Newsletter & Supply List - Transitional Kindergarten

Newsletter & Supply List - Transitional Kindergarten

June 14, 2013

Dear St. Rita Transitional Kindergarten Families,

Welcome to St. Rita School’s Transitional Kindergarten class! I am thrilled to be the TK

teacher again for the 2013-2014 school year and look forward to an “OWLstanding” year

with your children. Whooo’s excited to see how much your children will grow and learn

this year?

I want to remind you to join us Tuesday, September 3 rd from 9:00am-11:00am for the

St. Rita welcome back and orientation. You will drop your students off in the TK classroom

and proceed to the hall for a parent information meeting. The students and I will meet you

in O’Malley Hall for lunch immediately following the meeting. Our first day of school is

Wednesday, September 4 th . Students will line up on the blacktop right next to the stairs. I

will pick the students up from this spot when the first bell rings at 7:50am. I ask that all

parents please say good bye on the black top so that we can transition nicely into our day

once we reach our classroom. Please remember that both TK and K will dismiss at noon on

September 4 th , 5 th , and 6 th . You may meet your child outside the office or on the blacktop

where the students line up in the morning (TK will begin to use carline the following Monday,

September 9 th ). Our extended day program, Kidz Club, will be available for those who

need extended day care on these early dismissal days. Another important date to mark on

your calendar is Back to School Night which will be on Monday, September 9 th (time TBA). I

am sure you have many questions and I promise they will eventually all be answered. Back

to School Night provides a great opportunity to meet other parents and learn all about St.

Rita and the Transitional Kindergarten program.

In this packet I included two reading “logs” for the summer (one for July & one for

August). Parents often ask what they can do with their children over the summer, and this

is my best answer: READ! During the school year students will have the chance to earn a

prize each month for being an “OWLstanding” reader and I am extending this opportunity

to the students over the summer as well. If you and your child fill in both reading “logs” this

summer, bring them on the first day of school for a little prize.

I also included the Transitional Kindergarten supply list so that you have all summer to

look for and purchase supplies. Please bring these supplies to class on our welcome

morning, Tuesday, September 3 rd . Again, welcome! I look forward to seeing you all in



Mrs. Jenny Ikari

TK Supply List

These items should be labeled with your child’s name:

Backpack (regular size please so that family envelopes and homework folders will fit inside!)

Rest Mat (any small towel, blanket, or mat. Most students last year purchased their mat at CKW, but

you do not have to!)

These items should not be labeled:

6 glue sticks {small or large size welcome}

1 {5 oz.} bottle white Elmer’s glue

1 {16 count} box of large crayons

1 {24 count} box of regular sized crayons

1 {12 count} box of colored pencils

1 {8 count or more} box of washable markers

1 {8 count} tray of watercolor paints

1 eraser

1 pack of unscented baby wipes

Any of the following supplies would be greatly appreciated, but are not



Google eyes

Felt {any color}

Oil pastels

Paint brushes

Liquid watercolors

Glitter {any & all colors}

Gallon size Ziploc bags

Sandwich size Ziploc bags

White paper plates {large & small}

Brown paper lunch bags

Black Sharpie markers

Clorox or Lysol wipes


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