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Analyzer Set Up •

Analyzer Set Up • Unpack the IRMA TRUpoint • Bring analyzer to room temperature – Operating range is 12-30°C (54-86°F) – If analyzer is exposed to a temperature outside of the range for a significant period of time, an instrument error message may display. – The analyzer must equilibrate at a temperature within the operating temperature range for a minimum of 30 minutes before testing may resume.

Battery Set-up The IRMA TRUpoint analyzer can be operated on battery or AC power. The battery power system consists of two rechargeable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. • Assemble Battery Charger: – Connect power supply to the IRMA TRUpoint charger – Connect wall cord to the power supply – Plug wall cord into an electrical wall outlet. • Charging the Battery: – Insert battery into charger, The yellow light indicates that the battery is charging. – The green light indicates the battery is charged. – Do not remove until the green light flashes. • Charging Duration and Yield: – 5.5 – 10 hours – Approximately 30-40 tests when fully charged.

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