CLASSIC BLACK Organic Darjeeling Estate Organic Darjeeling ...

CLASSIC BLACK Organic Darjeeling Estate Organic Darjeeling ...


Organic Darjeeling Estate

Organic Darjeeling Estate, made of the the finest Darjeeling tea leaves, is chosen seasonally for its floral, sweet

and lingering finish. Sip this lively Darjeeling tea and, just as time stands still in the Himalayan tea gardens

overlooking the Seven Valleys, retreat into a state of timelessness.

Aroma: Ripe Muscat and flowery nose

Color: Golden, amber liquor

Taste: Round and crisp body with sweet, floral finish

Organic Breakfast

Organic Breakfast is a robust, wide-awake blend of premium black tea leaves from Ceylon, Darjeeling and

Assam. A take on the classic English Breakfast that is serene contemplation from dawn to dusk.

Aroma: Biscuity and sweet

Color: Dark reddish-brown liquor

Taste: Robust body, sweet maltiness and smooth finish


Bombay Chai

Bombay Chai with a mélange of spicy notes conjures the steamy, aromatic delights of an Indian street market.

Black tea leaves with subtle hints of pepper, orange, cinnamon, cardamom, and clove make up our chai, the

Indian word for tea. Bombay Chai is delicious when brewed fresh and blended with heated milk and sugar to


Aroma: Spicy, sweet nose

Color: Dark reddish-brown liquor

Taste: Smooth and complex body with spicy notes

Orange Dulce

Orange Dulce is a luscious, rich brew teeming with notes of bergamot, orange, vanilla and jasmine blossoms.

Made with Ceylon and China black teas, Orange Dulce brews up a fragrant and full bodied dark tea.

Reminiscent of an aged Port, the flavor is sure to please.

Aroma: Sweet & enveloping orange and vanilla-caramel

Color: Rich reddish brown liquor

Taste: Smooth, full Portuguese port-like body with a sweet finish

Organic Earl Grey

Organic Earl Grey is made of rich organically grown black tea leaves and golden buds with a twist of citrusy

organic bergamot. Mighty Leaf perfects the classic tea with an elegant, balanced and full flavored cup. Earl

Grey himself would be proud.

Aroma: Clean, citrusy bouquet

Color: Reddish-brown liquor

Taste: An elegant balanced yet lively body and citrus notes


Organic Spring Jasmine

Organic Spring Jasmine green tea is made of smooth Chinese loose leaf green tea leaves naturally scented by

layers of Arabian jasmine buds. With an intoxicating aroma and a piquant yet rounded cup, Organic Spring

Jasmine green tea is a twist on a Chinese classic jasmine tea.

Aroma: Fresh, delicate jasmine

Color: Pale green liquor

Taste: Smooth and sweet body with a hint of tannin

Organic Hojicha Green

Organic Hojicha is made of organic Japanese bancha tea, a mixture of pan-fired and slow roasted green tea

leaves that yield a rich, nutty brew. Escape and find your retreat overlooking a glistening Lake Motosuko in the

Japanese Alps with this organic green tea. Within the green tea category, Organic Hojicha contains lower levels

of caffeine.

Aroma: Rich, nutty

Color: Golden-brown liquor

Taste: Sweet and smooth, roasted woody flavor


Chamomile Citrus

Chamomile Citrus is a refreshing infusion perfected to curl up with and savor by the sip. Made with Soothing

Egyptian Chamomile flowers and subtle slices of citrus fruit, this vibrant blend will rejuvenate the spirit. From

intoxicating aroma to sweet flavor, this Mighty Leaf signature blend with Chamomile, fruits and herbs reflects

our vision of the artisan tea experience.

Aroma: Bright citrusy and floral notes

Color: Reddish-orange jewel like liquor

Taste: Sweet, apple-like taste of chamomile with a citrus finish of orange and lemon

Organic African Nectar

Savor the finest rooibos when you journey to the fertile tropics with our Organic African Nectar rooibos tea

and savor the fruits of the "Alluring Continent." Made with naturally caffeine free Organic African rooibos tea,

also known as red tea, this Mighty Leaf signature rooibos blend teems with tropical fruit and blossoms. Rich in

antioxidants, it promotes calm and relaxation.

Aroma: Lively tropical notes

Color: Jewel red liquor

Taste: Rich and full body with a honey-like and tropical flavor

Organic Mint Melange

Organic Mint Melange herbal tea renews and refreshes with the finest peppermint leaves from the lush Middle

Atlas Mountain range in Morocco. A well-rounded herbal infusion with sweet lingering notes, Organic Mint

Melange captures the cool and pure essence of peppermint.

Aroma: Cool, fresh mint

Color: Light yellow liquor

Taste: Round body with sweet, minty finish

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