Things to Consider Before Hiring a Sign Company in Kansas City


Acme Sign, the full-service business sign company in Kansas City specializes in delivering well-designed signage solution that represents your business identity in the most professional and impactful manner. Visit

Get Your Name Out

There with the Perfect

Business Signage

Ask yourself, “Are you

interested in taking your

business to greater

extent?” If your answer is

“Yes”, then placing outdoor

signage is the best

solution. Potential

customers looking at your

sign will see far more than

just your company name.

Placing outdoor signs will

convey just what your

customers can expect from

your products/services.

Your sign brings new customers to your door and shows the

world that you are there. Thus it is imperative to perform

proper homework before choosing custom signs for your

business. Let’s discuss a few things to consider before

choosing one.


Your signs let potential customers know where you are

located. They should be prominently and conveniently

placed at the right location in order to draw the attention

of both casual foot traffic as well as passing vehicular


Choice of Materials!

Whether you’re looking to buy indoor signs or outdoor

signs, they should be durable. If they are exterior signs,

they should also hold up well in all kinds of weather

and seasons.

What Message Do You Want to Convey!

Your signage system

should tell customers a

lot of things about your

business, such as who you

are and what products or

services you have to offer.

You can also add your

company’s logo or any

other custom-designed

image that identifies your

business. You may even

wish to tell potential

customers your hours of


Create a Sign that Speaks Volumes

About Your Company!

Whatever type or style of business advertising signs you

choose for your company, they should be creatively

designed and property installed.

Acme Sign Inc. – Create and Install Your Signage!

Acme Sign Inc., the premier SIGN DESIGN COMPANY IN

KANSAS CITY delivers a well-designed signage solution

that presents your business in the most professional

and impactful manner possible.

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