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Vassula Ryden’s experience with God is a lasting and inexhaustible spring of wisdom, love, enthusiasm for God and the

salvation of the world. For that reason the testimony is convincing, joyful, and stimulating. Besides conversion and a call

that humankind should answer love with love, there is also concern for church unity. “Love loves you” (3/7/92) means

that, in Vassula’s talks and union with God, each one of us can and is allowed to, put himself or herself in Vassula’s place.

God loves everyone in that way. Everywhere in her writings we feel the Breath of Love. Grace flows everywhere; the

Holy Spirit is everywhere at work, giving profusely. Everywhere one hears the Lord’s steps.

On the other hand, one should reflect on where Vassula’s message would lead if it were put into practice. If people

faced the reality of love in God and in men, they would be led to love God and one another. If people answered

the request for prayer, the message would spread throughout the world the note of thankfulness to God. If one

accepted that there must be unity between the Christian Churches, already there would be a hope of the fulfi lment of Jesus’s promise

– “one fold and one Shepherd”. (Jn. 10:16). If people accepted God the way Vassula recommends, He would already be “everything in

everyone” (1 Cor. 15:28). If people took seriously Vassula’s warning about Satan, the latter would already be banished from men’s hearts

and from the world. If people would heed Vassula’s call to conversion, all men and women would be saints already. If everyone shared

in Vassula’s experiences, the personal history of each one, and consequently the history of all humankind, would be a Song of Love.

REVEREND LJUDEVIT RUPCIC, OFM Theologian, teacher of exegesis in Sarajevo

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Vassula Rydén, is Greek, was born in Egypt, and belongs to the Greek Orthodox

Church. Her husband’s professional obligations meant that she had to live most

of her life in third world countries. She could never have imagined that God

would unexpectedly reveal Himself to her in 1985, while she was living with

her family in Bangladesh. God called her and charged her with the mission of

spreading His messages, which He named “True Life in God”.

The “True Life in God” is a divine call for us; to repentance, reconciliation,

love and unity. Since 1988 Vassula has been invited to speak in more than 76

countries and has given over 1000 presentations. Vassula receives in all of this

work no personal royalties, fees, or benefi ts for her efforts. So far the books have

been translated by volunteers into more than 42 languages.

Through all these years, Our Lord has tried to awaken a true understanding in

all of us by repeatedly giving us reminders: recalling what was said in the past by

the holy prophets and His own Commandments. Our Lord came and still comes

in this manner into the world to enlighten all those who have gone astray, but to

this day very few have recognized His Graceful Presence and fewer still accept

His call. The True Life in God inspirations are not prophecies of doom and gloom.

God gives them to us in these times of mercy to shape us up; they are a call out of

the sublime Love of God. God will not allow us forever to offend His Holy Name.

This is the reason why He comes, in His mercy, to give us many warnings.

Vassula Ryden is a chosen soul to whom God has given messages for our times;

of which many have come true, for example: the 2004 Tsunami, the Twin Towers,

the world in turmoil, and the fall of communism in Russia.

These are the last warnings. God is so offended with the actual widespread

apostasy that unless we heed His calling, He will chastise the world with a

hurricane of fire. “Those who have ears let them hear, those who do not

want to hear let them not hear”, this is what God said to Vassula to tell this

generation and all the Churches.

© Copyright Vassula Ryden 2011 All Rights Reserved

Faith without good works is quite dead. After experiencing our Lady in a vision,

Vassula was asked by Mary to feed the poor as well, for spiritual food was not

enough. Since then, many houses called Beth Miriam (house of Mary) started to

function to feed the poor. Those houses are progressing to have schooling as

well for the poor children. There are now many worldwide - in Egypt, Bangladesh,

the Holy Land, multiple in the Philippines, Venezuela and Brazil, an orphanage in

Kenya and help is given as well to 600 Buddhist orphans in Dhaka.

© Copyright Vassula Ryden 2012 All Rights Reserved

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