IT Policies and Resources - Emory University School of Medicine

IT Policies and Resources - Emory University School of Medicine

New Staff Orientation

Information Technology Services

July 22, 2010


• How SOM IT is organized, and why it


• How to get help

Policies and Standards

• Communications and Listservs

• Employee Benefits

• Best Practices and Working from


IT at Emory

Emory University (EU) and Emory Healthcare (EHC)

– Are two separate business units

– Operate separate networks

– Operate separate Help Desks

School of Medicine (SOM)

– comprised of more than 50 departments, centers, and institutes

– Spans EU and EHC networks

IT support models vary, can be decentralized

• Information Technology Services (ITS)

– Reports to the Dean’s office

– Employs about a third of SOM’s estimated 100 professionals

delivering IT services throughout the School

– Contracts with many SOM departments needing IT support, not all

• Get to know your “local support” person(s)

How to get help

• Ask your local support person

• EHC and EU operate independent

Service Desks (Help Desk)

–Call 8-HELP if it’s an EHC issue

• VDT, connectivity, hardware, software

–Call 7-7777 if it’s an EU issue

• E-mail (Exchange), Peoplesoft/HR,

Blackboard, Learnlink, Kronos, all others that

are enterprise in nature



• Information Technology Conditions of Use

• Connecting to the Emory Data Network


• others

Standards - Software

• Windows XP Professional

– Windows 7 is in development

• Microsoft Exchange

• Office 2007

• Internet Explorer or FireFox

• Symantec Endpoint Protection


Standards - Hardware

• See purchasing recommendations at


• If in doubt, e-mail

• If in doubt, e-mail

Communications, Listservs and



• Help for subscribers, administrators, and listserv


• Use Outlook Web from home:

• Emergency Notification System

James B. Williams Medical

Education Building

• $58M, 160,000 square feet

• Occupied just prior to Fall 2007


• 3 large lecture halls (seating for 160


• 35+ smart classrooms & conference


• Clinical Skills Assessment Facilities

Emory Center for Experiential Learning


– 16 OSCE Exam Rooms, 1 Control Room

AV Assistance in SOM Bldg

• Request 10 day advance notice for


• Fees may apply

• No charge if in direct support of




Training Opportunities

• SOM is offering free training on Office 2007

(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

• offers excellent online training

at a reasonable price

– ECIT in the Woodruff Library has ~6 computers with

prepaid subscription (free to employees) to

• Vendors offer free online training



• Call or e-mail us if you want assistance in

selecting a vendor

Employee Benefits

• Free antivirus software from, value = $40


• Work-At-Home media from Microsoft,

purchase Windows and Office ($20)

• Employee discounts

– Purchase computers from Lenovo for up to

33% discount

– For discounts from Apple, Best Buy, etc. visit

the HR Benefits page and click on the

SparkFly logo


Working from Home

• Keep your computer operating system up

to date

• Ensure antivirus software is installed and

up to date

• Use virtual private networking (VPN) to

securely connect -

• Remember to save files on the Emory

computer/server, avoid saving them


• Report any suspected compromise to

your local support or a service desk

Thank you