SD Handbook (pdf, 1.4 MB) - Mol

SD Handbook (pdf, 1.4 MB) - Mol

SintroduCtion to SuStainaBLe


Sustainable development is an integral factor

in companies’ long-term business success.


Over the past fifty years, the concept of “development”

has tended to mean the promotion

of economic growth, both at country and individual

company levels. The provision of basic

needs, however, has remained out of kilter and

the blind pursuit of growth for growth’s sake

has often resulted in significant damage to the

environment. Occasionally weird situations

have occurred whereby environmental damage

has positively contributed to GDP by creating

a market for new services to eliminate such

damage, mainly caused by industry in the first

place! Companies’ strategies and operations

have basically been driven by the profit motive

and social and environmental issues have

been considered to be cost-factors and any

measures to manage them have been limited

to compliance with legal requirements. The recognition

that our world is no longer sustainable

has finally sunk in, and forced us to develop

a new way of behaving.

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