Mojix® Inc. Corporate Overview - vLm

Mojix® Inc. Corporate Overview - vLm

Mojix Providing Real-Time Item-

Visibility in Stores for Retailers

VLM, Baarn (NL)

September 30 th , 2013

Mojix Confidential

Origin Technology and Team Roots

Private company

founded by NASA

and JPL scientists

to offer advances

made in deepspace

communications to

RFID applications

Galileo Spacecraft launched in 1989, arrived at Jupiter in 1995

Mojix Confidential 2

Mojix System Overview

Wired or



exciter controller

STAR Array Receiver

eNode exciter antennas

Mojix MCON

- Master Controller

- Location Engine

- Portal Event Management

Mojix Clients

Mojix Confidential 3

Manufacturer reducing shipping failures

Unistrut with

eNodes, eXpanders

and antennas

• Combining RFID reads in staging area and at dock doors, will increase accuracy of

data for shipped goods as well as efficiency

• Allowing higher level of performance for use cases with shielded goods, provided no

shielding during itemized staging

REWE (#2 Food Retailer in Germany)

Management of Returnable Transport Items

RFID Performance Requirements

Business Objectives

• Management of pool of Returnable

Transport Items (RTIs) between REWE

Distribution Centers and REWE retail


• 21 Distribution Centers completed

• Highly accurate tag reads of RTI’s

returning to DC’s at disposal ramp

• Automatic detection of inbound RTI

• Reduction of shrinkage of RTI’s

RFID Performance • Optimizing Requirements

Stock of RTI’s across

supply chain

Mojix changing Retail

Mojix Offers a Disruptive Solution Today

And A Vision To Maximize Future Value

Mojix in Store: real-time inventory

“Ubiquitous” approach provides full visibility in real time









Front Door


Sales Floor

100% visibility to the entire retail operation!

Features of Mojix enabled Retail Store

• Automatic Real-time Inventory

• Back-room versus Sales Floor

• Automatic messages for misplaced items on floor

• Anti-Theft at Door (EAS-type)

• Anti-Theft in Dressing Room and on Sales Floor

• Search of single Items for Staff

• Customer interaction with smartphones

Mojix Visualizer Software

Mojix @ Gerry Weber

Mojix @ Gerry Weber


throughout apparel


Gerry Weber: no Mojix gear visible

RFI Fashion Store - Parma

Movement & Accuracy on Sales Floor

*Accuracy circle overlaid on store map

Mojix Confidential 13

Installation of STAR, eNode, antennas


Future STAR Innovation Vision




Omni-Channel Marketing

Support Features

- Immediate store “pick-up”

- Targeted sales strategy and tactics

tightly coupled with customer profile


- Social network “buzzed” inventory

- Real-time pricing adjustment to

match competition on retail floor






RFID Tag of

“target” item push

information* to

mobile handset




*Information can be audio, video, text, tweeter …





Real Time Inventory Management

STAR Hands-Free is a Game Changer, Enabling:

• Auto-replenishment Sales Lift

– Ensure the right size, right color is on the shelf at the right time

– Real-time triggers, rather than waiting on next cycle count

• Omni-channel works Sales Lift / Cust. Satisfaction

– Real time accurate inventory ensures accurate in-store pick up

• Associates focus on customer Customer Satisfaction

– No distractions from having to worry about hand held operation

– No Training, No Compliance Issues

Mojix Confidential 16

Mojix versus RFID Handheld

• Inventory only as accurate as your last cycle count

– Whether 2x week or 2x day, can’t capture changes between

• Omni-channel requires real-time, accurate counts

– Customer disappointments damage customer loyalty

– Omni-channel efficiencies (ship from store) require high accuracy

• Change management required for adoption success

– Must train and retrain store associates / The Hawthorn Effect

– Associate non-compliance spiral:

Replenishment Work =

Cycle Count Compliance

Mojix Confidential 17

Pilot Approach

• Install Mojix system in Store temporarily to cover defined

area of interest (size of 100m2 or more)

• Start of Pilot November 2013 (prior to X-mas sales)

• Measure performance during period of x months (to be

agreed upon)

• Partner Mieloo & Alexander to install and operate with

support of Mojix

• Stand-alone pilot; i.e. no full Integration into Client’s IT,

however specific features through integration may be

• Tagging of items will be performed by Client

• Price of Pilot.

Mojix Confidential 18

The Perfect Wave

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