Vassula Ryden - True Life In God

Vassula Ryden - True Life In God

Her power reminding everyone of this

rich, living legacy. There are awe-inspiring

passages in which Christ is expressing

His divine

love of Mary.

Signs such as

physical or spiritual


follow Vassula’s

mission and

many individual


experiences are

reported. Most who come in those gatherings

are deeply touched and are aware

of God's invisible but palpable presence.

The True Life In God messages, so far,

have been translated by volunteers into

over 40 languages. They are written in

such a clear and direct language that anyone

of reading age can understand them.

At the same time, their content is so rich

and profound that brilliant theologians

have been inspired to write books about

the spirituality of the messages.

God Himself has chosen to name these

divine messages:

True Life in God

Throughout the ages, God has sent us

messages through ordinary people (from

Moses to the Disciples to the children

of Lourdes) and even persecutors of the

faith (Saul who received the name of

Paul after his conversion) who were so

moved to preach the True Word.

As time passed, we heard less and less of

modern day prophesy, saints and visionaries...

God still sends these messages

and ordinary people still receive.

Today, we are fortunate enough, to have

these messages of God’s love for us.

Read them, pray upon them and let your

spirit believe.

The Word will help re-awaken the

Gospel stories in your memory and

unlock the mysteries of the passages; it

will inspire your soul and enlighten it

and truly allow you to be closer to God.

It will help enable you to find the True

Life in God.

True Life in God

Modern-Day Messages of

God’s Love For Us, Now

and Always

V a s s u l a R y d e n

About True Life In God


The Divine messages are received by

Vassula Rydén who was born in Egypt on

January 18, 1942 into a Greek-Orthodox


Like most people nowadays, she had

never cared about God or the spiritual

life. She never imagined that one day

God would unexpectedly reveal Himself

to her in 1985, while she was living still

in Bangladesh with her Swedish husband

and two sons.

Vassula was once an accomplished

woman in the highest spheres of society,

an inspired painter, fulfilled in social

relations and successes, a tennis champion

and fashion model in the capital city

of Bangladesh --- religion was not a part

of her life.

Vassula’s life changed during the first

initiation that was undertaken and accomplished

by her Guardian Angel Daniel.

Why did God call someone so limited,

so disinterested and ignorant in church

matters, who never aspired for God,

to receive a reminder of His Word?

Vassula herself asked God these questions

and His reply was the following:

“I chose you, because of your wretchedness.

Through your wretchedness I

shall show My mercy, through your

nothingness I shall show My authority

and My power and that I Am, so remain

a nothing…”

The content of

the messages and

Vassula’s testimony


elevate and provide


It is easy to

understand why

these messages

have caused so

many striking conversions. The parallels

of the messages and those of the New

Testament accounts are similar in the

way Jesus loves us and how He expresses

His spousal intimacy with us on a

level which our ability to understand can

not yet fully fathom. The tone expressed

in the spousal terms is characteristic of

mysticism, but manifested as an outpouring

of the ineffable love of Christ.

The fact that Vassula, without ever having

received any catechetical instruction,

let alone theological formation, is able

to write about such profound spiritual

matters without committing any errors,

is itself a powerful confirmation of the

authenticity of her messages. So, even

as Jesus called to the fishermen and the

tax collector, so too, does He call other

lay people.

Vassula receives in all of this absolutely

no personal royalties, fees or benefit

for her efforts. Her reward is not one of

financial or worldly gain.

Whether in Asia, the Americas, Australia,

Africa or Europe, she is welcomed

by crowds of people of all ages from

every imaginable social class, both

Christian and non-Christian. Other

religions, like the Israeli Jews, as well

as the Buddhist monks of Hiroshima,

invited Vassula to give her testimony.

The attendance of her meetings

has reached up to 400,000 people

and among them in some countries

were also many Muslims, Hindus,

Buddhists and Jews.

Since 1988, Vassula has been invited

to speak in over 60 countries. Among

those who come to hear her testimony

are not only lay people, but

also their spiritual leaders: priests,

ministers, monks, nuns, bishops,

archbishops, cardinals, apostolic

nuncios, metropolitans and archimandrites.

Four of the Patriarchates

already have received her work.

In over 800 public presentations,

Vassula expresses the same words

given to her by God the Father. What

stands out is how the Creator, in a

highly personal way, offers His revelation.

Christ and the Holy Spirit,

also offer Their revelation.

Throughout these messages, the Virgin

Mary appears as our Mother. She

joins Her Motherly counsels to those

of Her Son. In the messages given to

Vassula, it is clear that Christ is honouring

His Mother and reveals to us

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