and decisions, we will be consciously reminded that we are to be

guided by the wisdom and love of Almighty God. In addition,

through the prayers of those Knights and their families who

spend time in the chapel, we will receive special graces from God

for the convention.

We all know that prayer is our solid foundation from which we

can live as the “strong right arm of the Church.” It is with this in

mind that beginning this year we would like to have a continuous

presence of multiple Knights in the Eucharistic Chapel throughout

the daytime hours of our convention.

I am inviting you to consider signing up to spend an hour during

the convention with Our Lord. As He asked the apostles in the

Garden, “Can you spend an hour with me?” That question is now

placed before you. Will you consider spending an hour before

Him so that His grace may be poured out in a special way on our


Thank you for all of your prayer and sacrifice for our Order.

Fraternally, Fr. Norm Hunke, State Chaplain

To sign up for an hour


District Master,

Don Ferneding, PSD:

Home: 402-223-6660

Cell: 402-943-6320

Support for Vocations - Knights of Columbus RSVP Program

By Ray Guggenberger, Nebraska State Executive Secretary

During 2012, 56 councils and 5 assemblies in Nebraska

supported 66 seminarians and postulants for a total of $48,480.

These councils and assemblies received $9,600 in refunds with

the Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP) from our

Supreme Council. This program refunds $100 to a council

or assembly that supports a vocation with a $500 donation

in addition to personal and prayerful support. Most of these

refunds are passed on to the individual being supported.

Order-wide in 2012, we supported 2,768 seminarians and

postulants for a total of $3,194,077 and received $645,080 in

refunds from Supreme. Since the program started in 1981, the

Knights have supported 91,694 individuals as they pursued their

vocation with a total of $56,295,028 and earned $10,352,725

in refunds. There are no cumulative numbers available for

Nebraska. Each council and assembly that participates receives

a plaque from our Supreme Council. There are several councils

that have earned this award for more than 20 years. Please

consider participating in this worthwhile program.

For more information visit

Read more about how the Knights

help support and foster vocations to the priesthood

on pages 15, 17, 19 and 20.

Knights Courier Spring 2013 11

Join Us as One of our 7 Delegates to the Supreme Convention

San Antonio, Texas - August 5 to 8, 2013

Ask yourself these questions:

• Would I like to represent Nebraska at the Supreme


• Would I like the chance to see 100’s of priest, 70 plus

bishops and many cardinals participate in the aweinspiring

opening Mass?

• Would I like the to help shape the future of the

Knights of Columbus?

If so, you should plan on running as a delegate to the

Supreme Convention August 5 to 8, 2013.

It is a chance to hear Supreme Knight Carl Anderson discuss

the accomplishments of the past year and set our goals for the

future. It is a chance to truly celebrate the Knights of Columbus.

Complete the Background Form

If you are interested in running for a delegate position, please

complete the Supreme Convention Background Information

form. This form was sent to your Financial Secretary in the

January convention packet. A copy is also available below or

on-line at

If you have any questions about being a delegate or attending

the Supreme Convention please contact State Deputy Jim

Haiar, or State Secretary Rich

Lowery at You can also find

contact information for State Deputy Haiar and State Secretary

Lowery in the directory or on the web.

We hope you will consider joining us in Texas. It will be an

experience of a lifetime!

Specific information about the cost, reimbursement and other information is also available at

You must turn in a background information form at the Saturday evening caucus for potential delegates

held after the State Dinner at our State Convention on Saturday, April 27.

Only those who attend the mandatory meeting and turn in their information form

will be eligible to run for a delegate position on Sunday morning, April 28.


San Antonio, TX • August 5-8, 2013

Full name

Council #


Home phone

Work phone

Cell phone


Membership # Insurance member Associate member

Name of nominator


Knights of Columbus Nebraska State Council

News from the PFEIFER AGENCY

Knights of Columbus Insurance - Serving Eastern Nebraska

Pfeifer Agency Ranks #1 in LTC, #2 in Disability, #3 in Life Sales in the Order


General Agent Kevin Pfeifer and The Pfeifer Agency (Eastern Nebraska) was honored recently at a

national meeting for the Knights of Columbus for ranking as the #1 agency in Long Term Care sales,

#2 in Disability sales and #3 in Life sales in North America for the Knights of Columbus for 2012.

There are 136 agencies representing the K of C. Knights of Columbus Insurance is a Fortune 1000

company and there is no higher ranked insurance company in the United States and Canada.

General Agent

Kevin Pfeifer

Congratulations to

Kevin Pfeifer

and all the Field Agents

in Eastern Nebraska

for achieving these

honors and representing

Nebraska at the

highest level.

John Stoeckinger Neil Pfeifer Craig Pfeifer


The Pfeifer Agency ranked #3 in the company for Life sales. Local field agents who were ranked nationally

in life sales were: John Stoeckinger of Lincoln #12; Neil Pfeifer of Norfolk #15; Craig Pfeifer of Wayne

ranked #36; Jeff Beller of Norfolk #38; Kurt Jackson of West Point #52; Jon Dunham of Lincoln #55;

Doug Kelly of Omaha #61; Steve Kluthe of Omaha #97; and Kevin Weber of Gretna #102. There are over

1300 field agents company-wide fighting for these top rankings.


The Pfeifer Agency ranked #1 in the company for Long Term Care sales This is the 12th time the Pfeifer

Agency has been ranked #1 in Long Term Care with the Knights. Field Agents who ranked nationally with

Long Term Care in 2012 were: Craig Pfeifer of Wayne #6; Neil Pfeifer of Norfolk #10; and Mike Kosch of

Columbus #11.


The Pfeifer Agency also ranked #2 in the Order in Disability Income sales. The Field Agent ranked nationally

in DI sales were: John Stoeckinger of Lincoln #5.

New Knights of Columbus Insurance Agent for the Pfeifer Agency

Meet Jeff Wisnieski . . . page 14

Pfeifer Agency Announces Agents of the Month

December 2012

Kevin Weber

of Gretna

Home Council:


January 2013

Doug Kelly

of Omaha

Home Council:


February 2013

Kurt Jackson

of Madison

Home Council:


Questions? Contact your council’s agent or

Kevin Pfeifer, General Agent - Eastern Nebraska: 888.381.2075 (kevin) • (Lisa)

Knights Courier Spring 2013 13

News from the SWANSON AGENCY

Knights of Columbus Insurance - Serving Central/Western Nebraska

Swanson Agency Ranks #2 in Life Sales in the Order for 2012


General Agent Tony Swanson and The Swanson Agency (Central/Western Nebraska) was honored

recently at a national meeting for the Knights of Columbus for ranking as the #2 agency in Life sales

in North America for the Knights of Columbus for 2012. There are 136 agencies representing the

K of C. Knights of Columbus Insurance is a Fortune 1000 company and there is no more highly

ranked insurance company in the United States and Canada.

General Agent

Tony Swanson

Ben Santo Mike Scholz Tim Nowak


The Swanson Agency ranked #2 in the company for Life sales. Local field agents who were ranked

nationally in life sales were: Ben Santo of Milford ranked #2; Mike Scholz of Bertrand #24; Tim Nowak

of Ogallala #29; and Bill Buchta of Grand Island #101. There are over 1300 field agents company-wide

fighting for these top rankings.

Congratulations to

Tony Swanson

and all the Field Agents

in Central/Western

Nebraska for achieving

these honors and

representing Nebraska

at the

highest level.

New Knights of Columbus Insurance Agent for the Swanson Agency

Meet Jeff Geaghan . . . page 14

Swanson Agency Announces Agents of the Month

December 2012

Tim Nowak

of Ogallala

Home Council: 4979

January 2013

February 2013

Wayne Crome

of Greeley

Home Council: 1312

See the front cover for a photo of

Kevin Pfeifer and Tony Swanson

with Supreme Knight Carl Anderson.

Kevin and Tony celebrated another

year of record sales with the Supreme

Knight and other top General Agents

of the Order.

Questions? Contact your council’s agent or

Tony Swanson, General Agent - Central and Western Nebraska: 402.463.2845 •

Maximize your estate and leave a legacy with Single Premium Whole Life Insurance

Did you know that a Single Premium Whole Life Insurance (SPWL) Policy can be the perfect choice for people who want to

maximize their estate while building guaranteed cash value? Contact your Field Agent today to learn more.

Knights of Columbus Insurance Company has the highest rankings in the industry.

There is no higher rated insurer in North America than the Knights of Columbus.


Knights of Columbus Nebraska State Council

New Agents Hired to Serve your Knights of Columbus Insurance Needs

Jeff Geaghan

Joins the

Swanson Agency

After extensive training

and licensing, Jeff Geaghan

has been appointed to the

position of Field Agent

with Knights of Columbus

Insurance. Jeff will be serving

in the Swanson Agency. Jeff

will be relocating to Scottsbluff, Nebraska with his wife, Jae, and

their five children.

Jeff will be serving members and their families from councils: 975

(Alliance); 1128 (Chadron); 1861 (Sidney); 2681 (Scottsbluff/Fr.

Tim Molony); 4867 (Kimball); 7988 (Gordon); 10285 (Gering);

10406 (Mullen); and 12200 (Scottsbluff/Guadalupe).

Jeff will assist K of C members with all of their fraternal benefits

including life insurance, retirement and estate planning needs. He

will also offer long term care and disability insurance.

Any member of these councils needing service, please contact Jeff

at 308.672.3806 or

Jeff Wisnieski

Joins the

Pfeifer Agency

Jeff Wisnieski of Columbus

has been assigned a Field

Agent position with the

Pfeifer Agency for the Knights

of Columbus in Columbus

and the surrounding area.

Jeff will be taking over several

councils from agent Mike Kosch, whose area has grown. Jeff

will serve the following councils: 938 (St Bons/Columbus); 5383

(Shelby); 12086 (St Isidore/Columbus); and 14423 (Osceola).

Jeff and his wife Rachel and 3 children are members of St Joseph’s

parish in Bellwood. Jeff graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan and

was previously in the mortuary business.

Jeff will assist K of C members with all of their fraternal benefits

including life insurance, retirement and estate planning needs. He

will also offer long term care and disability insurance.

Any member of these councils needing service, please contact Jeff

at 402.615.0798 or

More from the Pfeifer and Swanson agencies on pages 12 and 13


By Kenneth LeRoy, Nebraska State Advocate

A Member, Candidate, Council, or Assembly SHALL NOT:

a. Issue appeals for, endorse, or solicit by virtue of his

membership in the Knights of Columbus, aid, or

assistance or support by or in behalf of or announcing

Candidates except as specifically provided for in the Laws

of the Order, State Council By-Laws, and this Policy.

b. Use, accept, or receive Council/Assembly funds to support

a Candidate.

c. Distribute campaign buttons, t-shirts, pins, hats, bumper

stickers, or any other souvenirs, trinkets, or promotional

item promoting a Candidate;

d. Send or circulate publications and publicity

(“Advertisements”), mailings, emails, or use social media

to announce, endorse, or support a Candidate except as

specifically provided for in the Laws of the Order, State

Council By-Laws, and this Policy.

e. Arrange or participate in a debate with a Candidate or a

Candidate’s supporters.

f. Campaign or have political promotional items in

the Chambers of any Business Meeting, within close

proximity to the entrance of any Business Meeting, or at

or outside any religious ceremony.

g. Disseminate any type of derogatory information

concerning a Candidate.

h. Hold a fund-raising event to finance a campaign/


This information as well as other Convention information/

materials can be found online at:

Knights Courier Spring 2013 15

Remember some of the amazing silent auction

items from past state



As you know, the Foundation was established over 10 years ago

to establish funds to further the goals of our founder Father

McGivney, to be able to donate to those in need. Many councils,

members and assemblies have made donations, but if our efforts

are to continue to grow, we need to raise additional funds.

Past State Conventions have seen a wealth of unique items to bid

on during the silent auction, from golf outing packages to religious

items, gourmet wine to hand carved statues and numbered prints.

We’ve even had Knights of Columbus signage, handmade quilts,

priceless belt buckles, football and basketball tickets, as well as

many fine dining certificates.

The items available have been donated by Knights and their

families, as well as businesses across the state that support the

Knight of Columbus.

Right now we’re looking for items for this year’s auctions. Bring

your items to the convention and find Chuck Kozisek or Norm

Vogel to get it to the table or get them to any State Officer, DD,

Chairman or Director before convention weekend.

The funds raised by the annual silent auction are added to

the Foundation. The Nebraska State Council Foundation

Endowment Fund is a permanent fund where the principal

earns interest into perpetuity. Only the interest generated by

this fund is used to provide income for grants to charitable

projects and programs throughout the state.

Imaging Machine purchased thanks to

a grant from the Foundation

We’re happy to inform you - that thanks to the generosity of

our members and councils - the Foundation was able to make

donations toward the purchase of the imaging machine in North

Platte, as well as support for vocations this past year. And, if we

can get our principal to grow, we can increase our donations.


If you are not attending the Convention or are

unable to donate an item for the auction,

please consider making a

gift of cash donated

to the Foundation.

1. Donate an auction item. Gifts may be handmade

or purchased; we ask that the items be valued at $100

or more although items of lesser value will be accepted

and possibly combined to make a more enticing item.

Bring a single item, multiple items, or fill a basket with

nonperishable goodies.

2. Bid on items. Come prepared to enter bids as an

individual or represent your council and acquire these

things for your membership.

3. Make a monetary donation. Cash and checks are

always appreciated and will also be added to the fund.

If you have questions or have something to donate, contact

Chuck Kozisek at 402.651.5205 or

We need to know what items are being donated so we have

enough space available. We will be accepting gifts until Friday

of the Convention.

As always, we appreciate your support of this auction. And

remember, you can always make a donation of cash to the

Foundation anytime during the year. More information at:

NOTE: There will not be an oral auction this year.

Please bring your cash/checkbook and bid on the wonderful items on the silent auction tables.


Richard W. Lowery

Nebraska State Secretary


402.432.6748 (cell)

“Be Not Afraid . . .”

By Rich Lowery, Nebraska State Secretary

Knights of Columbus Nebraska State Council

“Be Not Afraid.”

The words of Blessed Pope John Paul II the Great. How beautiful they are but how hard they are

to live. Fear is easy. Hiding in a corner or under a blanket is easy. Standing up - sometimes it

feels alone - for what is good and right is difficult and scary. But each of us as Knights needs to

strive to put these words into practice. Through our love of the Eucharist, our dedication to the

Gospel and our Brotherhood we need to stand tall. We need to do what is right. We need to be

a light that guides others in their daily struggles.

You may wonder how you can do this. An easy way is to ask another Catholic family to join our

Order. The Knights of Columbus provides a firm foundation for living and teaching our faith.

Our good works are always there for others to see. This is evangelization.

I was privileged to meet with Jay Dunlap from Madonna School recently. Jay talked about the

school, its vision and its accomplishments. The joy in Jay’s face was amazing. Talking with Jay

about all the wonderful things that the school accomplishes made me realize first of all how

thankful I am for my family. I truly don’t know if I would have the strength that these wonderful

parents do. Second, it allowed me to see the fruits of all your hard work. The hours spent

standing outside in all kinds of weather to hand out Tootsie Rolls®. The efforts made to help

Special Olympics. The time dedicated to those with special needs in each of our communities.

By our simple act of standing up for human life in all stages and all forms, we show the world

that life is precious and that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. By being on

the street corners we wear that belief on our shirt sleeve. Each of our activities, be it for Pro-life,

the disabled, the Church, or family is a chance to let our faith

shine through. By being witnesses to Christ we spread the

Gospel. Is it not our duty to give others the chance to share in

this wonderful ministry?

Each of you knows at least one family that should be a Knight.

Even though you may not be comfortable approaching them,

“Be Not Afraid,” take courage that the Lord will give you the

words to speak. Talk to them, tell them what it means for you

to be a Knight. Your words from the heart will mean much

more than any booklet or brochure. Give every Catholic

family the opportunity to be a part of our great Order, to be

strengthened by the ties of brotherhood and to find comfort

in Christ. There truly is something for everyone in our Order,

we just need to give families a chance to understand what we

do and to find their place with us.

Take this opportunity to strengthen the “strong right arm of

the Church” in these times of trouble and uncertainty. The

state website has listings of many exemplifications throughout

the state between now and June 30. Take advantage of one in

your area and bring a new family into our family.

May God bless each of you!

Knights Courier Spring 2013 17


State Lottery Income Will Bolster Vocations Fund . . .

But We Need your Help Selling/Purchasing Tickets!

Vocations are an important part of the Knights of Columbus . . . supporting those young men and

women who have dedicated their lives to God is an investment in our future, both here on earth and in

God’s heavenly kingdom. Your support of our annual state lottery is vital to our ability to continue to

support these vocations. Through your sale of lottery tickets we are able to provide annual Christmas

gifts to each seminarian and postulant. This fund also allows us to provide support for special requests

and projects throughout the year related to vocations.

Selling lottery tickets is a great way to promote the Knights while supporting seminarians and religious

to help cover your council’s per capita for seminarians. All councils are encouraged to participate.

As we did last year, each Council, through their District Deputy, received an allotment of tickets to sell.

If you have not had an opportunity to get tickets to sell, please ask your Grand Knight. If you need

more tickets your Grand Knight can get them from your District Deputy, Insurance Agent or any State

Director, State Chairman or State Officer.

A reminder of the distribution process:

• The State Warden is in charge of the State Council Lottery with the drawing April 27, 2013, during

the State Convention. The winners need not be present to win.

• Each DD, Field Agent, State Director, State Chairman, and State Officer received an allotment of

tickets so that additional tickets are disbursed throughout the state and quickly available should

more be needed.

• All requests for additional tickets must go through the State Warden for accounting purposes. All

distributed tickets are tracked.


Please remember - under no

circumstances is the U.S. Mail

or a commercial carrier to

be used to transport unsold

tickets, sold ticket stubs, or

ticket sale proceeds.

Please make sure to return your

ticket stubs, money and unsold

tickets to your Grand Knight,

District Deputy, Field agent

or your delegates to the state

convention so that he can bring

them to the State Convention

the end of April.

Thank you for your efforts in

this worthy cause.

Lou Gasper

Nebraska State



402.440.3028 (cell)

If you have any questions

please contact me.

Read more about

how the Knights

help support and

foster vocations to

the priesthood.

on pages 10, 15, 19 and 20.

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Pro-Life Report

Knights of Columbus Nebraska State Council

By Greg Schleppenbach, State Director - Bishops’ Pastoral Plan for Pro Life Activities

One component of the Bishops’ Pastoral Plan for Pro Life Activities is public policy advocacy.

Therefore, part of my job as State Director of the Pastoral Plan is to lobby our state legislators on

pro-life related issues. This year, my office is working to support the following bills:

Healthcare Freedom of Conscience Act (LB 564) Introduced by Sen. John Nelson (Omaha),

the purpose of this bill is to protect the right of health care providers and facilities to decline to

participate in any health care function that violates their religious, moral, or ethical principles.

Greg Schleppenbach

State Director

Bishops’ Pastoral Plan

for Pro Life Activities

Updates on Informed Consent Information Prior to Abortion (LB 300) This bill, introduced by

Sen. Bob Krist of Omaha, would improve the fetal development information available to women

prior to obtaining an abortion. LB 300 directs HHS to develop a dedicated web page on its

internet site containing all the information required under Nebraska’s informed consent (before

abortion) law. The web page must also provide a link to the website of the Endowment for Human

Development, which contains video of 4D ultrasound images of an unborn child at two-week

gestational increments. And it requires abortion mills with websites to provide a link to the HHS

web page on their home page.


Mandatory Sex Education (LB 619) Sen. Ken Haar (Lincoln) introduced this bill which mandates

so-called comprehensive sex education in public schools. The bill prescribes the components which

must be addressed in an approved curriculum which includes information on the “consistent and

correct use of all contraceptive methods approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration…”

School-based Clinic’s and Contraception (LB 395) This bill

was introduced by Sen. Danielle Conrad of Lincoln. It proposes

to remove the provision in current law that prohibits schoolbased

clinics from dispensing, prescribing or counseling for

contraceptive drugs or devices.

Medicaid Expansion for Contaceptive Coverage (LB 452) This

bill, also introduced by Sen. Conrad, would require Nebraska to

expand its Medicaid income guidelines for eligibility to receive

taxpayer subsidized contraceptives and treatment for sexuallytransmitted


Throughout this legislative session my office will provide

updates (and perhaps action alerts) on state and federal pro-life

issues. If you’d like to receive e-mail updates from my office

send me an e-mail request at

State legislation can be followed online at

Federal pro-life legislation can be followed at

(National Committee for a Human Life Amendment).

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Knights Courier Spring 2013 19

Knights of Columbus Grant Gratefully Received

Above: 175 diocesan seminarians who benefited

from last summer’s IPF program.

Written by Tom Pogge, Institute for Priestly Formation (IPF) Director of Mission Advancement

Left: Mike Conrad, (2nd from left) a Supreme

Director and Immediate Past State Deputy for

Nebraska, and Jim Haiar (2nd from right), State

Deputy for Nebraska, presented the $75,000 check

from Supreme to Fr. Richard Gabuzda (center),

Executive Director of the Institute, Kathy Kanavy

(right), the Institute’s Director of Spiritual

Direction Formation, and Tom Pogge (left), the

Institute’s Director of Mission Advancement. Tom

is also a third generation Fourth Degree Knight.

For the second year in a row the Supreme Council of the

Knights of Columbus has approved a grant in support of the

Institute for Priestly Formation Summer Program of Spiritual

Formation for Diocesan Seminarians.

Father Gabuzda gratefully acknowledged the donation and

thanked the Knights for their support of the Mission and work of

the Institute in the spiritual formation of diocesan seminarians

and priests. The proceeds will be used for the 2013 ten week

summer program which will again welcome 175 seminarians.

To date, 1,740 seminarians from 142 dioceses in the United

States (over 80% of US dioceses) and hundreds of priests from

across the United States and numerous foreign dioceses have

benefited from the Institute’s spiritual formation programs.

Located in Omaha on the campus of Creighton University, the

Institute helps priests and future priests encounter the living

God more deeply and directly. It is the Institute’s goal that all

seminarians grow in their identity as future priests, so that they

are better formed to provide spiritual leadership for the laity in

their parishes.

How wonderful it would be if every Knight and spouse could

experience a deeper relationship with Our Lord through

guidance by their parish priests, to fall more deeply in love with

God and to learn how to receive from God in prayer.

Fr. Gabuzda has extended an invitation to all Knights and

spouses to learn more about its Mission and to witness the 175

seminarians this summer at the Institute’s weekly 10:30 a.m.

Mass at St. John’s Church on the Creighton Campus.

Learn more about IPF at


Sale of Christmas Cards by Squires exemplifies a way to

“Keep Christ in Christmas” while supporting seminarians!

Submitted by David Marx, Chief Counselor and Nebraska Squires CoChair

Knights of Columbus Nebraska State Council

Pope John Paul II Circle 5517, sponsored

by Fr. Foster Council 9518, Ralston/

Omaha, (Chief Squire Austen

Exeline), had the opportunity to

help an Omaha Archdiocesan

seminarian from their parish in a

one-on-one way. They met Scott

when he attended one of their

circle meetings and were immediately

impressed by his faith and determination.

Asking their parish of St. Gerald to help by supporting their fund

raising efforts, the 25 circle members began by selling “Keep

Christ in Christmas” cards during November and December of

2012. Volunteers manned a table after all six weekend Masses

for several weeks. They then donated all proceeds to Scott,

supporting his path. They had a future goal of raising $1,000

by Lent 2013.

The reflection that begins below is a combination of the thoughts

of every one of the 25 young men who are members of the circle

and why they felt compelled to act. It is in their own words.

“In our Church today, we face many problems; we have

been oppressed by our government; people are mocking

us for being pro-life; and Christian kids are not even

allowed to pray in public schools.

But we all agree that the worst thing of all is when we,

as Catholics, will not participate in the Eucharist whatso-ever.

That is why, when we met Scott, a seminarian

working to become a priest, we wanted to help in any

way, shape, or form. His example and determination

has inspired us.

We started selling Christmas cards as a way to raise

money so we could donate the proceeds to Scott. We

hope our efforts help him to continue on his journey to

receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

With the Christmas card sales, we doubled our donation,

topping out at around three hundred and sixty dollars.

We hope to reach a goal of one thousand dollars by the

end of Lent (2013)* to help with Scott’s dream. We are

all very glad to help and we feel he’ll make a great priest

wherever he may serve.”

The Squires’ enthusiasm and view of the struggles the Church

faces today, gives us reason to hope in the future.

* They almost reached their goal of $1,000 by recently giving

Scott a gift of $950!



Send us information about what your Circle is doing

and we’ll contact you and write an article.

(Or write the story yourself.)

Photos are always nice, too.

(Councils - help us reach them with this message.)

Send them to:

or contact Duffi Goodrich 402.592.0823.

The next Courier is mailed mid June

and the deadline is May 20.

Information and registration for the

Knights of Columbus

2013 Golf Tournament at Indianhead Golf Club

can be found on

page 21

Knights Courier Spring 2013 21

Nebraska Knights of Columbus

State Golf Tournament

Indianhead Golf Club, Grand Island

August 17-18, 2013

Golf Tournament Registration Form also at:

under “resources” and select “PDF Forms”

$95.00 per golfer payable to the Knights of Columbus

Includes, golf, cart, and prizes.


Questions? Contact Fred Kambach • 402.677.2297 (mobile) • 402.592.2687 (home)

or John Oltman 402.981.8768 (mobile) • 402.344.4975 (home)

2013 Nebraska Knights of Columbus State Golf Tournament



4100 HUSKER HIGHWAY, GRAND ISLAND, NE 68803 • (308) 381-4653

Saturday, August 17 and Sunday, August 18, 2013

(All players will play as listed below)

$95.00 PER PLAYER for both days (includes golf -18 holes Saturday and Sunday, cart, and prizes).

NOTE: Players must be current members of the Knights of Columbus.

Please have your current membership card available at sign-in!


Name Phone # Council#





Tee times on Saturday, 11:00 am and Sunday, 8:00 am



Make checks payable to Knights of Columbus. Fee required with this entry form.


Fred Kambach, 7920 Park Dr, Ralston, NE 68127-3743

or John Oltman, 1329 S 36 St, Omaha, NE 68105-1849


You may reproduce this form as needed.


Knights of Columbus Nebraska State Council

January 2012

Vernon H. Cassell, Council 1123

Edgar Portz, Council 12530, Past State Deputy

February 2012

Dennis C. Salmen, Council 1123

John Melena, Council 8579, Past State Deputy

March 2012

Clarence M. Houlihan, Council 652

William C. McDonnell, Council 10184

Leonard “Gunga” Kercheval, Council 14403

April 2012

Fred R. Schroeder, Council 3019

Charles P. Safranek, Council 3019

Joseph Sullivan, Council 11824

May 2012

Roman J. Bonczek, Council 3019

Joseph Riedler, Council 13080

June 2012

Norbert Steffensmeier, Council 11364

July 2012

Anton J. Bilek, Council 3019

Joseph T. Cupich, Council 3019

John M. Mullen, Council 3019

Tom Valasek, Council 9518

William M. Obrecht, Council 10923

Memento Mori

“I am the resurrection and the life.

He who believes in me will live, even though he dies,

and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.”

John 11:25

The following names have been August submitted 2012from December 23, 2011 through March January 20, 2012. 2013

Richard A. Jensen, Council 3019

Wallace J. Fritsch, Council 3019

Joseph “Joe” Sis, Council 9563

Bob Wilwerding, Council 11364

September 2012

Terry L. Mastin, Council 3019

Walter A. Nowak, Council 3019

William Darwin, Council 9562

Emil Kuta, Council 9562

October 2012

Sylvester “Ted” Kimminau, Council 1123

Richard E. Benda, Council 3019

James Bearss, Council 11364

November 2012

Julius Woita, Council 11364

December 2012

Willard Hamburger, Council 1123

Johnny Jefferson, Jr., Council 6192

Leo J. Novak, Council 6192

Clifford C. Wallingford, Council 6192

Merrill R. Johnson, Council 10815

James J. Chermok, Jr, Council 11280

Sylvester “Sid” Beck, Council 11823

Richard “Dick” Fischer, Council 11823

James Streff, Council 1123

Robert Pietzmeier, Council 2272

Andrew Ritter, Council 2272

Gilbert A. Dymek, Council 3019

John D. Kennedy, Council 3019

Chester S. Puszewski, Jr., Council 6192

Donald E. Stevens, Council 6192

February 2013

Kenneth Guenther, Council 2272

Dennis Siedel, Council 2388

James J. Melcher, Council 4434

Sigurd Quam, Council 4434

Albert Castro, Council 10815

Enrolling a Brother Knight

into Memento Mori

The proper procedure for enrolling a

deceased member onto the Memento

Mori list is as follows:

Send an email to knightscourier@cox.

net with the subject line "Memento

Mori", the deceased's name, council

number, month and year of death.

Our Lady of Guadlupe Icon at the Institute for Priestly Formation

In August 2011, three beautiful, framed icons of Our Lady of

Guadalupe were acquired by the State Council at the Supreme

Convention in Denver.

These beautiful images traveled the state during the latter part

of 2011 and throughout 2012, visiting various councils and

parishes. In early 2013, each Bishop in Nebraska was given one

of these icons on loan.

Archbishop Lucas, in turn, loaned the image to the Institute for

Priestly Formation* on the Creighton Campus. It is hanging in

the IPS conference room where visitors and seminarians from

across the US can be inspired by it.

If any council or parish in the state would like to borrow the

icon of Our Lady for an event, contact State Deputy Jim Haiar


*See the story about IPF receiving a grant from the Supreme

Council on page 19.

Knights Courier Spring 2013 23



APRIL 2013

Apr 10 Convention Credentials State Secretary Rich Lowery

Apr 12 Necrology Request Larry Reed, PSD

Apr 12 Convention Meal Reservations Don Ferneding, PSD

MAY 2013

May 20 Courier Articles Due Courier Editor/Duffi Goodrich

JUNE 2013

Jun 25 State Directory Updates Executive Secretary Ray Guggenberger

ABC/XXX Jun 30 Application for Vocations Support/RSVP Refund Supreme Council

SP-7 Jun 30 **Columbian Award Application Supreme Council

cc: Exec Secretary Ray Guggenberger


Aug 11 Registration Deadline for State Golf Tournament John Oltman & Fred Kambachr

Aug 17-18 State Golf Tournament - John Oltman & Fred Kambach

Indianhead Golf Club, Grand Island

**May be filed electronically on Supreme Website.

First Degree and Major Degree Exemplification dates can be found at under the drop down menu item “Calendar”

Fourth Degree Exemplification dates can be found at

Nebraska Knights Help Catholic Radio

Network Reach Goal

For the last few years, the State Council has donated $500 twice

a year as a matching sponsor for Spirit Catholic Radio Network’s

Care-A-Thon fund raiser. Supreme Director Mike Conrad,

PSD, has been the guest on several of the Care-A-Thons over

the years. Recently, State Secretary Rich Lowery joined Field

Agent John Soukup in the Lincoln studio over the lunch

hour. Approximately a dozen councils across Nebraska met

the challenge and raised a total of $5,000 during Lowery and

Soukup’s broadcast. This helped the Catholic radio network

make their overall goal of $475,000.

According to Rich Lowery, “We were able to talk about the

Knights, how important we have been to the radio station, and

how evangelization is part of both our ministries.”

Inside this Issue - Information on the

Nebraska Knights of Columbus 108th Annual State Convention

April 26-28, 2013 • Kearney, NE

Charity B Unity B Fraternity B Patriotism




8818 Ohern St

Omaha, NE 68127



U.S. Postage


Permit No. 776

Omaha, NE

Around the State Online

Helpin’ Dad with Tootsie Rolls ®

After a weekend Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes,

Omaha, Connor Martinez (age 4) helped

his dad, Mario Martinez, with Our Lady of

Lourdes Council 13080’s Tootsie Roll® drive.

This year, Tootsie Roll awards will be

presented to councils during the state

Convention in Kearney.

Now that’s a lot of food!

21 years, 50,000 man hours and 1.5 million

dollars later the Wild Game Feed hosted

by the Knights of Columbus Archbishop

James Hugh Ryan Council 3019, South

Omaha, is still going strong. This year the

“FEED,” surpassed the 1.5 million dollar

mark with all proceeds going to help

handicapped children.

More photos and story online.

Yum, yum, yum!

Recent pancake breakfasts at

St. Joseph Parish in Beatrice,

sponsored by Beatrice Council 1723,

have benefited the following: $500

food pantry donation; purchase of

a laminator for St. Joseph Catholic

School; and snow removal expenses.

More photos and story online.

Read more about these council activities above and many others online at

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