The Knowledge Management approach of UNIDO - Agenda Wissen

The Knowledge Management approach of UNIDO - Agenda Wissen


Kazuki Kitaoka

Programme Management Officer


Why UNIDO was established

• Many developing countries gained

independence, national authorities

regained legitimate control over domestic

resources, chartered a new course of

economic progress.

• Global political uncertainty - the world

divided by the Cold War.

• Growing reliance on local assets;

manufacturing seen as a key vehicle of

economic development.

• Transformation of minerals and

agricultural crops creates value, generates

employment, foreign exchange, supplies

local markets with consumer goods.

• A dedicated UN Agency – a neutral access

to industrial partnership, for access to

markets, technology and know-how.


UNIDO today:

Partner for Prosperity

UNIDO’s mission is to reduce poverty through

sustainable industrial development.

We want every country to have the opportunity to

grow a flourishing productive sector, to increase

their participation in international trade, and to

safeguard their environment.


Three thematic priorities

Poverty reduction through

productive activities

Trade capacity-building

Energy and Environment


Two core functions:

• Normative services: UNIDO generates and

disseminates knowledge related to industry and

provides a platform to enhance cooperation,

establish dialogue and develop partnerships

• Technical cooperation: UNIDO

designs/implements knowledge-based

programmes to support its clients. It also offers

tailor-made specialized programme development


(experience gained in the technical cooperation is shared with policy

makers; UNIDO's analytical work helps define priorities)


Growth with Quality

Growth with Quality means that we continuously improve and grow all

our services, which are multidisciplinary and positively transform policies

and institutions worldwide.

We offer solutions:

We are flexible:

We expand our services:

We ensure effectiveness:

Bring global expertise and experience to address

complex development challenges through

integrated and high-impact services.

Differentiate and adapt our approaches and

methodologies according to the needs of countries

at different stages of development.

Widen our geographic scope and increase our

delivery volume to serve more countries and


Measure the impact that our services have on

development in order to ensure the best possible



Delivering as One

Delivering as One means that we are united in purpose and actions.

We build our people.

We serve our stakeholders.

We lead by example.

We manage efficiently.


Thank you


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