Central Valley Corvettes - March 2015 Magazine


Central Valley Corvettes of Fresno - March 2015

Feb. 17, 2015


Jan De Mello-Pflepsen

Thanks to all of you who have contributed to our information requests.

1. Connie and Andy have great news regarding their family. They are now the

happy great-grandparents of Luke Patrick. Luke weighed in at 7# 20oz. This

birth is very special; they have 6 granddaughters; this being the first boy.

2. From Joyce Kroeker: they are off to Nashville for the Demolition Convention

on March 20th for 5 days. Ed, Jill, Joyce and Steve will be traveling together

with other family members. Son Jeff is president of the National Demolition

Association. They will be staying at the Gaylord which is a fantastic hotel.

All are praying that Ed will be up to travelling.

3. Per Charlotte: Charlotte says she wishes she had some good news: her

brother in law has been in the hospital for over a week with pneumonia.

Hopefully he will be released soon. Joanne has had a virus of some sort also

so they can certainly use some prayers and good thoughts coming their way.

4. And this message comes from our dear Debbie Garrison: they have some

good news and bad. The good news is that Keith finally has a scheduled

surgery date to have his knee replaced. The good news is that their dtr-inlaw

has been asked to interview at several medical schools. She has been to

Pikeville, Kentucky and they are interested in her. The bad news is we realize

she will be going away to the medical school of choice and we are going to

miss them so much, yet we are very proud of her but oh so sad the family will

leave Fresno, possibly California.

And now for some grandfatherly news from Gary. Gary’s grandson, Vincent

Logoluso placed 2 nd in the Clovis West Area science fair. Vincent’s project was

“how do different rates of water effect plant growth?”

Thank you again all for your contributions to Sunshine and Clouds!


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