2012 ANNUAL REPORT - Girl Scouts of Citrus Council


2012 ANNUAL REPORT - Girl Scouts of Citrus Council


Board of


genuine and lasting impact the Girl Scout Movement had

Membership Milestones

2011-2012 in our great nation during one of the most progressive


Nora Bagby

1st Vice Chair

Jim Bina

2nd Vice Chair

Karol Young


Cindy Luttrell


Deborah “d” Orr


Kevin Adams

Shakila Ali

Don Currie

Teresa Johnson

Fred Kosiewski

Lillian Moon

Isabelle Poette-Chang

Dr. Lora Shehi

Keith Stiff

Marcia Weekes

As we reflect on 100 years of Girl Scouting, and on the

past year at Citrus Council, I am deeply moved by the

centuries in history. We should all feel an immense

sense of pride in the value Girl Scouting brings, not only

to our girls, but to our communities. This is our moment

to reflect on a truly amazing year, and inspire each other

to reach even higher in the year ahead. It is not enough

that we simply “keep the ball rolling” into another year—I

challenge all of us in Citrus Council—girls, volunteers,

parents, staff, and community partners to leap into the

next century of Girl Scouting with all of the gusto and

enthusiasm we can gather. Let us keep our collective

eye on our goals, our heads in the game, and our

hearts in the mission—we are the premier leadership

organization for girls; with our guidance, our girls are out

there creating their own life adventures and making a

difference in our communities as they build their skill sets

to be the leaders of the next generation.

I hope you enjoy reading the contents of this report

as much as we enjoyed creating it! It was difficult to

capture such a dynamic year in a matter of a few pages,

but what a wonderful challenge to have, yes?!? Our

Council designed and implemented a number of new

programs and processes with an eye toward improved

overall business function and improved support to our

membership. As you will see in these pages, we made

great strides in a relatively short period of time. We all

know that growth spurts do not come without growing

pains, but the end results have been worth every

momentary furrowed brow along the way. With each

growing pain that arose, I looked to Juliette’s actions

during the early years of the movement for guidance

and inspiration. Encouraged by her vision, tenacity,

and leadership, I strengthened my resolve that we must

keep our focus and our momentum forward if we are to

accomplish great things.

My purpose... to go on with my heart and soul,

devoting all my energies to Girl Scouts, and heart

and hand with them, we will make our lives and the

lives of the future girls happy, healthy and holy.

Maryann Barry


-Juliette Gordon Low

Nora Bagby

Board Chair

Girl membership continued to flourish in 2011! In our membership year, we

served over 15,500 girls. We continue to work closely with community partners

and use innovative new approaches to develop, such as our exciting events in

our Hispanic Initiative.

Mall Lock-Ins

Our Mall Lock-In events are favorites with our girls. This year’s events served

over 2,500 girls and over 1,000 adults. Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University

and Daytona State College once again partnered with us and offered several

interactive activities for the girls to participate in.

Service Team Conference

Girl Scouts of Citrus held their annual Service Team Conference in August at

Aloma United Methodist Church. The conference was designed to offer training

for new team members and to provide enrichment workshops for experienced

team members. This year we had over 150 participants attend and make a

special effort to have their service units be the best they can be. Volunteers are

the secret ingredients that strengthen our communities and our organization. We

appreciate all that they do for the girls.

Festival Cultural

Festival Cultural was held on September

29th, a celebration of Hispanic traditions.

Troops from Osceola County shared their

Hispanic cultures and traditions with the

families in Osceola County teaching cultural

dances, serving delicious foods from their

home countries, original crafts and traditional

music. Some of the countries represented

were Puerto Rico, Columbia, Mexico,

and the Dominican Republic. Troop 500

opened the event with a flag ceremony. Our

community partners helped with their time

and in kind donations…Nickelodeon Suites,

Putting Edge, Wet’nWild, Star Trek the

The Mall Lock-Ins are a great way

to meet new friends and learn new


Exhibition, Wonder Works, Pirate Island Golf, KQ103 La Que Te Mueve, Salsa

Heat Dance Studio, CSI the Experience, Kevin Sutton Show.com.

1 Girl Scouts of Citrus 2012 Annual Report Girl Scouts of Citrus 2012 Annual Report 2

Girl Scout Research Institute

Girl Scout Research Institute Partnership … Paving the way

to ensure girl’s voices are heard!

Girl Scouts of Citrus Council has taken part in an

exciting two year partnership with the Girl Scout

Research Institute (GSRI). GSRI conducts original

research, evaluation, and outcomes measurement

studies, releases critical facts and findings, and

provides resources essential to raising awareness

by amplifying the voices of girls on issues that are

important to them and for them.

More than halfway through the two year

partnership, Citrus has collaborated on a national

Outdoor Impact Study, expert reviewed a national

study linking Girl Scouts to Academic Success

and taken part in trainings with the Girl Scout

Research Institute staff. Overall, the partnership

with GSRI has helped increase the council’s

evaluation capacity by increasing our knowledge

through better evaluation of our programs and through the initiation of council

research projects. Since the start of the collaboration we have increased VOICES

registrations (registration to participate in online surveys via girlscoutvoices.org)

from 143 to over 1,500! Great feedback data has also been collected from girls

regarding programs, events and their overall experience with Girl Scouts. This

feedback is essential in making sure we are making Girl Scouting the best it can

possibly be. Education to increase awareness on the importance of surveys and

research was also presented at events like the mall lock-ins and SUM rally. Citrus is

proud to be on the forefront in research and evaluations and is excited to continue

the partnership with GSRI!

Cookies & Fall Product Program

The 2012 Cookie Sale

Our cookie theme for the 2012 cookie

program was What Can a Cookie

Do? The theme promotes quite a

lot, like helping Girl Scouts learn and

grow as they try new things, have new

experiences and meet new people. By

taking part in the Girl Scout Cookie

Program, girls have the opportunity to

be part of the largest girl-led business

in the world, set goals for themselves,

manage money, practice important math

and budgeting skills, work with others to

gain people skills through interactions within the community, make decisions about

things that count ,and put their ideas into action and apply the Girl Scout Promise

and Law to business ethics.

For the seventh year in a row, Citrus participated in the Troop to Troop Military

Program. In 2012, troops sold over 2500 cases equaling approximately 30,800

boxes of cookies. Troop Aid graciously volunteered to ship all of these cases to our

military around the world.

Eight girls reach the 2,500 box goal this year. This was an increase of 7 girls

reaching this level. The highest selling girl sold 4,350 boxes. We introduced a

new recognition program this year called “Super Seller Destinations”. It was a very

successful program and the girls loved it.

A total of 132,902 cases of cookies were sold which is a 7% increase over the

previous year.

The 2011 Fall Product Sale

Our 2011 Fall Product Program’s theme was Investing In Today = Success For

Tomorrow. The theme offered activities to help girls make decisions, exercise their

people skill, and manage money so they can reach their goals. As they invest

their time and effort to reach these immediate goals, they are also investing in their

tomorrows as competent and successful adults who will work, lead, and care about

their jobs, communities and families.

This year’s sales totaled $643,849.00 in Nuts/Chocolates and $25,590.00 in

Military Nuts. We also had $78,395.96 in paper subscriptions and an additional

$167,047.00 in online magazine orders. This was a total of $914,881.96 between

the Magazines and the Nuts and Chocolates

3 Girl Scouts of Citrus 2012 Annual Report

Girl Scouts of Citrus 2012 Annual Report 4

GIFTS For Girls

A Huge Success!

The GIFTs for Girls Family Campaign is an opportunity for families and friends

of Girl Scouts to make a financial contribution directly to benefit the girls. This

organized council-wide request for financial contributions helps to underwrite the

cost of providing the Girl Scout programs to every girl member in our Council.

It is a way parents and adult Girl Scouts can tangibly express their belief in the

value of Girl Scouting and make a difference in the lives of young women–our

future leaders!

No one believes in the potential of a girl more than her family. It is her family

who invests in her every day through guidance, sharing of values, and the

moral, physical, and financial support necessary to ensure that she grows into a

confident courageous woman. Girl Scouts of Citrus shares this vision with you

and offers the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls, helping them discover,

connect and take action regarding issues they care about in their lives.

The 2011-2012 goal for this campaign was two-fold:100% participation by all

families in honor of our 100th Anniversary and a $50,000 financial goal. We are

pleased to say that we met and exceeded our financial goal raising $74,000.

That represents a 335% increase over the prior year’s campaign. In addition,

250 troops secured the 100th Anniversary flag by securing 100% participation

by the families in their troops. We would also like to congratulate Odako and

Drifting Sands on securing 100% participation by their Service Units in this year’s

campaign. With that accomplishment, the girls from those units were able to

enjoy a camping weekend at Mah-Kah-Wee Program Center.

Women of Distinction

The 15 th Annual Women of Distinction & Centennial Gala was held on September

15, 2012 at the Rosen Shingle Creek. This year’s event was celebrated in

“grand” style in honor of the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting with a black tie

formal, silent auction, an awards ceremony and dancing. Nearly 500 people

were in attendance to support the valuable work of the Girl Scouts of Citrus as

well as support the phenomenal Central Floridian women who were honored that


This year the Council received 43 nominations in four categories. The

winners were: Julie Young, Florida Virtual School in the Visionary Category

(Courage), Dr. Francelis Gonzalez, Kidsville Pediatric Clinics in the Leadership

Category (Confidence) , Mary Carroll, Hope Community Center in the Life Time

Achievement Category (Character) and Bonnie Donihi, Ovarian Cancer Alliance

of Central Florida in the Community Impact Category (Change – to make the

world a better place.)

Special thanks to the Women of Distinction Committee and the 50+ volunteers

who made this amazing evening possible. We are also indebted to our major

sponsors – BB & T Bank, Walt Disney World, Florida Blue, and Rosen Hotels &

Resorts – whose significant investment ensured that this event will live on in the

memories of all who attended for years to come. Also, we would like to extend

special thanks to our other corporate sponsors, as well as all of the in-kind

sponsors who provided media, silent auction items and discounted services in

support of this year’s event. Final net cash and in-kind proceeds for this year’s

event totaled $91,770.

Lead by Lauren Rowe of WKMG Channel 6, the evening was one to remember!

The inspirational keynote address was given by Charlie Blackwell Thompson,

Chief of Processing and Operations of the Ground Directorate at Kennedy Space


5 Girl Scouts of Citrus 2012 Annual Report

Leadership Category Winner

Dr. Francelis Gonzalez

Kidsville Pediatric Clinics

Lifetime Achievement Winner

Mary Carroll

Hope CommUnity Center

Girl Scouts of Citrus 2012 Annual Report 6

Outdoor Programs & Camps

This has been great year for outdoor

programs and camp, as we were able to offer

our girls new and exciting programs.

The high adventure programs were a

huge success, such as surfing in Cocoa

Beach, horseback riding, or the first ever

white water rafting camp. Other program

offerings appealed to girls of all interests and

ages, including a focus on dance, art, and

traditional camp themes.

We also continued our relationship with

outside groups like the City of Oviedo and

Camp Kesem, serving 156 participants. With

Camp Kesem, we offered a week of camp at

Mah-Kah-Wee for children with parents that

have or have been treated for cancer.

Girl Scouts of Citrus’ Resident & Day Camps

served over 600 girls from all six counties. Each week, the girls were given the

opportunity to Discover, Connect, and Take Action in a variety of activities.

100th Anniversary Events

To celebrate the 100 th Anniversary of

Girl Scouting, Girl Scouts of Citrus, in

partnerships with volunteers from each of

our counties, hosted seven special events:

The Thin Mint Sprint, the Great Gathering,

Songfest, the Food Drive, the Bridging into

the Next Century event, the Flash Mob,

and the Fresh From Florida Parade.

What started as one troop in Savannah,

Ga., has grown into a movement that

today encompasses more than three

million members and 50 million alumnae.

What is especially important about the Girl

Scouts’ rich history of supporting women’s

leadership is their insistence on being

a voice for all girls, regardless of their

background or neighborhood.

As the preeminent leadership development

organization for girls, Girl Scouts is

the leading authority on girls’ healthy

development. The invaluable qualities

the organization instills in young women

have inspired leaders such as Secretary of

State Hillary Clinton, Senator Kay Bailey

Hutchison of Texas, Labor Secretary Hilda

Solis, tennis star Venus Williams, singer

Taylor Swift, and more than 20 NASA

career astronauts.

7 Girl Scouts of Citrus 2012 Annual Report

Girl Scouts of Citrus 2012 Annual Report 8


Building Girls of Courage,

Confidence, and Character


Across the country and here in central Florida,

Girl Scouts is changing the way girls look at,

talk about, and participate in STEM. At Girl

Scouts, STEM isn’t just an option for girls; it is

an opportunity they’re excited about. From camp

programs to badge work and activities in their

local community, girls are learning hands-on skills

that will translate into leadership and success.

Girl Scouts of Citrus has afforded girls council

wide an opportunity to explore and experience

programs such as: Discover the Engineer in U,

CSI Adventures, Vehicles of the Future, Power

Labs, She’s a Scientist, Astronomy 101 and All

About Space just to name a few.

Seventeen robotics teams, comprised of girls

aged 9 to 14, had the opportunity to participate

in the FIRST® Lego® Mindstorms NXT Robotics

Program. FIRST® is an established program

model that uses mentor-based programming to

inspire interest in science and technology. Girl

Scouts of Citrus FIRST®teams competed locally

and advanced to regional and state tournaments.

Throughout the season, GSC was able to expose

more than 130 girls to the robotics experience.

Of our 17 teams, the following teams received

awards during competitions: Roboticas, Tough

Cookies, Super Sensors, Tech Chicks, The Ibotic

Girls and the Zapparinas.

Forever Green

“Use resources wisely,” a phrase from the Girl Scout

Law, represents a principle that has been a key part

of the Girl Scout program since it was founded 100

years ago. This year, the Council focused on the

Reducing Waste Initiative.

Girl Scouts around the world are learning about the

effects of waste on our environment, and discovering

ways to reduce waste.

Citrus Council is making a huge impact right here in

the central Florida area. We have successfully accomplished

the following:

Total Reduce Waste Impact:

• 3,574 people reduced waste by switching from using single-use plastic

to reusable water bottles and bags and recycling aluminum cans

• 13,656 times reusable water bottles were refilled

• 2,788 times a plastic bag was refused and a reusable bag was used

• 8,667 reusable bags given to others

• 29,174 aluminum cans recycled

Total Environmental Impact:

• 5,070,845 pounds of waste eliminated

• 21,345,804 kWh of energy saved

• 32,765,810 pounds of CO2 eliminated

Get Real

The Get Real program is a 30-week, school-based mentoring program for at-risk

middle school girls. The goal of the program is to increase literacy skills and

provide character development activities by bringing the girls together once a

week for discussion and participation in various activities. Last year, 175 girls in

Orange County took part in this valuable program funded by the State of Florida.

Eleven mentors logged more than 410 mentor hours guiding the girls through the

curriculum. As a result, reading and attendance improved statewide by 2% and

8%, respectively.

Volunteers Make It Happen!

Volunteer Recognitions

Girl Scouts of Citrus Annual Volunteer Recognition event took place on January

28th at the Rosen Centre Hotel. The following recognitions and Board Approved

Awards were presented at this event:

Appreciation Pin

Tina Barry

Wendy Castaline

Alicia Gillaspie

Sharon Hook

Christine Price

Debbie Price

Nancy Swalby

Michelle Tyson

Terrie Watkins

Michelle Wheat

Victoria Wintink

RSVP 2012

Honor Pin

Jeanie Bishop

Jennifer George

Debbie Kossin

Jeannie Linkenhoker

Carol Braby Award

Irene Sanchez-Rodriquez

Thanks Badge

Wendy Hoover

Janina Kulzer

A Volunteer Recognition

Showcase was created

to recognize the award

recipients’. This showcase

was featured in the Council

Chatter, distributed to the

Service Unit Managers and

added to the council website.

RSVP is an enrichment weekend for adult volunteers and was held the Mah-Kah-

Wee Program Center on April 13 th -15 th . This year’s theme was “Tea Party of the

Century”. Participants had the opportunity to attended workshops and seminars,

make new friends and reconnect with old friends. There were 73 participants,

26 facilitators, 18 committee members and 14 staff members that attended this

annual event.

Volunteer Appreciation Day

Every year we recognize our volunteers for their time, talent and dedication.

We celebrated Volunteer Appreciation Day on April 16 th by distributing “Thank

You” cards that contained seeds in a plant-able trefoil packet to almost 6,000

volunteers council wide.

Juliette’s Tea Parties

Volunteers in the Archive Team assist in the production of Juliette’s Tea Parties.

This interactive program allows girls and/or troops enjoy a hands-on experience

with Girl Scout history by wearing vintage Girl Scout uniforms and participating in

a traditional tea party. The Juliette’s Tea Parties are held at the Council Service

Center and are hosted by the Archive Team. This year, over 21 tea parties were

held for 238 girls and 69 adults.

Alumnae Reunion

Fifty seven Alumnae Girl Scouts from as far away as Arizona, Texas, Georgia,

Ohio, Michigan and Tennessee came together to participate in the Annual Alumnae

Reunion at Mah-Kah-Wee Program Center on February 17-19 th . Participants

enjoyed activities such as Geo-cashing, Letterboxing, Kumihimo, Archery

and Challenge Course. In addition to loads of fun, the Alumnae group preformed

a service project for the camp, by cleaning Raccoon Run from top to bottom.

Juliette’s Legacy

Juliette’s Place is the home of the historical archive collection of Girl Scouts of

Citrus Council. It is supported by the Archive Team, which is a team of volunteers

who identify and inventory all memorabilia and historical items. They create the

displays at the Council Service Center and update them on a seasonal basis.

For the 100th Girl Scout Anniversary, the Archive Team provided displays for

the all 6 county events and also for the National Product Conference. These

displays varied from a 10’x 10’ tent display to a 5,000 square foot room display.

Over 9,700 people had the opportunity to view Citrus Council’s historical archive


13 Girl Scouts of Citrus 2012 Annual Report Girl Scouts of Citrus 2012 Annual Report 14

Gold Award Recipients

On Sunday, May 20 th , 29 awesome young ladies were acknowledged for

receiving their Gold Awards. These inspiring women took the time to take action

within their local or global communities and helped to make the world a better

place. Congratulations to everyone!

Sarah Baker

Paige Bohana

Annaleigh Bonds

Elizabeth Braddock

Kathryn Braddock

Caitlyn Carey

Amanda Cassidy

Beryl Chase

Stacia Chatelier

Rebecca Chong

Courtney Clute

Amy Crites

Katie Cwilka

Stephanie DioGuardi

Mikhala Heil

Catherine Hertz

Charlotte Katheder

Ema Kossin

Jessica Leon

Arielle Martineau

Kaitlyn Poteat

Angelika Pabon

Kaitlin Poteat

Nausheen Rajan

Kaitlyn Rewis

Kathy Rodriguez

Jennifer Sifrit

Naomi Sommer

Allison Tucker

Emma Tuthill

Danielle Wilson

Victoria Zerbato

Celebrating 100 Years of Girl Scouting!

15 Girl Scouts of Citrus 2012 Annual Report

Statement of Financial Position


Cash and cash equivalents $ 1,637,531

Cash and investments in trust 1,997,373

Receivables, net 40, 329

Inventory 171,199

Property and equipment, net 3,227,651

Other assets 19,072

Total assets $ 7,093,155



Accounts payable and accrued expenses $ 405,631

Deferred revenues 61,634

Capital lease 15,799

Note payable 425,726

Total Liabilities 908,790

Net Assets

Unrestricted 5,450,850

Temporary restricted 727,333

Permanently restricted 6,182

Total net assets 6,184,365

Total liabilities and net assets $ 7,093,155


Revenue and Other Support

Program sales revenue $ 6,993,492

Less: Cost of sales (3,780,499)

Excess of program sales over costs 3,212,993

Contributions and grant revenue 299,773

Program service fees 368,658

United Way funding 112,708

Other income 33,353

Investment income, net 179,594

Total revenue and other support 4,207,079

Net assets released from restrictions 7,817

Total revenue and other support and net

assets released from restrictions 4,214,896


Program Expenses

Service to troops 1,337,054

Educational programs 1,092,464

Properties 554,097

Public relations 93,450


Supporting expenses

Administration 555,984

Fund Development 364,063


Total expenses 3,997,112

Change in unrestricted net assets 217,784


Net investment gain 95,456

Net assets release from restrictions (7,817)

Change in temporarily restricted net assets 87,639

Change in net assets 305,423

Net assets at beginning of year, as previously reported 5,784,347

Prior period adjustment 94,595

Net assets at beginning of year, as restated 5,878,942

Net assets $ 6,184,365

17 Girl Scouts of Citrus 2012 Annual Report

Girl Scouts of Citrus 2012 Annual Report 18

Girl Scout Mission

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and

character, who make the world a better place.

Girl Scout Promise

On my honor, I will try:

To serve God and my country,

To help people at all times,

And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

Girl Scout Law

I will do my best to be

honest and fair,

friendly and helpful,

considerate and caring,

courageous and strong, and

responsible for what I say

and do, and to respect myself

and others, respect authority,

use resources wisely,

make the world a better place,

and be a sister

to every Girl Scout.

Juliette’s Dragon: Girl Scouts of Citrus’ 1 st Dragon Boat Team!

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