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Best Garden Marigold On The Planet


A Garden Leader Exclusive

Cross Between French and American/African Types

Double Orange 5167DT Double Orange-Red 5173DT Double Yellow 5169DT Double Yellow-Red 5171DT

Daisy Orange 5159DT Daisy Orange-Red 5166DT Daisy Yellow 5161DT Daisy Yellow-Red 5160DT

This new class of Marigolds combines the garden

performance and early flowering of French types with the

very large flowers and strong plant structure of African types.

Garden height of these beauties is 12 to 14”. The plants are

well branched with thick, strong stems. Double flower types

are excellent for garden and landscape planting. The Daisy

types have an open habit that allows them to co-mingle with

companion plants and add strong color to mixed containers.

Flowers are abundant, large and long lasting. The Double

types are over 2” across. Daisy types measure from 2 to 3”.

Available as Advanced Vigor or Detailed Seeds.

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