May Issue - Stage Directions Magazine

May Issue - Stage Directions Magazine

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24 Theatre Space

A West Coast community gets a theatre that’s no joke.

By Charles Conte

26 Theatre For Everyone

Building diversity is smart, but it takes staying power.

By John Crawford


20 Molière’s Legacy

Inside the French Academy at the Comédie Française.

By Karyn Bauer-Prevost

22 Parfait of Excellence

For more than 30 years, the Training Center for Professional

Theatre Technicians has been training France’s finest techs.

By Karyn Bauer-Prevost

Special Section:Musical Theatre

30 The Eternal Dilemma

Computers versus live musicians — it’s a question that’s

only going to get hotter as computers keep sounding better.

By Kevin M. Mitchell

33 Covering Your Tracks

What you need to know about using backing tracks.

By Jerry Cobb

34 Music & Lyrics

The BMI Workshop is nirvana to musical theatre makers; we

examine why. By Brooke Pierce

36 A Perfect Harmony

For everything there is a season, but is your show the time

for a musical director? By Lisa Mulcahy



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