ARE Building Systems Exam Prep Seminar

ARE Building Systems Exam Prep Seminar

AlA New York Chapter

ARE Building Systems Exam Prep Seminar


January 6 th , i h , and 8 th 2012


May/June, 2012


The seminar includes three days of prep, the ARE Building systems Study

Guide and Practice Exam (The "Amber Book'), and an in-class vignette group


The seminar is taught with the goal that participants will be prepared to take

the Building Systems exam within ten days (so consider signing up for the

exam when you sign up for the seminar).

Day 1: Thermal comfort, pyschrometrics, heat transfer, thermal resistance*,

infiltration and ventilation, climate, solar geometry, passive heating, active

heating, passive cooling, air conditioning*, air distribution*, HVAC concepts*,

overall strategies for studying, practice exam.

Day 2: plumbing*, power*, electric Iighting*, air quality, practice exam.

Day 3: Vignette group practice*, daylighting, electric lighting*, LEED, room

acoustics, noise control, practice exam.

* =in-depth coverage of a topic

Host Bio

Michael Ermann is a tenured associate professor at Virginia Tech's School of

Architecture + Design, where he teaches design studio, environmental

building systems, and architectural acoustics. He's taught the building

systems course sequence covering energy, passive thermal, mechanical

systems, lighting, acoustics, thermal comfort, air quality, electricity, and

plumbing for each of the last 20 semesters. Professor Ermann has authored

or co-authored eight journal papers in the field of acoustics, and presented

more than 20 papers on building systems. He currently is coauthoring the

third edition of Architectural Acoustics, which has been for decades the most

widely used textbook in the field. He's the former Undergraduate Program Cochairman

and has earned design, teaching, research, and outreach awards

for his work.

Prior to joining the VT faculty Professor Ermann was an acoustical consultant

at Artec in New York City and Siebein Associates in Gainesville, Florida. He

received a bachelor of science in mathematics from Tulane University and a

master of architecture degree from the University of Florida. He has passed

the (current) 4.0 version of the Building Systems exam, and loves hosting

ARE prep seminars for those in practice.

536 LaGuardia Place

New York, NY 10012

212683 0023

Comments from past participants

Michael - just found out that I passed my exam! Thank you so much for the

amazing class! The content in your course is spot-on and I can safely say I

would not have passed without the direction you gave.-Zach Rose, CEO,

Green Education Services

After a couple of failed attempts at passing the ARE Building Systems exam, I

took Michael Ermann's seminar and passed the exam a week later. There

were several questions that I know I got correct because of the

seminar. Michael was very thorough and made the material very

understandable. I highly recommend Professor Ermann's course.-Ross


Just wanted to let you know I'm taking the Building Systems test Thursday; I

feel prepared, especially with the seminar Michael taught (it would have taken

me waaayyyy longer to get through study material had i needed to re-Iearn

everything again!)-Rachellslin (before taking the exam) .... .1can attest to

Michael's class directly helping me pass the exam.-Rachellslin (after

passing the exam)

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Air Conditioning Animation

See professor Ermann's animation sequence, aimed at those studying to

pass the Building Systems exam. It dynamically demonstrates air conditioning

(with some content on active heating, air distribution, chiller operation,

ground-source-coupled heat pumps, and economizer cycles).

"How Air Conditioning Works" (parts 1, 2, and 3) nYipLAvDU

Good luck on the AR.E.