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C396 Electronic Overload

Product Focus

Accurate, Reliable

Motor Protection

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Let the C396

Relieve Your Motor’s Stress

Offering a complete line of feature-rich motor and logic

control solutions is Eaton’s way of demonstrating that it

cares about your entire control system, from protection

and control to wiring, termination and display. Eaton

manages and provides the portfolio of products you need

to keep your processes running efficiently and effectively.

The issue of protecting motors has always been an

important one as any overload to a motor can lead to

excessive production downtime, repair costs, and safety

concerns. Choosing accurate reliable motor overload

protection is the perfect way to manage your costs and

maintain your system’s integrity. The C396 electronic

overload from Eaton Corporation is the flexible choice

for any application requiring accurate, reliable protection.

One Device, Three Options

Because there are so many possible applications, it is important that the

products Eaton designs meet your specific needs. With that in mind, the

C396 was designed as a stand-alone panel mounted device, as well as

a component that can be directly mounted to Eaton’s market leading

XT IEC, Freedom Series NEMA or Definite Purpose contactors to create

an integrated starter. You can order the stand-alone device, the overload

and contactor, or a pre-assembled starter to get the product that will best

meet your demanding application requirements.

With the ability to save costs, reduce panel space and improve accuracy,

the C396 is the best option for protecting your motors.

Environmentally Friendly Design

We’ve listened to your environmental concerns, and the C396 was

designed to meet the needs of even the most energy conscious customer:

• Environmentally friendly materials—RoHS certified

• 95% less power consumption than an electromechanical relay

• Phase imbalance protection ensures efficient use of motor output

• Lower heat generation means higher density/smaller panels, less

secondary cooling needed

Key Features of the C396 Electronic Overload

0.1–150A, up to 1500A with External Current Transformer Kits


Phase loss/Imbalance Protection

Wide Adjustment Range (5:1)

Low Energy Consumption (< 300 mW)

Selectable Trip Class (5, 10, 20, 30) as Standard

Selectable Manual/Automatic Reset as Standard

Visible Trip Indication

–25ºC to 65ºC Operating Temperature

6G Vibration Rating

15G Shock Rating

Reset Paddle (Optional)

Remote Reset

Global Ratings & Certifications






IEC/EN 60947-4-1

ATEX pending

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1 EATON CORPORATION Cutler-Hammer C396 Electronic Overload • • 877-ETN CARE


Control and Protect with

IEC, NEMA and Definite

Purpose Starters

Not only is the C396 available as a panel

mount stand-alone device, it can also be

ordered assembled with an industry leading

Eaton contactor. Whether it be IEC, NEMA or DP

rated, you get motor control and protection at

the highest level.

For Immediate Delivery or Tech Support call at (866) 595-9616

Accurate, Flexible Protection

While electromechanical overload

relays pass motor current through

heating elements to provide an

indirect imitation of motor heating,

the C396 electronic overload directly

measures motor current through

integrated current transformers,

more accurately predicting motor

overload potential.

The electronics identify excessive

current or phase loss more accurately

and react to the condition with

greater speed, reliability and

repeatability than a traditional

electromechanical device. Because

the second leading cause of motor

Panel Mounting Adapter (Optional)

Line Terminations

Identification Marking Strip

Tamper Proof Cover

FLA Setting Dial

Mechanical Trip Actuator

Reset Button (Selectable Manual/Automatic)

Trip Status Indicator

Isolated Auxiliary Contacts—1NO/1NC

DIP Switches for Selectable Trip Class

Load Terminations

failure is phase loss, the C396 has

a phase loss detection circuit that

protects against lengthy motor

overheating and quickly relieves

motor stress. Whereas electromechanical

overloads can take up

to 40 seconds to respond to a

phase loss condition, the average

reaction time for the C396 is just

3 seconds!

Easy to select and apply, the selfpowered

design means that no

external power source is required,

allowing the C396 overload to be

installed just like a traditional

electromechanical overload relay.

Device set-up is quick and easy;

simply dial the setting

potentiometer to the motor FLA

rating and the overload is ready to

protect. To further improve

application flexibility, the C396

comes standard with a selectable

trip class (5, 10, 20, 30) setting and

can be used in single-phase or

three-phase power applications.

There is no need to order different

part numbers—the C396 can

handle both applications in the

same unit.

Other features that allow

the C396 to provide highly

accurate protection include:

• Setting accuracy +/– 5%

(electromechanical is

approximately 10–15%)

• Repeat accuracy +/– 1%

• Phase imbalance protection to

maximize permissible motor output

Not only does the C396 provide

accurate, reliable protection for

your motor, but it allows you the

flexibility you need to keep your

motors running at their highest

possible potential.

EATON CORPORATION Cutler-Hammer C396 Electronic Overload • • 877-ETN CARE

For Immediate Delivery or Tech Support call at (866) 595-9616


45 Amp Frame 110 Amp Frame

150 Amp Frame

Superior Performance

and Safety Under Any Conditions

The C396 has been tested to

operate from –25ºC to 65ºC and

to withstand 6G of vibration and

15G of shock. Your application

could be on a mountain, up to an

altitude of 2000M, or in a jungle

at 95% humidity. Reliability under

every conceivable environmental

condition is an important concern

and is built into the design of the

C396. Not only will it withstand

harsh conditions, but it will do

so for years—there is no need

to continuously replace the unit

because of harsh environmental


Most industrial applications

typically call for an overload relay

that must be manually reset in the

event of a trip. This allows the

cause of the overload to be

identified before the motor is

restarted. However, in specialized

cases where restarting the motor

won’t harm people or equipment,

an automatic reset may be desired.

The C396 comes standard with a

selectable manual/automatic reset,

so the desired mode can be chosen

for the specific application.

The C396 also displays a large

current setting knob for ease of

Keeping Your Costs Down

Using an electronic overload like

the C396 not only lowers the

amount of electrical energy used

in the application, but it can also

affect how the control cabinet

is designed. The low energy

consumption minimizes temperature

rise issues inside the control

cabinets, enabling panels to be

designed smaller and more

products to be added into the same

enclosure. Even with higher product

density in a panel, low power

consumption means there is less

energy and heat to remove from

the panel, lowering the cost of

ventilation and cooling requirements.

Also, the ability to directly mount

the overload to Eaton’s IEC, NEMA

and DP contactors further reduces

potential enclosure sizes as there

is no need for additional spacing

for wiring.

Not only is the C396 an energy

reducing choice for motor

protection, its wide 5:1 FLA range

reduces the total number of units

needed to cover a wide monitoring

range. Electromechanical overloads

typically have a small current

adjustment range, of 1.5 to 1, which

means that the maximum setting is

about 1.5 times the lower setting.

The wide range of the C396 results

in the need for less than half

as many catalog numbers as a

traditional electromechanical

alternative, all while covering the

same current range. By standardizing

installation and a current

adjustment shield is included with

each overload to protect against the

setting being accidentally altered.

So that you know the status of your

machinery at all times, the C396

has a visible indication to alert the

user to the status of the device.

Keeping your systems running at

peak performance, while maintaining

the integrity of your application and

the safety of your personnel, are

what make the C396 the smart

choice for motor protection.

on a selectable reset function and

selectable trip class settings, the

C396 minimizes project engineering

work (less configurations), logistics

costs, and capital tie-up in

inventory variants. The wide current

adjustment range also offers

greater installation flexibility for

dual voltage machines and gives

you the ability to better plan for

inventory and service.

Using the C396 electronic overload

is one way to be sure that you are

doing all you can to reliably protect

your motor and keep your costs

down. Meeting and exceeding your

expectations for performance is

why the C396 is the perfect solution

for your every application.

EATON CORPORATION Cutler-Hammer C396 Electronic Overload • • 877-ETN CARE

For Immediate Delivery or Tech Support call at (866) 595-9616


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