SD Handbook (pdf, 1.4 MB) - Mol

SD Handbook (pdf, 1.4 MB) - Mol

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We are all part of the Earth’s

ecosystem which provides us

with all the crucial elements we

need to exist and survive. The

efficient use and protection of

our natural resources, such as

water, minerals and soil, therefore,

are the fundamental duties of

all human beings, as individuals,

members of society or of a workforce. This

implies, among other things, the urgent need

for emission reduction, waste-minimisation,

remediation and the promotion of renewable



The social pillar of SD covers all

those areas and topics that relate

to stakeholders i.e. those directly

affected by a company’s

operations, such as local communities,

employees, or the general

public. This pillar therefore comprises

respect for human rights and

cultures, the promotion of cooperation

and the sharing of knowledge, as well as

the assurance of equal opportunities, ongoing

training and safe workplaces to each and every



The economic pillar is naturally of outstanding

importance to companies operating in a market

economy. Maintenance of a strong financial

position and credibility among investors are

crucial components of a sustainable business

model and a fundamental precondition to becoming

a “good corporate citizen”. In addition,

long-term business thinking strengthens a company’s

ability to adapt to changes which affect

its core activities.


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