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Setting Normalized

Setting Normalized Calcium - iCa(N) • iCa++ results can be altered by pH. • Normalizing adjusts iCa++ results for changes in pH. Most reference labs report iCa(N). • Air bubble in sample or exposure to room air ↑ pH and decreases iCa++. • Delay in processing sample (> 10 min) ↓ pH and increases iCa++. • After setting, IRMA will report both iCa++ and iCa(N). • When acid-base status is unknown, care should be taken when interpreting iCa(N).

Establishing Test Information • QA Users can define the Test Information items that can be entered with each test. Test Information includes: • oxygen therapy, patient ID, patient temperature, patient hemoglobin, sample type, sample site, patient notes, and QC notes. Each Test Information item may be turned “on” or “off”. 1. Highlight Test Information from TEST SETTINGS and press edit. 2. Highlight the test information option of choice from the picklist and press edit. 3. Select from the setup choices displayed on the screen.