January 9, 2012 – The week of December 19th ... - Feedlot Magazine


January 9, 2012 – The week of December 19th ... - Feedlot Magazine

January 9, 2012The week of December 19th saw federally

inspected cattle harvest much lower ahead of the Christmas holiday

with a total of 597,042 head. This was 9.6% larger than the same

week a year ago, but affected by the day of the week that the holiday

fell on in 2010. Fed cattle were a larger portion of the total mix, as

they made up 75.5% of the harvest, half a point more than the prior

week. Steer carcasses were 3 lb. heavier to average 849 lb., while

those from heifers remained unchanged at 785 lb. on average. The

steer-to-heifer ratio has been erratic as of late in fed-cattle numbers,

with steers jumping from the last report’s 61.6% of fed cattle up to


Packers have been gradually relieved over the past three weeks

as Choice quality grade figures moved up slowly after a dismal

performance in late November. Thanksgiving week’s seasonal low

share of 58.35% Choice was a base for an upswing to the current

report’s 60.71%. On a regional basis, Nebraska packers are seeing

improved quality grades, but still below 2010 figures for the same

period, their 66.5% Choice dulled in comparison to the 2010 figure of

70%. Of the “big three” packing states, only Texas is outperforming

2010 patterns, but even its 49.94% Choice is just fractions of a point

higher than the same week a year earlier.


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