Workshop Tips - Athletic Administration and Coaching Education ...

Workshop Tips - Athletic Administration and Coaching Education ...

Ohio University Online Master’s in Coaching Education

On-Campus Workshop Guide

Dates: 6.26.11- 6.30.11


Workshop Tips

It will be hosted at the

OU Inn and will begin

at 6pm on 6/26.

Program ends at

12noon on 6/30.

Students are expected

to attend in its entirety.

Costs will be out of


Columbus is

approximately 1.5

hours away from


Please review the

necessary equipment


Please review the attire

section in detail.

Deadline to receive the

discount at the OU

INN is 5/29.

Please make sure to

read the section on

carpooling or

roommates, if you are


Sunday, June 26 th Welcome Reception –

Check in is from 5pm to 6pm

Reception begins at 6pm

Monday, June 27 th

Tuesday, June 28 th

Wednesday, June 29 th

Introduction to Program/Faculty—

Philosophy and Ethics/ Athlete-Centered


Discussion Groups/ Group Presentations

Introduction to Micro-Coaching

Growth and Development

Discussion Groups/ Group Presentations

Coaching Symposium

Physical Conditioning

Tour of Athletic Facilities

Teaching and Communication

Discussion Groups/ Group Presentations

Organization and Administration

Discussion Groups/Group Presentations


Discussion Groups/Group Presentations

Introduction to Micro-Coaching- Tactics

Thursday, June 30 th Introduction of PESS 642, 620, 654, 635 & 628

Introduction of Online Coaching Faculty

Ends at Noon



Students are responsible for making individual flight arrangements. Please allow for driving

time to the campus when booking flights. The driving time to Athens from the Columbus

Airport is approximately 1 ½ hours. For example, the welcome reception starts at 6pm and

check-in at the hotel is 5pm, therefore you should plan to arrive at the Columbus, Ohio

Airport no later than 3pm. Please plan to stay at the workshop for the entire program. Also,

please make sure that you have ample time for the commute from Athens to the airport of

your departure.


Rental Car Information

Please click on the following website for information on rental car companies based from the Columbus Airport

Ohio University has a discount package available with Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

To book through Enterprise please visit their website at or call


*Please enter in XZ24489 as the account number.

*When prompted please enter EIC as the pin.

Shuttle Service

There is a shuttle service now being offered from the Columbus Airport to Ohio University and also from Ohio University

to the Columbus Airport.

1. The cost is $10 each way, and drops you off on campus.

2. The closest drop off to the Ohio University Inn is called West Green Drive. It is about a 10 min walk to the OU Inn

from West Green Drive.

3. There is a Community Service drop off, please do not disembark the bus there as it is clear on the other side of campus.

4. They have two pick up times from the Columbus Airport and from Ohio University, one in the morning and one in the

afternoon. You may or may not be able to use this service due to the fact that your arrival/departure times do not coincide

with their pick up/drop off times. Please check your arrival and departure times first before you book the shuttle.

More information can be found on their website,

Please click on the Columbus Athens route


Students are strongly encouraged to make lodging arrangements at the Ohio University Inn. Every reservation at the OU Inn

helps contribute to Ohio University’s growth and success with all profits going toward the Ohio University’s 1804 fund. The

Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express, and Super 8 Motel are located near the school, but they are not within walking distance

to campus. If you choose to stay at the Ohio University Inn, you will need to follow the instructions below to receive the

discounted rate of $92.50/night, which include a continental breakfast.

1. Call 1-866-593-6661 and ask for the group code ―MCE Summer 2011‖

2. You will receive a confirmation number. Please bring it to the hotel when you check in.

3. Visit the Ohio University Inn’s website at for additional hotel information.

4. You will receive an email with the reservation link. This link will allow you to reserve your room online.

5. Please reserve your room no later than 5/29 in order to receive your discount.

(There are currently no on-campus/dormitory options for lodging.)


The following facebook site,, was created so that students can connect

with one another. It is designed to bring all the existing cohorts and recent alumni together to share in the experience of the

program. Please feel free to ―like‖ the page as it will be consistently updated with recent news and events. If you would like

to share an accolade such as a recent championship or an award please share the article or information with your program


Carpooling and room sharing

Please visit our facebook site, to connect with other students who

would like to either carpool or room share.

Once you get to the facebook site, please click on the discussion tab on the left.

Please click and response to the SU11 MCE topic thread for either carpooling and/or for a roommate (depending on what

you are interested in).


The address to the Ohio University Inn is listed below:

Ohio University

Inn & Conference Center

331 Richland Ave. Athens, Ohio 45701

Phone: 866-593-6661

Fax: 740-592-5139

The directions to the Ohio University Inn from the Columbus Airport (Port Columbus International Airport – CMH) can

be found using the following link, please enter in the above OU Inn address as the end point and the Columbus Airport as

the start point:¬cache=1

Directions to Campus from Other Reference Points

Please refer to the website for directions from multiple reference points.

Parking on Campus

If you are staying at the OU Inn, you will be able to park on at the hotel and walk to campus. The walk is approximately 5-7


If you have accommodations other than at the OU Inn and would like to park on campus, please contact your Program

Manager for more details. You will need to register and obtain a valid parking permit from Parking Services.

Campus Map

Please refer to the following link for a campus map Please note that the Ohio

University Inn is listed as #107 on the map. It is located in the bottom left hand corner.

Visitors Information

The Athens Visitors Bureau website is This website will give you specific

information on dining options, site seeing activities, and shopping in Athens.


Students will be responsible for meals except for the evening of the Welcome Reception. Your meal will be provided at the

reception. A convenient dining option for workshop attendees may be to stay on-campus during the lunch break. Ohio

University offers a dining hall called West 82 Food Court in the Baker University Center. It is centrally located in the new

student center. The website is: Also, the university is conveniently located

within walking distance of several uptown dining options.

Bookstore and Library

Students will have time to visit both the Ohio University bookstore and the library during the workshop.

Workshop Check-in

Students should arrive at the Ohio University Inn at 5pm for check-in. The Welcome Reception will begin promptly at 6pm

at the OU Inn.

Daily Workshop Hours

Students should anticipate being on-campus on Sunday, June 26 th starting at 6pm. Monday, June 27 th thru Wednesday, June

29 th from 8:30am to 6pm with the understanding that some of the team work does continue into the evening. This will be the

decision of each individual team. On Thursday, June 30 th the session will start at 8:30 am and end at Noon.

Necessary Equipment

Students are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop to the workshop. The laptop will be used in conjunction with several of

the workshop assignments. If you do not have a laptop please contact your Program Manager. Complimentary rentals might

be available on a first come, first serve basis.

Laptop Purchases

Students are able to purchase laptops at a discounted rate through the university’s ―Go Mobile‖ program. To view the

available computer models please check the following website

If you decide to purchase one of the available models, you will need to log into the following site with your OAK ID and


If you order or pay online, please have your order shipped directly to your home address to ensure the proper arrival of

your equipment.


Students should plan on wearing casual attire and comfortable walking shoes. There will be a couple of activity sessions that

are either done in the gym or on an athletic field. Students should bring athletic gear and shoes as everyone is expected to


Typical Weather

On the average, the typical weather in June in Athens is a high of 81*F and a low of 75*F.

Required Health Forms

There are no required health forms for students who are attending the on-campus residency. Ohio University strongly

recommends that you receive all of the following immunizations: Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis,

Hepatitis B and Meningitis. It is recommended that you bring a record of immunizations and medical records relating to any

serious injury, operations, or illnesses that you have had. Hudson Health Center, the campus health clinic, provides free

care for enrolled students. These records allow them to give you better assistance, should you need it.

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