Meet the Fellows


Meet the Fellows


2009 – 2010 COHORT


• Co-authored two book chapters “Historical Overview

of the Evaluation of HBCUs and Their Athletic

Conference Affiliation” and “The Journey of the

African American Athlete on the HBCU Playing

Field” with Drs. Samuel R. Hodge and Frankie G.

Collins in Racism in College Athletics, 3 rd Edition.

• Published a book review for Salamishah Tillet’s Sites

of Slavery: Citizenship and Racial Democracy in the Post-

Civil Rights Imagination in Spectrum: A Journal on Black


• Serves as the Special Assistant to the Associate

Provost in the Office of Diversity of Inclusion at The

Ohio State University. He is also a Program Specialist

with the Office of International Affairs.


• Awarded J. William Fulbright grant for 2012 Fulbright

Seminar for U.S. Administrators in International

Education Fall 2012, Germany and France.

• Selected to participate in the inaugural "Teaching Poverty

101 workshop" at the University of Wisconsin–Madison

Institute for Research on Poverty June 2-6, 2013.

• Selected for the 2013 Gilder Lehrman Institute of

American History Teacher Seminar "Civil Rights and the

Road to Brown" July 21–27, 2013 at the University of


• Presented at the Iowa Community College Online

Consortium Spring Conference West Des Moines, IA

March 2013 and the Iowa Academic Advising Network

4th Annual Conference Ankeny, IA March 2013.


• Served as President of the Black Graduate &

Professional Student Caucus (BGPSC) for 2012-


• PhD candidate in Political Science working on his

dissertation Bound Together: Racial Bias in Political


• Recipient of Marguerite Ross Barnett Endowment

Fund, Centennial Center for Political Science and

Public Affairs, Political Science Association

(APSA) ($750).

• Recipient of Alumni Grant for Graduate Research

and Scholarship (AGGRS), Graduate School, The

Ohio State University ($2000).

• Recipient of Larry Williamson, Jr. Service Award,

Black Graduate and Professional Student Caucus,

The Ohio State University.

• Participant in Preparing Future Faculty (PFF),

Graduate School, The Ohio State University.


• Serves as the Director of Social

Change with the Office of Student


• Gave presentations at the National

Conference on Outreach and

Engagement and Appalachian

Studies Association Conference

• Received a Governor's Office on

Appalachia Federal Grant for the

Appalachian Project, Ohio.

• Founder of BuckeyeREACH and

Eastside Buckeyes Initiative (ESBI).


• Assistant Professor in Educational Psychology

at North Carolina State University.

• Recipient of the Outstanding Dissertation

Award in Human Development, American

Educational Research Association

• Recipient of the Outstanding Dissertation

Award in Educational Psychology and

Philosophy, The Ohio State University

• Selected as Program Co-Chair for the

American Psychological Association 2104

Convention (Educational Psychology


• Received funding from the NC State Office of

Research, Innovation, and Economic

Development for Differences in Adolescents' Heart

Rate Variability as a Function of Unfulfilled

Desires to Stand Out and Fit In at High School

($7,920 for one year).


• A Post-doctoral fellow in West Virginia

University’s Prof Doc Program with a dual

appointment in Geology and Geography and


• His research interests involve collaboration with

other departments including Forestry and Natural


• Hall’s research focuses on human impacts on

species abundance and persistence, particularly

how local communities impact endangered and

threatened species. His dissertation research

focused on the impact the Bishnoi people of

Rajasthan, India had on Indian vultures (Gyps

indicus), blackbuck antelope (Antilope cervicapra),

and the Khejeri tree (Prosopis cineraria). The Bishnoi

practice a unique "conservation centric" religion

that is positively associated with the presence of

key taxa in rural Rajasthan.


• Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work at

Wayne State University, and a faculty member of

the Population Studies and Disparities Research

Program within Karmanos Cancer Institute as well

as an active collaborator with the Minority Men’s

Health Center at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

• She has publications in the Journal of Teaching in

Social Work and the Journal of Men’s Health and

others in press with Social Work in Public Health,

Journal of Men’s Studies, and Journal of the National

Cancer Institute.

• Conducted presentations at The American Men’s

Studies Association Annual Conference, Resource

Centers for Minority Aging Research Annual

Meeting, and Society for Social Work and Research



• PhD candidate in Educational Technology with a

proposed dissertation title, “Performing Self

Through Social Media: How African American

Males (Re)Construct their Identity, their Self-

Presentation, and their Anchored Relationships on


• Taught a class at OSU called “Media and

Technology in Education.”

• Received the “Cultural Icon Award” at the Pre-

Kwanzaa Celebration.


• Assistant Professor in Foundational and

Graduate Studies in Education at Morehead

State University.

• Studies how educational professionals and

administrators can influence the experiences and

overall well-being of students of color

(particularly African American females) when

pursuing postsecondary educational



• Received her B.A. in Psychology at Binghamton

University. She completed her M.A. and Ph.D. in

School Psychology at The Ohio State University.

• This past academic calendar, she was in her third

year as a School Psychologist for the Omaha

Public Schools district in Omaha, Nebraska.

During this time, she completed her postdoctoral

supervision hours and obtained her credentials as

a Provisionally Licensed Psychologist in the state

of Nebraska.

• Also a Nationally Certified School Psychologist.

• Recently accepted a position as a tenure-track

Assistant Professor in the School Psychology

program at Texas State University-San Marcos.

Dr. Vega will begin her appointment this fall.

2010 – 2011 COHORT


• PhD candidate Educational Psychology

and Philosophy program within the

School of Educational Policy and


• Research interests include; academic

motivation, racial-ethnic identity,

subculture development, contextual and

sociological factors in education, social

psychology of schools and

parental/community involvement in


• Serves as the Editorial Assistant for

Theory Into Practice.

• Received her Bachelor’s degree from

DePaul University in in 2005 and is a

Texas native.


• Defended his dissertation in Clinical

Psychology. The Doctor of Philosophy

will be conferred August 2013.

• Board member of the Society for

Psychophysiological Research (SPR).

• Completed an internship with the

Department of Psychiatry at the Duke

University School of Medicine,

Durham, NC.


• Book Chapters in Counseling around the World: An

international handbook and Young, Triumphant, and


• Received $1,500 for Association of Counselor

Education and Supervision Research Grant

• Presented at the Ohio Association of Counselor

Education and Supervision (Columbus, OH), and

North Central Association for Counselor

Education and Supervision (Kansas City, MO).

• Accepted a tenure-track Assistant Professor

position for Fall 2014 at Ball State University.

2011 – 2012 COHORT


• Assistant Professor in Early Childhood

and Elementary Education within the

College of Education at Murray State



• Served as President of the Black Law

Student Association (BLSA) for 2012-


• Won the Moritz Negotiation

Competition Championship in2011 and

2012 .

• Earned his JD from the Moritz College

of Law and MA in Public Policy and

Management from the John Glenn

School in Spring 2013.

• In the Fall of 2013, he will begin a

position as a Legal Policy Analyst with

the Kirwan Institute for the Study of

Race and Ethnicity at The Ohio State



• Served as President of the Student National Medical Association

(SNMA). Nominated as local chapter president of the year out of

three nominees and twelve local chapter presidents in region.

• Organized a lecture series on the importance of higher education

and cardiovascular health for sixth grade students at the

Columbus Collegiate Academy; OSUCOM’s chapter was

nationally recognized at the American Medical Education

Conference in April 2013 and ranked number 1 for community


• In April 2013, appointed National Chair of Health Policy and

Legislative Action Committee and member of the Board of

Directors of SNMA. He is the first student from OSU to be

appointed in a national position.

• Case report, Annuloaortic Ectasia in a patient with Congenital Absence

of the left Pericardium, was accepted for publication in the Annals of

Thoracic Surgery, a peer-reviewed medical journal and official

publication of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons and the Southern

Thoracic Surgical Association.


• Director of the Office of Institutional

Effectiveness, Research and Planning at

Wilberforce University.

• Paper/presentation acceptance to the 2013

National Association of African American

Studies conference, Baton Rouge, LA

• Received travel/training grant -- Association

of Institutional Research/UNCF Integrated

Postsecondary Education Data System

Training, Atlanta GA

• Plans to defend her dissertation summer 2013.


• External Affairs Director for Mayor Michael

B. Coleman’s Office

• Licensed attorney in the State of Ohio, holds

an MA in Educational Policy & Leadership,

and has worked as a policy analyst at

• Her research explores the cyber bullying

phenomenon from the perspective of urban

principals serving school districts with high

concentrations of students who are

economically disadvantaged and of minority

racial/ethnic backgrounds. She also identifies

the policies and practices that principals find

effective and ineffective in reducing cyber

bullying and its negative effect on student

learning in the school setting.


• Served as Vice President of the Black Graduate

& Professional Student Caucus (BGPSC) for the

2012-13 academic year and will serve as

President of the organization for 2013-14.

• Presented his research and delivered an oral

session at Louisiana State University’s

Undergraduate Research Conference.

• Won 4 th place at the Georgia Tech Graduate

Technical Symposium poster competition.

Preparing a transcript for a paper to be

submitted to Applied Physics Letters, a research

journal that focuses on applied physics.


• Chaired the permanent section of the African American

Literature panel at the Midwest Modern Language


• Presented at the Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the U.S.

(MELUS) Conference and served as a guest lecturer

discussing fraternal bonds and feminists.

• Nominated for the GATA award.

• Served as president for the English Department's U.S. Ethnic

and Post-Colonial organization (USEP).

• His first publication "I Felt Like I was Part of the Troop': The

Role of Community in Contemporary Black Women's

Satire" will come out in the fall as a chapter in the edited

collection Post-Soul Satire: An Interdisciplinary Critical


• He will participate in the Futures of American Studies

Institute at Dartmouth College during the summer of 2013.


• Currently on a clinical psychology

internship in Chicago which runs until the

end of June.

• Recently defended her dissertation,

Psychological Distress and Symptom Burden:

Vulnerabilities in Chronic Lymphocytic

Leukemia Patients. It was conferred May 5,


• Accepted a health psychology post doc

fellowship in oncology at the Mayo Clinic

in Rochester, MN and will be starting the

position at the end of July.

2012 – 2013 COHORT


• Selected as a 2013-2014 Fellow for The

Albert Schweitzer Fellowship. For the year,

his project will be based at Champion

Middle School, developing a longitudinal

mentorship program started up last fall

("Doctors in Science") for a select group of

students interested in science, medicine,

and dentistry.

• One of three students selected nationally to

be awarded the Association for Academic

Surgery's (AAS) Student Travel Grant to

attend the 8th Annual Academic Surgical

Congress (ASC) held February 5-7, 2013 in

New Orleans, Louisiana. The AAS is an

organization which champions the efforts

of surgeon-scientists.


• Accepted into the Cultivating New Voices Among

Scholars of Color Fellows program (2-year program

sponsored by National Council of Teachers of


• Organized and participated in "It's a Different World:

Conversations with Historically Black College and

University Alum" for Linden McKinley High School's

College and Career Readiness Program (April 2013)

• Served as a guest speaker for AVID students at

Buckeye Middle School (March 2013)

• Presented at four conferences: College of Education

and Human Ecology Graduate Student Research

Forum (Columbus, Ohio--October 2012); National

Council of Teachers of English (Las Vegas, Nevada--

November 2012); National Council of Teachers of

English for Assembly of Research (Columbus, Ohio--

February 2013); American Educational Research

Association (San Francisco, CA--April 2013)


• Co-wrote two grants with Allison Prasad and was awarded

the College Board CollegeKey and Mathematical

Association of America: Tensor-SUMMA grant for the

Young Scholars Program.

• Awarded the 2013 College Board CollegeKey Compact

Innovation Award.

• ODI Graduate Student Research Grant Recipient.

• Received the Larry M. Lewellen Award for Distinguished

Service given by the Council of Graduate Students.

• Served as President of Colorful Women of the Academy, a

graduate student organization.


• First-Place – Best Student Paper Award at the 2013 ASEE

North Central Section Conference for their paper “How

Engagement with Faculty and Peers Affects

Value Development in Undergraduate Engineering

Education: A National Survey Analysis.”

• EHE Scholarship from the Ague/Haushalter Scholarship

Fund for the 2013-14 academic school year.

• Published “Walking, running, and resting under time,

distance, and average speed constraints: Optimality of

walk-run-rest mixtures” in the Journal of the Royal Society


• Presented at the 2013 American Society of Engineering

Education (ASEE) North Central Section Conference.

Columbus, OH, April 2013, the American College

Personnel Association (ACPA) Annual Convention, Las

Vegas, NV.


• Graduate student representative for the College of Education and

Human Ecology Equity and Diversity Committee.

• Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia. Moved to Portland,

Oregon in 1997 where she graduated salutatorian from Thomas

Jefferson High School in 2001.

• In 2005 she received her Bachelor of Arts degree with

departmental honors in Ethnic Studies from the University of

Oregon. She was also inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa Society.

• In 2008, she received her Master of Arts degree from the School of

Educational Policy and Leadership in the College of Education

and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University.

• She is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in the School of Teaching and

Learning in the College of Education and Human Ecology at The

Ohio State University. Allison is in the process of writing her

dissertation on the academic and social experiences of African

American students at predominately white institutions, and

subsequently, how these experiences affect academic and social

integration. This is also her fourth year being a Graduate

Administrative Assistant for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion,

Young Scholars Program

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