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If you had told me four months ago I could be driving a Mercedes-

Benz, building a successful network marketing business, selling

extraordinary personal care products, while helping others run their

own businesses, and smiling because the wrinkles around my eyes

were nearly gone; I would have told you that you were crazy.

Although, miracles can happen. Now, I am living a life I never could

have imagined and this is just the beginning.

It was a miracle that landed me and my sponsor, ERVP Melissa

Cole, in the same Bible study. I learned about Arbonne when

Melissa mentioned her car presentation. When I asked about her

new car and she said it was a Mercedes-Benz, my antenna went up.

However, when I asked what type of company she worked for and

she said it was a Swiss-formulated skin care company, my antenna

went back down. That type of business was definitely not for me.

As the months passed, Melissa would mention Arbonne from time

to time. One day, I asked her if I could try a sample of a Figure 8

Just Go! Orange Fiber Shake. Cleverly, she agreed and gave me

a Figure 8 sample along with company information and a

NutriMin C ® RE 9® sample packet. Immediately, I was hooked.

My husband, Chuck, and I were looking for a home-based business

and Arbonne offered a unique situation of a ground-floor opportunity

with a 25-year-old company. After checking out the company

and learning that in network marketing, you can only be successful

by helping others be successful, I knew this business was for me!

I was so excited that I jumped in with both feet. I wanted what my

upline had, so I did what they told me to do. I read books and Eye

r o b i n c o r b i n

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

R. Corbin Region; Plano, TX

on Arbonne stories every day, listened to Learn and Burn CDs in

my car, did online training, participated in every meeting and conference

call and became a product of the product. My belief soared.

I knew I was with the right company, with the right products, the

right leadership, at the right time and knew I had the opportunity for

success beyond my wildest dreams. I followed the system, loaned

out the REsults sets and got results.

Because of Arbonne, I now have the ability to show others how to live

better by using Arbonne’s pure, safe, beneficial products. In addition,

I get to help people start and run their own business, with the potential

to dramatically change their lives. How incredible is that?

continued ...

Robin’s children, Allie and Reid.

Robin’s son, Reid; nephew, Cody, and daughter, Allie.

Robin with family: Daughter, Allie;

husband, Chuck and son, Reid.

success strategy:

You will be successful when

you help others be successful.”

Words cannot adequately explain how blessed I feel to be a part of

Arbonne and how privileged to be associated with the people on

my team and in this company. Anyone can be a success at this business,

but no one can do it alone.

To Chairman & CEO Bob Henry, President Rita Davenport and VP

of Product Development & Field Events, Candace Keefe: Thank you

for your commitment to excellence and your leadership. Our success

starts with you. To the Home Office staff: Thank you for being awesome

problem solvers!

To ENVP Cecilia Stoll: Thank you for paving the way for us to follow.

Your faith, integrity, leadership and belief are what I strive for.

To ENVP Ann Wandishin: Your enthusiasm is contagious. Thank

you for leading our team down the right path and for all of your time

and support to help me reach my goals.

To ERVP Melissa Cole: Thank you for introducing me to Arbonne!

Words cannot express my appreciation for all you have done for me

and my team. You are a great leader and a great friend.

You do not get to be a manager in Arbonne unless you have a successful,

dedicated and hard-working team. I am where I am because

of mine.

To my mom, DM Ann Jennings: Thank you for joining me on this

journey, I am thankful to Arbonne for bringing us even closer and

cannot wait to see you in your Mercedes-Benz.

To AMs, Ari Carlson, Janet Hill and Andrea Simons: I am so thankful

that you joined my team and for the incredible teams you have

built. I am blessed to be part of your organizations and cannot wait

to read your Eye on Arbonne stories.

To DMs, Lisa Alstatt, Molly Blackaby Harder, Barbara Conner,

Karen Crommett, Cathy Davis, Debbie DeGeer, Carolyn Donohue,

Karen Donohue, Lori Doran, Jen Ellison, Marcia Gillis, Sandra

Hooper, Amy Jones, Joni Kotch, Kim Gunnels, Jill LaFrance, Donna

Maginley, Margo Marshall, Sharon Stapleton and Brenda Vanstory:

Robin with mother, DM Ann Jennings.

DM Debbie DeGeer, DM Lori Doran, DM Kim Gunnels, Sr. VP Product Development &

Field Events, Candace Keefe; Robin, DM Karen Crommett and AM Ari Carlson at

ACTnow Louisville.

What a blessing you have been to me. I am honored to work with

you and I cannot wait for your car presentations.

To all of the Consultants on our team: You are sitting on a gold

mine. Follow the path our upline has set and you can achieve your

dreams too.

I would not have been able to work so hard or reached this goal so

quickly were it not for my incredible family. To Chuck, Allie and

Reid: I am doing this for you and could not have gotten anywhere

without you. Allie, thank you so much for all the help stuffing, stapling,

wrapping, organizing, writing, burning, recruiting and for

being an awesome advertisement for me. You are an incredible

daughter and I love you so much. Reid, thank you for burning CDs,

stuffing folders and for being my messenger service to your teacher

Consultants. You are an awesome son and I love you so much.

Chuck, if every Arbonne Consultant had a husband, partner, cheerleader

and supporter who believed in them and helped them, they

would all be RVPs. There is no way I could have done any of this

without you. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty, time

and time again. Thanks for being the CFO, COO, CIO and chief

counsel. I love you so much.

And finally, to God: Thank You for making a miracle happen.

Robin with ERVP Melissa Cole and members of the Texas team.

Robin and ERVP Melissa Cole with members of their team.


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