Contrast Induced Nephropathy

Contrast Induced Nephropathy

HPI (continued):

Patient transferred to ANW

Noted to be in intermittent third

degree AV block

Seen by EP:

Stat TTE: LVEF 60%

Dual chamber permanent

pacemaker placed

Internal Medicine consulted for

diabetes mangement

Glipizide continued

Accuchecks with ISS

HD #1:

BUN 38

Creatinine 2.1

I.M. thought the patient looked

dry; started IV NS

HD #2:

EP ready to discharge pt

BUN 50, Creatinine 2.6

What are you wondering?

OSH records reviewed:

10.7 11.9 138 103 22


4.7 21 1.3 109

What else did the OSH do?

CT Pulmonary Angiogram

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