Issue 8 : October - December 2010 - malaysian society for ...

Issue 8 : October - December 2010 - malaysian society for ...

JAN-MAR 2010

21 st Century Professionals


For Members Only

Malaysian Society for Engineering and Technology 2421-07-WKL


OCT - DEC 2010

No, the portal is not up yet. But it will soon be up to

replace mSET’s existing website. So do stay tuned to

our members’ mail group and newsletters for

updates on the progress of the portal development.

As mentioned in the mSET Newsletter (July-Sep

2010), mSET received a grant from the Malaysian

Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) to

modernize its facilities under the mSET ICT Enabled

Work Environment Program. The grant was awarded

under the Services Sector Capacity Development

Fund (SSCDF) which was established by the Government

in 2009 to reduce the impact of liberalization

by building capacity and strengthening the

competitiveness of domestic service providers.

For the record, a number of other organizations and

NGOs have also applied and received similar grants

though the amounts vary at the discretion of MIDA.

In line with MIDA’s objective for the grant, we are

targeting to have the portal to be a common

platform for information exchange and sharing and

for the organization of activities which enhance the

overall effectiveness, knowledge sharing and

professional development of mSET members

covering the full spectrum of disciplines

(Engineering, Architecture, Surveying, Quantity

Surveying, Town Planning etc) irrespective of

academic qualification levels.

The portal will be able to provide a completely

paperless or electronic environment for membership

application and membership renewal and

payment of various activity participation fees and

also the creation, storage and search of technical

papers, minutes of meetings, proceedings and

other documents. It will enable the online organization

of meetings and also have online discussions. It

will contain video clips of interest including conference

proceedings, talks and other materials of

interest to mSET members.

However the key success and overall benefit from

the portal will only be realized when members fully

utilize and adopt the mSET portal as a full environment

for their development, information sharing

and exchange, and synergise for providing professional

and competitive services to the nation and

beyond. It will be a success if members contribute

appropriate content and articles and audio and

video clips to build up the resource base for other

members to benefit from.

Remember, liberalization means that the local

markets, projects and services, are open or will be

opened to foreign entities whether they be

individuals or organizations. MIDA’s aim for the

grant is to enable local entities to rise to be at least

at the same level of competitiveness to the foreign


Only mSET members can make this happen to

ensure local professionals and technicians are

competitive, not the portal technology. The portal is

merely a platform to facilitate this objective.

The portal project started on September 15, 2010

following an RFP exercise and the company

awarded to deliver the portal will release the portal

features in stages over a period of 8 months. The

initial delivery will be the main content pages and

online membership application and processing.

Membership applicants will be able to apply for

membership online, and they will have to upload

their scanned qualification papers to the portal. A

workflow will enable the membership application

to be verified for completeness (via checklist) by

mSET Secretariat before it goes to the members of

mSET’s Admissions, Examinations, Accreditation

and Certifications (AEAC) Committee for review and

recommendation to Council for acceptance. The

electronic workflow enables these activities to be

done online right through presentation to Council,

without the need to generate paper.

Members will be invited to register or given logon

IDs for them to use the portal. Members will be able

to update their own personal information (address,

phone and fax numbers, email address) online as

and when such changes occur. Addition or modification

of academic qualifications will however be

controlled by Secretariat following verification and

providing of evidence of such qualifications.

Electronic payments will be enabled for members to

pay their fees and for people who are interested to

attend mSET events (members and non members)

to register online and pay their fees electronically

through credit cards or via their bank accounts.

Acknowledgement of payments will be made

immediately upon confirmation from the banks.

Specific to mSET’s own needs to organize conferences,

the portal will enable presenters to propose

their papers abstract online and submit their papers

later for review and approval to be presented at


All documents will be centrally stored and contributors

and editors will be required to tag the

documents with appropriate keywords to enable

future document searches by members.

The above are some of the initial features that will

be made available in stages. More details will be

provided as the project progresses.

Members who wish to provide contents, ideas and

suggestions are welcomed to address their inputs

to Engr A Fattah Yatim at

Please include the text ‘mSET Portal’ in the mail

subject line for the mail to be appropriately

channeled for attention.

Engr Abdul Fattah bin Mohamed Yatim

mSET Portal Project Manager

Inside This Issue:

Opinion Column 1

Future Events


Editor’s Note 2

mSET Interest Groups






Past Events


OCT-DEC 2010





Editor’s note

Dear mSET members,

Welcome to the eighth issue of the mSET Newsletter.

We meet again as we are about to bid farewell to the year 2010.

I hope this year has been a prosperous year for you both personally

and professionally; it certainly has been for mSET. Year by

year mSET is becoming physically and iscally stronger, with this

year being no exception. We are fast approaching the 1000

membership mark (excluding student members) and thanks to

various activities both big and small alike, we are slowly but

surely earning a substantial income to keep things up and


Advisor :

Prof. Dato’ Abang Abdullah Abang Ali

Chief Editor :

Dr. Suraya Abdul Rashid

Co - Editors :

Dr. Siti Mazlina binti Mustapa Kamal

Mrs Nik Syazurawati Nik Lah

Mr Safuan Ramlan

One of the major developments happening is regarding the new mSET portal. The portal

is aimed to be a common platform for information exchange and for the organization of

activities which will enhance the overall effectiveness, knowledge sharing and professional

development of mSET members. In this issue Engr. Abdul Fatah Mohamed Yatim,

the portal Project Manager, updates us on the developments and also his hopes and

aspirations for members to prepare for challenges in liberalization.

As usual we feature various past events that have been successfully organized these past

few months as well as future events that will be held in 2011. In this issue we also feature

three interest groups that have been formed by mSET this year, as an initiative to address

and advocate various ields of interest which are Green Technology and Renewable

Energy, Ergonomics and Robotics and Automation. Members are greatly encouraged to

participate and show support to these interest groups as well as to existing standing


We appreciate your feedback on the Newsletter. Please continue to share your thoughts

with us via

Warm regards,

Dr. Suraya Abdul Rashid

Chief Editor


Jawatankuasa Maklumat dan Penerbitan mengalu-alukan sumbangan artikel daripada warga mSET untuk

ditampilkan dalam makalah mSET Newsletter bagi tahun 2011. Kami ingin menampilkan artikel-artikel

menarik pada setiap isu yang berkaitan dengan Kejuruteraan dan Teknologi. Semua pembaca dengan

hormatnya dijemput untuk menghantar artikel baik berbentuk akademik mahupun penulisan kreatif

untuk diterbitkan. . Artikel sebaiknya sekitar 2 / 3 halaman A4 dengan foto atau rajah menarik

samada dalam Bahasa Inggeris ataupun Bahasa Malaysia .

Ini adalah kesempatan bagi anda untuk menerbitkan karya / minat anda dan untuk jukkan sokongan anda untuk




OCT-DEC 2010


1-Day Seminar on Green Technology and Renewable


21st October 2010, Dewan Taklimat, Fakulti Kejuruteraan, UPM Serdang, Selangor

The Working Group on Green Technology and Renewable Energy (My-GTREG) under mSET was established this year

to position mSET’s stand point and to support initiatives on the use of green technology and renewable energy in

Malaysia. A one day seminar on Green Technology and Renewable Energy was successfully held on 21st October 2010

at the Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia to update members on current initiatives taken by the government

on green technology and renewable energy as well as plan for utilization of nuclear technology.

Four invited speakers gave a presentation during the seminar, amongst the papers presented were “Nuclear technology

as new source of economy” by Dr. Muhamad Lebai Juri, Deputy Director General of Malaysian Nuclear Agency;

“Green technology and renewable energy initiatives under KeTTHA” by Mr. Mothi a/l sk. Kothandabhany, Green Technology

Policy Division Under Secretary of KeTTHA; “Green technology and renewable energy initiatives under MOSTI”

by Mrs. Wan Zaharah Wan Mohamad, Industry Division Under Secretary of MOSTI and “Green building and green

township initiatives under MGTC”, by Mr. Ahmad Zairin Ismail, Chief Operating Oficer of Malaysian Green Technology

Corporation. A discussion session chaired by Dr. Mustafa Din Subari, chairman of My-GTREG, was held at the end of the

seminar. The seminar was attended by 50 participants from various sectors in academia, industries and government


Logical Framework Analysis Workshop

23rd-24th October 2010, Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya

Logical Framework Analysis (LFA) is a tool for planning and managing

development projects. The analysis is based on log frame (also

known as Project Framework) that consists of a table or a framework

to represent information about key components of a project in a

clear, concise, logical and systematic way. It was developed in the

United States around 1960’s and has since been adapted for use by

many international donors as well as Non Government Organizations.

OCT-DEC 2010



The workshop was conducted in the Penang Room, Marriott Hotel,

Putrajaya on the 23rd – 24th October 2010. The facilitator for the

workshop was Assoc. Prof. Dr Ainuddin Nuruddin from the Institute

of Tropical Forestry and Forest Product, Universiti Putra Malaysia. In

this workshop, participants were given a brief introduction followed

by immediate implementation of the technique into two of the

Federation of Engineering Institutions in Islamic Countries (FEIIC)

projects namely:

Engineering Qualiication, Accreditation & Professional System


International Engineering Centre (IEC)

Participants were divided into two groups; one project for each

group and each project was presented and discussed thoroughly by

all of the participants. The outcome of the workshop yielded successfully

planning of each project from problem analysis and objective

tree to the construction of the log frame and budgeting for the


2-day Intensive Workshop on Submission to

EAC - 4th Edition

2nd-3rd November 2010, Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya

A 2-day Intensive Workshop on Submission to EAC was successfully

held on 2-3 November 2010 at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel. The speaker

was Assoc. Prof. Ir. Megat Johari Megat Mohd Noor, the Director of

the Engineering Accreditation Department at the Board of Engineers

Malaysia, on secondment from Universiti Putra Malaysia. He is also

engaged by the Ministry of Higher Education in auditing Research

Universities. A total of 43 participants from local institutions of

higher education attended this workshop.

This was a joint workshop organized by the Engineering Accreditation

Department (EAD) of the Board of Engineers Malaysia and the

mSET Standing Committee on Accreditation EAC (Examination,

Accreditation and Certiication). The self assessment report is meant

to provide the EAC evaluators with a detailed account of the

programme, covering curriculum, staff, students, facilities and management




OCT-DEC 2010



One Day Seminar On Ergonomics

Engineering Faculty, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang, Selangor

2-Day Workshop on EAC Assessment

Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya

2-Day Workshop on Outcome Based Education

Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya

International Workshop On Photonic, Process

and Device Simulation

IC Microsystems Sdn Bhd, Cyberjaya, Selangor


20 December 2010

January 2010

January 2010

21-23February 2010


Malaysia Robotic and Automation Interest

Group (myRAig)

Malaysia is moving into a more knowledge-based economy. There have been many plans and initiatives by the government

and private sector to help promote high technology to the production sector as well as in research and development.

Robotics and Automation is an area that Malaysia needs to specialize in, in order to beneit from the advancement

of the technology worldwide. So far, international advancement in robotics and automation has been in the manufacturing

industries, medical engineering, health-care, land-air-sea transports, services industry, security, agriculture, education

and others, to name a few.

Regionally, Malaysia has been identiied as a technological country with good public and private infrastructure. Unfortunately,

the ield of robotics and automation has not been properly emphasized and managed in terms of contribution to

the country and our global competitiveness. Maybe there is a lack of robotics and automation fraternity in the country

that is missing. Professionally, there has been no credible body that is able to attract all our resources in helping to build

strength in this highly demanding area. It has been proven elsewhere that robotics and automation can help strengthen

a country in terms of the sectors that it has strong application experience in. Such countries are Korea, Ireland and Singapore,

to name a few. It is hoped that with the development of the mSET Robotics and Automation Interest Group

(myRAig), the idea of bringing in all the expertise and resources in the country to help build the nation will be an impactful

one. We believe this will also put mSET in the limelight of the country in terms of its contribution to the nation and its

quest to be come a developed nation by the year 2020.


To be the professional platform where all

engineers and technologist can meet and

network to discuss about robotics and

automation programs in the country

To conduct regular conferences, seminars,

workshops, training programs, and competitions

to help develop the technology and its

application in the country


To establish network of robotics and

automation clusters in terms of users,

owners, policy makers, educationist,

researchers, and hobbyist to help advance

the ield in the Malaysia

To conduct professional certiication

programs that will be recognized by the

industry and government sectors to help

build competencies in the ield, both

nationally and globally, for Malaysia

Steering Committee

The steering committee is formed from existing

mSET members plus some other interested

individuals or potential members:


Representative, 2

Industry, 2

University, 2

OCT-DEC 2010




Maintenance of an active database of mSET members and other

databases involved in the ield of Robotics and Automation.

To conduct regular meetings like conferences, seminars and training

courses to help build competencies and awareness of robotics and

automation in Malaysia.

To organize competitions for the education sector and private companies.

To publish materials and electronic media to its members and general


To conduct awareness programs in robotics and automation at the

grass-root level.

To develop competency-based education and training to industry users

and education practitioners.

To align with international bodies in the ield of robotics and automation

to network Malaysia with the international institutions.

To provide inputs to policy makers and industry associations on the

issues of robotics automation in Malaysia.

Membership Drive

Membership is an important success

story for the interest group. The more

active members there are-, the more

activities that can be undertaken by

myRAig. As a start, the membership

groups will be organized by regions.

There will be a membership drive that

will be launched by the steering committee

to help jump start the awareness

campaign. The membership drive will

be divided into 5 regions, which have

strong industrial and educational presence,


• Penang (Northern Region)

• KL (Central Region)

• Johor Bahru (Southern Region)

• Kuantan (East Coast Region)

• Kuching (East Malaysia Region)

Ergonomics Interest Group (MEIG)

The ield ield ield of Ergonomics or human factors is relatively new in Malaysia. With greater concern and awareness of safety and

health in Malaysia, ergonomics play an important role towards this direction. The realization that when products, workplace,

tasks and environment are designed and controlled to the limitations of human physical, physiological, cognitive

and social abilities, productivity, eficiency, comfort, safety and health can be enhanced. Organizations stand to beneit

from the implementation of ergonomics.

In advanced countries like Japan, United States and in most European countries ergonomics is widely used and practiced

in manufacturing industries, medicine, health care, agriculture and in many other organizations. There is a strong fraternity

of ergonomist that have existed since the 50’s. With greater industrialization and increasing technology, Malaysia can

beneit from the existence of a group of people who are interested in this ield.

Currently in Malaysia, there are groups working on ergonomics independently, mostly from the academic institutions and

some from industries. There is a need to bring together all the researchers and practitioners of ergonomics to provide

synergy in the ield and to make a bigger impact on its importance to the Malaysian public. Since there is no group that has

addressed this need, it is hoped that the setting of mSET ergonomics interest group (MEIG), will ill in the gap.




To conduct awareness programs in ergonomics

To develop competency-based education and training to industry users and

education practitioners

To align with international bodies in the field of ergonomics such as to network

Malaysia with the international institutions



OCT-DEC 2010

Steering Committee

Steering committee be

formed from existing

mSET members plus some

other interested individuals

or potential members:


Bodies, 2

Industry, 2


Representative, 1

Industry, 5

Membership Drive

The group will function well with active

participation of members. Strategies will

be developed to increase membership, for

the group and indirectly, mSET. The more

active members there are the more activities

that can be undertaken by MEIG.


Develop and maintain an active database of mSET members and other databases

involved in the field of ergonomic

To conduct regular meetings, conferences, seminars and training courses to help

build competencies and awareness of ergonomics in Malaysia

To publish materials and electronic media to its members and general public

To provide inputs to policy makers and industry associations on the issues of

ergonomics in Malaysia

Other related activities

Green Technology & Renewable Energy Working

Group (My-GTREG)

There is growing global concern on the issues of climate change and global warming. Nowadays, most of the countries

have given serious thought towards the adoption of green technology and have taken intensive effort as well to encourage

the growth of the green revolution.

In realization of this new trend, Malaysian government has taken proactive action to set up a new Ministry of Energy,

Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA) on 9th April 2009 to play a role in implementing green technology and help stimulate

industries and institutions to become eco-technological innovators. “National Green Technology Policy” has been

introduced as well for the purpose of promoting low-carbon technology and ensures sustainable development while

conserving the natural resources. Prime Minster of Malaysia Y.A.B. Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak had delivered

Malaysia stand in United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 which to reduce carbon dioxide emission to 40

per cent by the year 2020 compared to 2005 levels subject to assistance from developed countries.

Meanwhile, there are numerous efforts also taken by the government in pursuit of the exploitation of renewable energy.

Malaysia has approved a proposal recently to set up a nuclear power plant which will start operating from 2021 to reduce

relying on fossil fuels and hydro-power to generate electricity.

mSET as a professional body needs to play an important role to ensure that government’s initiatives are effectively turn

into wealth creation and societal well-being. Establishment of working group on Green Technology and Renewable Energy

by assembling relevant mSET members, and representative of the academic research community to provide valuable

ideas, comment and suggestions to the government. This will place mSET as an organization that look important on that

issues as well.

OCT-DEC 2010




Steering Committee

Several key individuals will have to be identi-

ied as a volunteer for this work. It is proposed

that a steering committee will be formed from

existing members plus some other interested

individuals or potential members:


Representative, 3

University, 3


To setup an active database of mSET members and other databases

from the University professors and etc. in the field of green

technology and renewable energy

To conduct regular meeting, conferences and seminar to monitor

the international trend

Goverment, 5

To conduct awareness programs to all walks of local people

Membership Drive

The group will function well with active

participation of members. Strategies will be

developed to increase membership, for the

group and indirectly, mSET

To provide input to the government via white paper and reports from

time to time on the relevant issues

Other relevant activities

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