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insi-De the vice issue

succumb to the consequences of your sins

features + fashion

50 lust is a sensation starring grace rokel, lexandra marcela, janelle morgan, and gonzalo

gelso photography lloyd shillabeer edited by tonglé dakum styling ashley chan, sofia molinaro, ericka

mcgriff and punya chanana make-up punya chanana text sofia molinaro 64 gluttony starring

grace rokela and ali bassir photography lloyd shillabeer edited by tonglé dakum styling ashley chan,

sofia molinaro, ericka mcgriff and punya chanana make-up punya chanana and ericka mcgriff hair

sofia molinaro text sofia molinaro 78 greed is a bottomless pit starring hagood coxe and

william kesling photography dustin jones edited by tonglé dakum styling ashley chan, sofia molinaro,

ericka mcgriff and punya chanana make-up punya chanana and ericka mcgriff text ashley chan 93

sloth: that wicked siren starring brenyce watson and elise kelner photography matt slade

styling ashley chan, sofia molinaro, ericka mcgriff and punya chanana make-up punya chanana and

brittany taliaferro hair ericka mcgriff and brittany taliaferro text ericka mcgriff 108 wrath starring

brenyce watson, kelsey schmidt, tenielle adderley and ali bassir photography lloyd shillabeer styling

ashley chan, sofia molinaro, ericka mcgriff and punya chanana make-up brittany taliaferro, ashley

chan, punya chanana and ericka mcgriff hair sofia molinaro text ashley chan 124 envy is an

overwhelming emotion starring kate johnson and natalie besl photography honor beeler

styling ashley chan, sofia molinaro, ericka mcgriff and punya chanana make-up ericka mcgriff hair sofia

molinaro text ericka mcgriff 142 i take a lot of pride in being myself starring kharlybia

roane and tenielle adderley photography kristopher dobbins styling ashley chan, sofia molinaro, ericka

mcgriff and punya chanana make-up brittany taliaferro and punya chanana hair ericka mcgriff text

punya chanana

Photography Honor Beeler Styling Ashley Chan, Sofia Molinaro,

Punya Chanana and Ericka McGriff

20 i-D 21 i-D

22 i-D 23 i-D

24 i-D 25 i-D


the vice issue no. 335

The last person I told a lie to was...

editor-in-chief punya chanana... my

part-time boyfriend

creative director ericka mcgriff... my


fashion director sofia molinaro...

my professor...who has time for


producer ashley chan... my mother,

oops, sorry mom

executive fashion editor james


fashion features editor tish weinstock

managing editor felix petty

casting director diana good... my best

friend tracy

designer francesca dunn...i told my

sister her hair looked good

digital news editor rebecca boyd-wallis

music editor tessa griffith

assistant editor pat mcgrath

assistant music editor neetah shah

staff writer steve salter

fashion assistant declan higgins

design assistant ryan white...my ex-girlfriend

art assistant jennifer preston

content manager rory straton...my boss

office manager eleanor galloway

socials and marketing

head of social media stephanie buluga

senior marketing manager stephen mai

social intern nicky gray

senior account manager daniel

fitzgerald...my sister-in-law

brand solutions

head of brand solutions lana elie

head of creative development bunny


head of branded production fiona

sinclair scott

creative strategist phillip bircham

contributing editors

beauty editor gigi wilcox

features editor natalie plethora

arts editor kathy grayson...my son, I

told him he could have a pony

film editor diana goldstein

culture correspondent julia ella van der


contributing features editors jeremy

abbott, caryn franklin, hanna


contributing fashion editors marie

chaix, jane how, caroline newell

beauty director pat mcgrath

finance director iris humbledon

management accountant denise williams...my

friend Clara


wyndeham roche


ny office

managing director, us diana good

editorial director, us rory satran

fashion editor, us tracey nicholson

marketing manager, us francisca margis

production manager, us essie gibson

assistant editor, us emily manning


cass bird, richard burbridge, richard

bush, todd cole, petra collins, daniele

daleson, delphine danhier, colin

dodgson, nick dorey, hans feurer, val

garland, boo george, guido, oliver

hadlee pearch, george harvey, jamie

hawkesworth, jeff henrikson, jannes

hetta, adam howe, benjamin alexander

huseby, daniel jackson, mikael jansson,

kayt jones, matt jones, quentin jones,

kacper kaspryszk, hanna kelifa, steven

klein, nick knight, paola kudacki,

erika kurihara, mark lebon, tyrone

lebon, thomas lohr, glen luchford, dan

martensen, josh olins, max pearmain,

walter pfeiffer, peter phillips, terry

richardson, olivia rose, paolo roversi,

karim s adli, mitchell sams, daniel

sannwald, collier schorr, jeremy scott,

venetia scott, william selden, clare

shilland, david sims, amy troos, willy

vanderperre, inez van lamsweerde,

melanie ward, harley weir, paul

wetherell, patti wilson, zach wolfe

i-D united states

99 north 10th street, suite 204,

brooklyn, ny 11211

tel +1 718 599 3101


i-D uk

new north place,

london, EC2A 4JA

tel +44 (0) 207 749 7999

i-D australia/new zealand

po box 2041, fitzroy, vic 3065

tel +61 402 962 805

i-D france

magali riboud, studio riboud

130 rue de courcelles 75017 paris

tel +33 142 563 336

i-D italy

via giacomo watt, 32, 20143, milan

tel +39 (0) 287 396 466

i-D netherlands

reguliersdwarsstraat 90-92

1011 tg amsterdam

i-D poland

ul. hoza 27a/5, 00-521 warszawa

tel +48 228 910 445

i-D spain

calle a’iava ‘40. sobreatico

0898 barcelona

tel +34 679 499 024

managing director kristin teller

vice media group

andrew creighton (president)


shane smith (ceo)

advertising director denise williams

eddy moretti (cco)

26 i-D 27 i-D


Ericka McGriff

A strong leader in the making, Ericka, is ready to blow

everyone out of the water with her innovative take of the

portrayal of the seven most deadly sins. As a transfer student

from Spelman College, Ericka combines her intellectual

fervors with her creativity to bring readers the best of both

worlds. In a highly anticipated and effortless issue about the

vices, she goes above and beyond to ensure only the most

stimulating read.

Sofia Molinaro

Creative SCAD student, Sofia, brings an Italian flare to the

Vice issue that focuses on the struggles of the seven sins. As

a well versed traveler, she brings global insight to broaden

our horizons and understanding of human nature’s biggest

struggles from all angles. What’s the worst sin of them all?

Envy, because jealousy kills...You can tell Sofia is curt and

concise, which was beneficial to keep the photoshoots

moving at the most efficient pace.

Ashley Chan

A Chicago native who left behind the big city life in

exchange for a quiet experience in Savannah. Coming

from a place engulfed by consumerism, Ashley is like a fish

out of water struggling to find her place in this small town.

After joining such a wonderful group and through some

self exploration, she has found an inspirational environment

that she found to be ideal for collaborative projects. With

an eye for design and layout, she contributes the grounded

organization of creative thoughts.

Punya Chanana

Punya, a free-spirited individual, with a strong dedication

to all things beautiful wanted to shed light on an otherwise

controversial topic. But in an inspiring way. So what is the

biggest drive behind creating shoots that revolve around the

seven sins? My biggest drive behind creating shoots is that

I get to style everyone according to what I feel is trending!

Not only that but directing models is just so much fun

because you feel like a model at that time too!

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winter 2014

the vice issue

Jealous, kill someone. Hungry, stuff your face. Happy, show it off. In love, let the world know. Struggling, get angry!

Lazy, stay on the couch. Feeling overwhelmed, love yourself. All of these feelings are one of the seven deadly sins: lust,

gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. These sins are the main base of the Christian religion and its golden rules.

These seven capital sins define the borderline between what is good and what is bad. In this issue of i-D, you will see how

transgression, against one’s self, plays a role in the foundation of the seven deadly sins. While you turn the pages in this

vice issue, you will see how people today refer to the deadly sins to help design a more productive and positive model for

their lifestyle. Open your mind to uncover and see how we collaborated with photographers who mastered the perfection

of capturing emotions that go into expressing the most deadly sins. Read the featured interviews by the very talented

makeup artist, Brittany Taliaferro, who couldn’t have done a better job helping us explore beauty in wrath, sloth and pride

and another interview by Honor Beeler, who took her camera into the depths of the aquatic to reveal why envy is the real

queen of resentment. We also take you through the habits of several internet shopaholics to better illustrate how we have

interpreted the seven sins in a modern way. Not only that, but we want to show everyone that the sins still apply in today’s

world, despite their rich heritage from the beginning of Christianity. As we take you through a journey that depicts each

of the seven deadly sins as we have interpreted them, you begin to realize that they act as a great reference point that

people use to gage their behaviors. They are the true forms of pleasure we so badly want to ignore; they are the emotions,

desires, and cravings that ignite that can’t stop, won’t stop attitude. It’s like a fire has been awakened within you, you go

to that place where you can no longer control yourself-that place where you no longer care.


40 i-D 41 i-D

42 i-D 43 i-D

44 i-D 45 i-D

46 i-D 47 i-D

48 i-D 49 i-D






Hair Sofia Molinaro. Make-up Punya Chanana. Make-up assistance Ericka McGriff. Styling Ericka McGriff + Punya

Chanana + Ashley Chan + Sofia Molinaro. Models Grace Rokela + Lexandra Marcela + Janelle Morgan + Gonzalo Gelso.

“Curiousity is the

lust of the mind.”


50 i-D 51 i-D



of future


hurries us

along the



52 i-D 53 i-D

lust is more gullible than innocence


lust breaks down our walls of trust to reveal a form of nakedness and

vulnerability that parallels the innocence of a child

Lust is about possession and greediness of oneself, an intense form

of unrestrained sexual craving or overwhelming desire. Lust is

what we take from another person to self-satisfy ourselves, when

instead love is about giving yourself to a significant other. Lust

enslaves us to the senses, to the animal’s part of man. Lust deadens

our spiritual senses so we cannot hear God telling us what is wrong.

Not one person will ever be perfect or sinless while still being on

this earth, but yet it is still a goal we attempt to succeed in.

So can we really say that being lost in lust is really a sin? We can

argue both sides. Lust is a disordered desire for sexual pleasure. As

human beings we desire sexual pleasure; transforming it as not a

sin but a desire for two souls to meet that instinct naturally desire a

unique sexual union to keep the human race going. These feelings

within us become sinful when we cannot resist the temptation

becoming a disorder when we participate in sexual relations

outside of marriage as a form of pleasure. Marriage helps us run

from lust, teaching us to be more loving people and not view

others as merely objects to fulfill our sexual pleasures and desires.

Could this be because lust can destroy the whole notion of love

and giving that love to only one person? Or could it be that lust is

supposed to be part of our lives in order to find that one true love?

But at the end of the day we were all created to love and seek love

in someone else, and if we don’t know how to love we eventually

learn how to love.

Lust is selfish. The selfishness lies within the using of another

person to fulfill our sexual needs and desires by abolishing

our capabilities to being able to love somebody. Lust is able to

contaminate our body and soul causing us to use other people and

damage our own souls. It is written in the New Testament, that

‘each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own

desire. Then desire conceives and brings forth sin, and when sin

reaches maturity it gives birth to death’. But we were all fashioned

to die at some point and lust will be the one to lead us first to that

death point. If we are all destined to die, then should we just live

in sin anyways? We have all sinned in our lives, so does it really

matter if we ask for forgiveness and just live with sin until we die?

At the end of the day we make our own decisions and it is those

decisions that define really who we are.

In the dictionary words to describe lust in its best form are:

longing, desire, passion, yearning, and craving, which are all

properties that define the human instinct. Forgiveness or no

forgiveness we are all humans and it is human intuitive to desire

sexual partners to share our love with. We can argue the fact that

we are all born with different beliefs and cultures; we are all prone

to believe in something that we have been taught to believe in.

Some might strongly believe that lust can be seen as a normal

practice of life experiences. A road we are supposed to follow in

order to experience new life learning events. Or perhaps exactly

because lust shows that it is normal human instinct, we should be

able to make our own decisions and decide that we are okay with

living inside a sin.

Lust is a necessity in a relationship. Too much lust can be seen

healthy if controlled, but not enough of it can create a separation

between both individuals causing a detachment. Lust also causes

us to think irrationally, in unreasonable and illogical ways, causing

us to make decisions based on what our mind tells us, instead of

our heart. Our mind will tell us to do what we desire or feel in the

moment, but our heart will always tell us what’s logical and right

to do in the long run. It is unhealthy to ignore signs that our body

gives us. Ignorance will lead to anger and anger will lead to thinking

irrationally causing us make decisions based on our desires and

feelings. Most individuals make this mistake. Relationships fall

when one starts to get too comfortable with one another, which will

eventually bring boringness to the relationship. If lust is present in

this kind of situation then the relationship will never fail because

lust keeps passion and connection within one another. But with

lust we miss all of the warning signs in a relationship.

We have the tendencies to associate events to our personal

experiences. So just like music. Artists compose songs that we can

somehow personally relate to; therefore the presence of this thought

becomes personal and stronger to us. As we look at the generation

we live in today lust is everywhere, it is in music, entertainment,

and our daily lives. We live in a society that is addicted to sex.

An era where people feel free to expose their bodies and do what

feels right, a time filled with sensuality and sex, we learn that

lust is a powerful emotion within oneself. It has the authority to

make one-feel butterflies in the stomach or miserable through the

consequences. Lust is vice that yearns to be felt.



is no

disease so


as lust.”


54 i-D 55 i-D

”Lust, forgetful of future suffering,

hurries us along the forbidden path.”

56 i-D 57 i-D

“I felt like an animal, and animals

don’t know sin, do they?”


58 i-D 59 i-D

60 i-D 61 i-D

62 i-D 63 i-D

64 i-D 65 i-D



Hair Sofia Molinaro. Make-up Punya Chanana. Make-up assistance Ericka McGriff. Styling Ericka McGriff + Punya

Chanana + Ashley Chan + Sofia Molinaro. Models Grace Rokela + Ali Bassir

66 i-D 67 i-D

“If you allow

it, you can

do without it;

if you don’t

allow it, it

will become


68 i-D 69 i-D

the many forms of gluttony


there may be no love that is sincerer than food, but a gluttonous desire

can appear in a thousand different forms

“Sometimes I had difficulty remembering that

‘all you can eat’ is not a personal challenge.”


Behind every margin, there is a transgression. The stricter

your margins, the more you are tempted to transgress. The

more you construct a form of disorder in your daily life,

the less you will feel the need to transgress. For instance a

small piece of chocolate saves the need to lapse in bigger

matters. To be able to keep a balanced diet, small disorders

are needed to keep stability. Therefore do not let your

temptations posses you completely, because remember

that gluttony kills more than the sword!

From time to time we all have food cravings, and there’s

nothing wrong with that. But what we don’t know is that

almost 90% of the time food cravings derive from our

minds. Therefore when we specifically crave a certain type

of food, it‘s because that food is not present in our daily

diet, causing our minds to overanalyze the need for this

food. New research shows that this comes from specific

areas of the brain responsible for memory and sensing

pleasure. These areas are trigger points that are to blame for

developing (unhealthy) food cravings. The hippocampus,

insula, and caudate, are areas within the brain that spark

the yearning of these food cravings that we can absolutely

not live without. But don’t worry because there is actually

a way to stop you from the desire to eat foods that are

particularly high in fat and sugar. All you have to do is

simply block the opiate receptors in the brain, which are

our pleasure senses, and BAM food cravings gone! But

emotion and desire are factors that go way beyond the

physiological reasons for food cravings. When you are

stressed or anxious is when your cravings shoot to the sky,

causing you to crave the ultimate enemy - carbohydrates.

It is simple; when your diet lacks in variety of foods, it leads

to more food cravings, therefore be careful not to overlook

the obvious. It’s not just sugar or carbohydrates that our

bodies crave, but mostly the fat within the foods that cause

this feeling of necessity. When looking at the specific types

of food that are normally desired by people, almost all of

them contain more fat than carbohydrates. It is important

to make smart decisions. Make better choices for yourself

by deciding to choose the more nutritional dishes instead

of the high in fat options when looking for something to

satisfy your food cravings. At the end of the day we are

all humans and we need some form of sugar or fat in our

diets. The common mistake most people make is skipping

meals and waiting too many hours before the next meal.

This causes our bodies to get so hungry that it ends up

wanting us to overeat in order to compensate. It is during

this state of extreme hunger that our bodies end up craving

quick-fix foods high in sugar or fat like candy bars. A way

to fight this type of craving is by eating more often. When

you eat several meals a day you are always having your

metabolism in motion, therefore your body actually burns

more fat and is healthier. The best way to calm our bodies

is to nurture them.

Gluttony is a sin. We become guilty of gluttony when we

use food or drink in a form that can injure our wellbeing

or damage our mind. We eat to nourish our bodies; not

for satisfaction. Eating itself is not a sin, but if one eats

in a manner that is over aggressive, then it turns into

something sinful and evil. Poor eating habits like indulging

or constant eating are forms of pleasure that trigger junk

food inhalation, which will eventually devastate the human

body. Wanting more pleasure from something than it is

made for or wanting it exactly our way, transforms into a sin.

It does happen to become so caught up in a certain type of

pleasure, that we eventually cannot appreciate other things

and are ready to sacrifice other indulgences for one.

When we think about gluttony, we automatically associate

it with fat or obesity; the act of not being able to resist

any type of temptation or not being capable of controlling

yourself from overeating excessively. It is a continuous

cycle, we indulge and famish and indulge again. When

indulging ourselves we consume huge amounts of food

in a short quantity of time and in a helpless manner. We

enter gluttony when we request additional desire from

something than it was created for. Gluttony is always

thought that it only pertains to food, but it also pertains to

not being able to have enough of other forms of pleasure

like, companionship, sex, entertainment or games. Being

able to control our cravings and temptations will free us

from sin.


70 i-D 71 i-D

“In a way,

gluttony is

an athletic

feat, a




72 i-D 73 i-D

“Shame is a soul

eating emotion.”


74 i-D 75 i-D

76 i-D 77 i-D

78 i-D 79 i-D

80 i-D 81 i-D







Hair Sofia Molinaro. Make-up Punya Chanana. Make-up assistance Ericka McGriff. Styling Ericka McGriff + Punya

Chanana + Ashley Chan + Sofia Molinaro. Models Hagood Coxe + William Kesling.

82 i-D 83 i-D

84 i-D 85 i-D

E-commerce is the fast-growing industry centered around

the exchange of services and products through the use

of computer networks, such as the Internet, to conduct

retail sales to be delivered to consumers. But to more avid

patrons this is most commonly known as online shopping.

Let’s be real now. Visiting a brick and mortar store is so 2002.

With the popularization of Internet and mobile applications,

online shopping is unavoidable and conveniently only a few

clicks and taps away. Why would I want to shower, put on

make-up, and get dressed in order to take several hours out

of my already busy day to visit a mall and do my shopping

when it could all be done in the comfort of my sweats on

my couch? And to top it all off, it will be delivered to my

doorstep and the only effort I have to put forth are the few

steps to my front door.

Now, I for one can see how one can easily get carried away by

the sheer convenience of online shopping. Americans even

have a holiday dedicated to the business of e-commerce:

Cyber Monday. The e-commerce business is a multi-billion

dollar business with people spending almost two billion

dollars on that single day. The affluence of technology in

our lives and it’s influence on consumer spending via the

Internet has made it a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Let’s meet a few of the individuals that help make up the

driving force behind online retailing and let them share

their experiences.

First there’s, Charlotte, a girl from a big city, who has an

even bigger addiction to online shopping.

1. Do you do most of your consumer spending online or do

you prefer to visit a physical store?

Living in New York has made it almost impossible not to

shop online. The lack of a good shopping mall has put an

end to my frequent visits to the mall. But I naturally do a lot

of shopping online. I have my favorite retailers’ apps on my

phone so that I can make a a wish list and keep track of all

indulge yourself


we can’t help but to indulge ourselves first and put our wants before

the needs of others

the things that I need.

2. What do you like most about online shopping?

I love online shopping because it is easy. Someone else

does all the hard work for you. You can easily compare

prices and product offerings between different retailers all

on your computer screen. I have this problem where I have

fifty tabs open on my browser window and 49 of them will

be shopping sites.

3. What problems have you encountered with shopping


I honestly don’t like it when stores don’t have free shipping

and free returns, because online shopping can be difficult

especially when it comes to sizes. It also annoys me when

things take more than five days to get to me. Waiting for

the package is probably the only problem I have with online

shopping, but it’s to be expected. You can’t have everything

you want.

4. What are your online shopping habits like? How often do

you do it?

I love online shopping! I do it religiously and as I’ve said

before, I have a million windows and tabs open full of things

that I want. When I find something that I like, I think about

all of the ways that I can wear it and it prompts me to spend

even more money, because I buy the other components to

complete the outfit. I reached a point in my online shopping

career when I received boxes and had completely forgotten

what was in it. I probably have enough cardboard boxes

from an entire forest. That’s bad, but it’s probably true.

5. Generally, a shopping addict is described as having an

emotional attachment to shopping. Do you think that you

are addicted to online shopping?

I definitely am addicted to online shopping. There’s just

something about spending money and doing it online

when I’m bored. I don’t have to go to the store and I can

just sneakily do it at work or school.

Finally, there’s Carla, the one who thrives on online shopping

to avoid seeing anyone she knows.

1. Do you do most of your consumer spending online or do

you prefer to visit a physical store?

Online, because I don’t like being around people. I only go

to the grocery stores at the dead of night to avoid crowds.

2.What do you like most about online shopping?

There are no closing hours. It is conveniently open 24/7.

There isn’t any waiting in line, because it is all through the

Internet. I love that I can just stay in bed all day. I don’t

have to deal with poor salespeople with bad attitudes. It’s

become so easy to shop online that I enjoy it more so than

visiting the store.

3. What problems have you encountered with shopping


Not getting the size correctly and the hassle of having to

return it either to the closest store or through the mail.

4. What are your online shopping habits like? How often do

you do it?

Every time I have a bad day, I treat myself to some retail

therapy. I don’t want to go out when I am having a bad day

and it’s nice to spend it with the thought of getting new

clothes. I order things about two times a week.

5. Generally, a shopping addict is described as having an

emotional attachment to shopping. Do you think that you

are addicted to online shopping?

Yes, I am a shopaholic. All kinds of shopping are fun to me,

but online shopping is super easy as long as I know what

size I am.

You can never get enough. Online shopping is the ultimate

satisfaction for anyone craving self-indulgence. The

accessibility, the desire, and fulfillment are emotions that

thrive and fuel the yearning to always want, and need more.

It’s the desire to have it all, that iniquities against oneself.





can’t buy






to go


— Bo Derek

86 i-D 87 i-D


is not a


issue. It’s

a heart



88 i-D 89 i-D

“There is a sufficiency in the world for

man’s need but not for man’s greed.”


90 i-D 91 i-D

92 i-D 93 i-D

94 i-D 95 i-D

96 i-D 97 i-D

sloth: that

wicked siren

“Life itself is

the proper




Hair Ericka McGriff + Brittany Taliaferro. Make-up Brittany Taliaferro + Punya Chanana. Make-up assistance

Ashley Chan. Styling Ericka McGriff + Punya Chanana + Ashley Chan + Sofia Molinaro. Models Brenyce

Watson + Elise Kelner.

98 i-D 99 i-D

“It’s the lazy people who

invented the wheel and the

bicycle because they didn’t like

walking or carrying things.”


100 i-D 101 i-D

the present-day sloth


is one still a sloth if they are well-dressed and classy?

“I don’t feel

guilty or


at any



It’s a Friday night, and I have two options: either go out

for a night on the town with my girls, or stay at home

bundled up, with my computer in my lap, eyes glued to my

computer screen, watching Netflix. After about a 2-minute

deliberation on what I wanted to do (if you know me, you

know it was a no brainer) I choose to stay at home and

watch Netflix. But then again if you know a college student

(or any modern day human being) you know this is nothing


It might not be a Friday night, or even the weekend, but

you come to realize that many people chose to stay home

and watch Netflix any day of the week. You have so many

options for online streaming from Amazon Instant Video,

to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, or if you’re a rebel you find it

randomly in the gigantic sphere the Internet is. The Internet

has taken over how modern day people not only interact,

but also view their content. The rise of online streaming is

at an all time high, from the array of options for viewing

media, to the amount of content it provides, it clearly is

winning the fight against television viewing, as online

streaming is here to stay.

But see, the problem does not really arise until...you

binge watch. Binge watching (or now, better known as

widespread marathon-viewing sessions, or netflixing) what

Dictionary.com defines as the ability “to watch (multiple

videos, episodes of a TV show, etc.) in one sitting or over

a short period of time.” This problem can arise suddenly

and before you know it you don’t even know what you did.

It usually happens so quickly you realize seven hours later,

that you just spent your entire day staring at your computer

screen watching, eating, drinking, addicted to whatever

has your attention span for that long of a time. You cannot

control yourself. It has the same effect that happens when

you binge on anything, (in the same way that binge-drinking

or binge-shopping are not activities done in moderation)

except once you get going you cannot/do not want to

stop. You find yourself doing the exact same thing, the next

weekend, better yet the next day if you’re lucky enough not

to have anything to do. But the problem continues to grow

as you find yourself in multiply dilemmas. For instance, you

start watching a show at 8pm, saying to yourself that you

wont be long, you’ll only watch 4 episodes, only 2 hours

worth, but then you check your clock and its 2am. You panic

realizing that you just spent a good 6 hours doing relatively

nothing... And if your like me you might be sh*ting your

pants, fathoming that you only have 5 hours until you

have to wake up again for an 8am meeting. And then you

factor into your time frame that it will mostly likely take

you 30minutes to an hour to actually fall asleep, and you

frantically try to count sheep, count to 100, anything at this

point that will help you fall asleep.

With addictions, its always always a must to find someone

to blame, and in this case its no different, I obviously blame

Netflix, the king of all online streaming. I think they should

fire the genius who came up with the idea of producing

Orange Is The New Black, or House of Cards, the brilliant

mind who one day said, ‘hey lets produce our own original

content that can only be viewed on our network, and lets

release it season by season rather than one episode at a

time.’ Its like he was asking for people to become obsessive

human beings, unable to control themselves, devouring a

seasons worth of content in just days. But see, the moment

when you know you’ve hit rock bottom is when suddenly

the show your indulgenced in unexpectedly freezes and a

gray box appears, giving you three options: to continue

playing, play from beginning, or back to browse. Shame

washes over you as even Netflix has pointed out that you’ve

been watching a show too long. It’s like they’re saying “Hey

there! We’ve noticed that you’ve been watching this show

for a really…really long time. Are you sure-like one hundred

percent sure- you want to keep watching?” Its like even

Netflix has shamed you, and causes you to realize that your

own television has judged you.

It quickly turns into that thing where you tell yourself you’ll

eat just one more cookie, then you convince yourself that

you’ll go to the gym tomorrow so you eat one more, and

then you look down and realize you’ve finished the entire

box, and question your entire being. But how can one resist

the availability of commercial-free, high-quality, right at

your fingertips, at anytime of the day, content? You can’t

so go ahead, uncontrollably binge watch your shows, live in

the moment, and question yourself later.


102 i-D 103 i-D

“People are not lazy. They

simply have impotent

goals—that is, goals that

do not inspire them.”


104 i-D 105 i-D

“Entertainment is fast becoming

an all-you-can-eat buffet. Call it the

Netflix effect.”


106 i-D 107 i-D

108 i-D 109 i-D

110 i-D 111 i-D

112 i-D 113 i-D







to bear


Hair Sofia Molinaro. Make-up Punya Chanana + Brittany Taliaferro. Make-up assistance Ericka McGriff +

Ashley Chan. Styling Ericka McGriff + Punya Chanana + Ashley Chan + Sofia Molinaro. Models Brenyce

Watson + Kelsey Schmidt + Tenielle Adderley + Ali Bassir.

114 i-D 115 i-D

plastic wrath


the extremities we endure to achieve a level of perfection deemed

accurate by misconceptions

Wrath is understood as the most vengeful of the seven

sins in the way that it is the one most likely felt by others

surrounding, and probably in a harmful way too. Wrath

can be exerted in a multitude of ways, because it is an

emotion that causes us to lose our composure and act in

an aggressive manner that will most likely be regretted in

the future.

The topic that is to be discussed deals with wrath with one’s

self image to the most extreme and the grand schemes

people endure to get what they view as the “perfect” beauty.

First off, there is the phenomenon that is Valeria Lukyanova,

known to the public as “Human Barbie”. She is a 29 year

old model of Ukrainian descent and she is most notable

for her close resemblance to a Barbie doll—body figure,

doll face, thinness, the whole nine yards. She has been in

the Russian media several times and she has even posted

images and videos online on her own to show people how

similar she looks to a doll. Her appearance has attracted

the attention of people all across the globe. However, her

spotlight is not coming as admiration from the public. Many

critics have called Lukyanova out as being a hoax hungry

for media attention and have accused her of undergoing

numerous plastic surgeries to attain her infamous Barbie

doll look. She denies such accusations and admits that she

did subject herself to breast augmentation, but the rest of

her body remains natural.

I am a little skeptical about her physique appearing the way

that it does along with a good majority of other people

out there. It is difficult to believe that her natural physical

appearance is so similar to a Barbie in real human form. What

I find even more intriguing than her physical appearance is

her level of dissatisfaction with self. There are people out

there who suffer from an internal struggle everyday with

their physical appearance. There is no desire to be unique

in her case. She wants to look like a plastic doll that she

thinks is the epitome of womanly perfection.

Oftentimes, people label women as the only ones who

can subject themselves to being victims of vanity. This is

false, because Justin Jedlica has configured his entire body

to mirror that of the Ken Barbie doll, which is the male

counterpart to Valeria Lukyanova’s Barbie doll. Contrary

to the typical storyline of the two falling in love, Human

Ken actually disses Human Barbie after meeting at a photo

shoot for not assuming her role as a human doll as seriously

as he does. Having undergone over 140 different surgical

procedures including lip augmentation and pectoral

implants, Jedlica has assumed his new identity to an utmost

extreme that far surpasses the efforts of Lukyanova. Jedlica

first began with a nose job at 18 years old and has spent

well over $100,000 to appear the way that he does now:

plastic. He has been reported as saying that he has no plans

to stop with the surgeries anytime in the near future.

The struggle with self is probably the deadliest outcome

of the wrath vice. In today’s day and age, the promotion

of natural beauty is strong because views have shifted to

where we create our own identity. But the mindsets of a

more traditional view still have a specific image of beauty

that clashes with the natural appearance. Thus a series of

surgical procedures will be underway as people rush to

attain the image that they deem as ideal. Justin Jedlica

and Valeria Lukyanova are prime examples of humans who

have grown up thinking that Barbie dolls are the spitting

image of perfect and real humans should look like plastic

perfection. So what it really boils down to is the anger they

feel when they see a Barbie and their reflection in a mirror

and the similarities are not exact.

Wrath doesn’t always have to be as literal as it sounds. It

is not limited to an emotion that is outwardly expressed

upon others in a harmful manner. Or anger. Wrath can also

be cultivated upon one’s own self simply through strong

dissatisfaction. What we often overlook is the harm we can

inflict upon ourselves through narrow mindedness such

as is the case with the Human Barbie and Ken. Perhaps

this is their way of coping with their inner struggles with

physical appearance, but what is more is that they were

unhappy with who they used to look like. They have made

themselves molds of what they deem as the utmost beauty.


“You will

not be


for your

anger, you

will be


by your



116 i-D 117 i-D

“But of

the seven

deadly sins,

wrath is the


next only to



118 i-D 119 i-D

“Logic was puny in the face of my wrath.”


120 i-D 121 i-D

“I don’t usually lose my temper, but if I get

angry, it’s true—I’m scary.”


122 i-D 123 i-D

124 i-D 125 i-D

126 i-D 127 i-D

128 i-D 129 i-D


Hair Sofia Molinaro. Make-up Ericka McGriff. Styling Ericka McGriff + Punya Chanana + Ashley Chan + Sofia

Molinaro. Models Kate Johnson + Natalie Besl.

envy is an

overwhelming emotion

130 i-D 131 i-D

“Envy is the tax which all

distinction must pay.”


132 i-D 133 i-D

he who envies others does not obtain

peace of mind

“I think the thing that has pushed me the most is the creative and

somewhat intimidating atmosphere. There are so many talented

students surrounding you, it really pushes you to be more

creative and strive to produce more impressive work.”


134 i-D 135 i-D

envy is in the eye of the beholder


people will never stop talking about your success out of jealousy, but

that doesn’t mean you have to stop for them

When you come up with an amazing idea you often wonder if

there is anyone out there who can make your vision a reality. And

then you meet people like Honor Beeler. She is one of those people

that when she speaks not only do you know she means business,

but you know that she could photograph diamonds and the end

result would be something amazing. You bring her an idea and

she brings it to life. She is a senior, Chicago native, whose love for

photography goes deeper than most, literally…she’s an underwater

photographer, who has been doing so since she was 11. Take a look

into the mind of Honor Beeler, and realize the possibilities that lie

within following your dreams.

1. When did you first realize your love for photography?

I have always loved art since as early as I can remember and during

High School I decided to take an AP art class. I wanted to do my

final project on anatomical illustrations, essentially showing the

fascinating inner workings of the human body in an aesthetically

beautiful way. Before finally realizing that art was my passion, I

actually went to my first college as a pre-med student. I wanted

each of my 10 images to be in a different style and medium, so

part of this included digital photography. I had already taken all

the dark room classes available, but had never really used a digital

camera before. After photographing a few models, I decide to

Photoshop anatomical illustrations on top of their skin to make

them look almost inside out or like their skin was a window into

the body. I think I actually feel in love with Photoshop first! I was

blown away at how a few simple clicks could make something look

so different, Photoshop allowed me to create things I never could

do in traditional media. It was after that project I bought my first

camera and became obsessed with photography.

2. When did you get into underwater photography?

When I was 11 my grandfather, who was a master scuba diver

at the time, took me to get scuba certified down in the Florida

Keys. It was on that trip when he first lent me a very simple point

and shoot underwater Sealife camera (only 4 megapixels!) to take

underwater. After getting them printed I realized the amazing

colors and movement I was able to capture under the surface and

was hooked! I went on from there to get my advanced open water

scuba certification and specialized in underwater photography,

and I am currently on the path to become a master scuba diver,

just like my grandfather.

3. How long have you been doing it?

I have been shooting underwater since I was 11, but only really

developed this skill in the last few years. Underwater portraits are

completely different than photographing seascapes and marine


4. What made you choose to go this path as opposed to regular


I was at my previous college when I first took a camera under

the water to do human portraits. I had bought a small point and

shoot camera with a plastic underwater housing and was dying

to try it out, but because I was in IL I was a little limited with

where I could shoot. For a final photo assignment I decided to

photograph romantic dream like images and was inspired by a

shoot I had seen done by underwater photographer Sacha Blue.

When photographing destination weddings, she had the bride and

groom after the ceremony jump into the ocean (still in their tux

and dress) for a more unique wedding shoot. So I went and bought

some of the most unattractive wedding dresses I had ever seen

from the local Salvation Army and took them in our school pool.

I was amazed at the way these dresses came to life! I was in love

with their movement, and the unpredictable nature of lighting

underwater. It was this shoot that made me realize that although

underwater photography is quite a challenge the end result was

well worth it.

5. What does a typical shoot look like? How do you pick the

location, the models, do you need any special lighting, backdrop,

accessories. Etc?

In underwater photography there is really no such thing as a

typical shoot, as all the conditions that go into shooting in the

water are so unpredictable. Especially went shooting in lakes and

in the ocean each day poses a set of unique challenges. You have

to accommodate for the weather, surf, surge and depth, when you

are in a pool you have to plan ahead for location, other swimmers,

and the limits of indoor lighting. Usually I use my cameras built in

flash, which of course is not ideal, but when I go on scuba diving

trips I always rent two large strobe arms to help with loss of light.

When photographing indoors, I like to use a large bed sheet as a

backdrop, which I first submerge in the pool then drape over the

edge of the pool. I have found this provides the perfect cover for

sometimes ugly or beat up pool concrete. One trick I have learned

over the years is to always bring lots of trash bags along! Everything

gets so water logged this will save you the misery of dealing with

wet backdrops and dresses when you get home.

6. Is there any special equipment of type of camera that you have

to use for underwater photography?

I have a couple different underwater cameras. I always save all

my cameras regardless of how old they are, so I still have my

Grandfather’s very first digital SeaLife camera he lent me when

I was 11, I also have two very simple point and shoot cameras

with plastic underwater housing. Right now I am shooting with

a Cannon power shot that can shoot in RAW with a hard plastic

housing that can go down to 130 feet. When I shoot marine life I

always rent two large strobes from a local dive shop so I can attach

them to my camera for extra light. When you shoot in the pool

or with models you are limited to just a few feet so there is always

plenty of natural light. When you are scuba diving down 50-100

feet you loose light and color so quickly you need the extra light

from the strobes.

7. If you could shoot anywhere with no budget, have any model,

any location, access to clothing and all, where would you shoot,

and what would the story of the shoot be?

Oh wow, what a question! I have to say the one place I have always

wanted to travel for the marine life is Papua New Guinea, as it is

one the few places on earth that is still rather untouched by man

and has some of the most unique and rare sea life on the planet.

Besides photographing the extraordinary sea life, I would love to

bring models along to capture them in the surrounding beauty of

the sea, also known as their natural habitat. Eventually I would

love to get my cave diving certification and do photographs in

caves as well, as Papua New Guinea has some of the most beautiful

and unexplored caves in the world.

8. Do you see yourself in hope of making a career out of this, and

if not, what would you love to do?

Unfortunately, this is type of photography is very expensive and

therefore difficult to make a career out of, not to mention that

there is not a huge market for underwater portraits. However,

I would love to someday be an art director for a large company

where I can look at hundred of photographs and draw inspiration

from the amazing talent that surrounds us everyday. It may sound

surprising, but I do not want to work freelance, it’s too scary to me!

I would like to have a secure job where I can depend on a paycheck

and insurance, and then spend my extra time pursing my passions

like underwater photography.

9. Why did you choose SCAD?

I have transferred schools more times then anyone I know, I am

like a walking advertisement for “it’s never too late to transfer.”

SCAD is actually my third school, but I originally looked at SCAD

for their graduate programs, I loved the school so much I decided

to transfer my senior year of college. I first and foremost picked

SCAD because I knew I could get the education I needed for the job

I so desperately wanted. Their photography program is far beyond

what any of my other schools were able to offer, and the facilities

and faculty were beyond impressive. As an added plus, SCAD has

a nationally ranked equestrian team and as for someone who has

been riding horses since they were 5 this school combined the two

things I loved most in life.

10. Has SCAD helped further your talent, as well as, push you to

do more/experiment more? Has it given you the push you needed

to feel as if you can do anything?

I think the thing that has pushed me the most is the creative and

somewhat intimidating atmosphere. There are so many talented

students surrounding you, it really pushes you to be more creative

and strive to produce more impressive work. I have also really

enjoyed being able to take such a wide variety of classes, I wish

I had known about SCAD when I was in high school, I would

have been able to take so many more electives! Not only have I

been able to take advanced classes specializing in studio lighting,

portraits, and even inkjet printing, but I have also taken courses in

drawing and equestrian studies. This combination of classes has

allowed me to see art from so many different perspectives that it

has pushed me to look outside the box and draw inspiration from

many different areas.


136 i-D 137 i-D

“Success makes so many people hate you. I wish it

wasn’t that way. It would be wonderful to enjoy success

without seeing envy in the eyes of those around you.”


138 i-D 139 i-D

“Insecure people put

others down to raise

themselves up.”


140 i-D 141 i-D

“Envy always

lasts longer

than the


of those we




142 i-D 143 i-D

144 i-D 145 i-D

146 i-D 147 i-D

148 i-D 149 i-D



a lot

of pride

in being



Hair Ericka McGriff. Make-up Brittany Taliaferro + Punya Chanana. Styling Ericka McGriff + Punya Chanana +

Ashley Chan + Sofia Molinaro. Models Kharlybia Roane + Tenielle Adderley.

150 i-D 151 i-D

Self-importance, arrogance, conceit, egotism, and vanity,

all words that relate to the feelings, emotions, and passion

towards pride. There are several different definitions of

pride. It can be referred to as a type of plant, a form of

body decoration, or even a group of animals. The most

commonly used definition is being proud, or having a

feeling of great accomplishment. The word pride, (positive

or negative) has had an effect on how we feel about

ourselves. Self-pride is your sense of your own value or

worth as a person. It is how much you like accepting,

approving, and respecting yourself. The pride you have

within yourself determines your success or failure in

everything. It is not a black-and-white thing. Pride like

anything else has many shades of gray. It comes from a

true commitment to what you have to do, from a sense

of self-worth and personal ability. In order to develop

pride, you need to believe in your self worth. You can

recognize yourself as worthy and capable of loving and


i am


with who

i am

being loved. When you have pride in yourself and look

your best, others will notice, but most importantly, you

will feel empowered to accomplish more with a greater

amount of vitality and satisfaction. You will demonstrate

your self-worth to others as well as yourself. Always defeat

the other with the power of beauty. We sat down with

Brittany, a very famous makeup artist around the Savannah

College of Art and Design, who is a senior pursuing her

BFA in Fashion Marketing and Management to talk about

how she defines beauty, as well as, some very helpful tips

on what works best for your skin! She truly understands

the art of applying makeup and making every person feel

confident and fabulous.

1. Where do you get your creativity?

I get my creativity from being inspired by icons such as

Naomi Campbell, Grace Jones, and Michelle Pfeifer.

Other makeup enthusiast such as Angel Merino, Scott

Barnes and Jeffree Star also inspires me! Occasionally,

I watch Rupaul’s Drag Race just to get inspired. It’s just

amazing to see someone transition into a whole other

being! I have a strong passion for makeup. Makeup is like

therapy to me—it’s mind relaxing and fun!

2. What are the biggest challenge makeup artists have to


We struggle with people who want to negotiate the prices

that we set for our services. Some customers are often

surprised when we give them our prices and threaten

to go to someone else who is cheaper but little do they

know, that person may be cheaper for a reason, they may

have your brows looking like sharpie marks but that’s

non of my business *sips tea *. We have a full on running

business to run; we don’t just charge for our talent and

expertise, we charge for our expenses to cover. I love

helping others out, there were plenty of times where I

sold myself short and took whatever people offered but

Makeup artist deserve much more respect than that.

3. What is your typical skin care routine?

I follow a three-step skincare regimen for morning and

night. In the morning, I cleanse, tone and moisturize and

at night I repeat and include a nighttime repair serum

before my moisturizer.

4. How do you prepare dry and oily skin for foundation

makeup application?

First, I prep the skin with a hydrating moisturizer—

hydration is key for preparing your skin for foundation, no

matter what your skin type. Then, I layer with a mattifying/

hydrating primer in order to help the foundation lie down

smoothly and last longer throughout the day. Finally, your

skin should be ready for foundation!

5. How often do you clean your makeup tools such as

brushes? How does it affect the wear and tear of your

tools and how do you feel about the associated expense?

I clean my tools once a month in order to prolong the

quality, durability and longevity of my brushes. The more

you wash your brushes, the lesser the durability of your

brushes. The bristles will begin to shed and it will loose

its blending qualities. It can also happen when you don’t

wash them at all. The expenses of brushes depend on

personal preference and lifestyle. As a makeup artist, I

care about the quality of my brushes because it creates

the quality look that I’m going for on my clients. My

brushes range from $1 to $40 based on the quality,

functionality and the life span.

6. Do you have any experience in retail cosmetology?

Yes! I started out working with Mary Kay cosmetics when

I was 13 and have been with them ever since. Also, while

attending the SCAD Atlanta campus, I worked as a Beauty

Consultant for Elizabeth Arden Shiseido and Dermablend

at Dillard’s. In my spare time I had clients from all around

town that made me feel good and loved for what I did

and came to visit me all the time for advice. We would go

from counter to counter playing in Chanel, Dior, Clinique,

etc. Of course the counter managers would be pissed

that I didn’t use my own makeup at my own counter but

my customers loved me for being diverse in my choices

and honest about the products that I loved the most!

7. How do you determine a client’s undertone before you

decide what makeup technique to use?

I notice the cast of undertones right away on my clients

face, usually on their cheeks. Undertones come in neutral,

warm and cool colors and usually I can tell right off the

back what category a person falls under. Warmer tones

have yellow, or golden undertones. Cooler tones have

pink, red or blue undertones. Neutrals are somewhere in

between the others.

8. If a customer asks for a style that you are sure would

not suit them, how do you convince the customer to go


If a 70-year-old woman came to me and asked me to give

her lips like Kylie Jenner and the contour of a Kardashian,

I’m about it! I’m not going to stop someone from doing

what he or she wants. Afterwards, if I see or notice

something that I can make recommendable applications

to, then I will let it be known. I want us both to be happy

with the outcomes

9. Describe a time you had to create a look under


This has happened more times than it should have! The

one I remember the most is when I was just starting out

to assist my makeup services to SCAD students here in

Savannah and I wasn’t asking the important questions

such as, “What is the concept? How many models are we

shooting? etc.” and the group project that I was helping

ended up arriving an hour late, rushing to get everything

situated. One of them comes to me and says, “We want a

dramatic smokey eye geometric eye look using red, black,

and white with lashes and thick eyebrows. Make her look

like Cara but by the way she’s black but if we straightened

her hair she should be fine. Do you do hair? By the way

our photographer is here and he said he has to leave in 30

minutes so how fast can you do this?”

10. Finally what is the next step for you in your career?

I am still trying to find out where I want to be after SCAD

and in my career. Whether it be in fashion, makeup,

marketing or whatever it is, I want to have a career

where I don’t consider it a job but as something that I

just love doing. I want to wake up every morning feeling

excited and enthusiastic about coming in to work and

working with the people around me. I want to work with

people who bring positive vibes and good energy into

the working environment, where they encourage one

another to keep trying, to work harder and to not feel bad

about themselves if they make a mistake. If I summon the

courage to own my own business, I want to build that kind

of working environment where everyone respects one


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ehind the scenes at


we wanted to take all of our readers

on a journey behind the scenes to

show everyone the creativity and fun

that is put into each issue

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